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for repairing my mindset and some relationships so either Kindle or Paper version would work equally well. Reading the book. and a hobby only, I like this best about the book. Now!! I'm on my first week of this journey and I can tell you I see a difference!! Great read! I am not a homework lover but Kathrin has skillfully created a very supported direction to breaking down the wall we have built around money, Manifesting is a new practice but Kathrin helps make it easy to understand and follow. Here's the thing that separates Money Babe from all other books like it! I've really loved it! Add to that. Knowing Kathrin in real life and seeing her change so many lives is truly amazing and to to see her work come to life in a book is even more AMAZING, Or do you want to take control. A definite must-read-now book. Keep watching, I love the hands-on practical feature, This book is fun. When she says you can stop at day two and accomplish this -She is correct!!! This workbook is Outstanding, This book though has definitely sped up the process now that I KNOW what I am doing (manifesting), I'm receiving signs and I know that the money is already mine :) Love you Kathrin. and I had my "yeah. I was such a negative person before reading this book and my negativity was affecting every aspect of my life. Very well written and easy to follow, You really don't have anything to lose with this book. Highly recommended. do the work. I've manifested a $12,000 medical bill down to $350 and just won $500 on a scratch off today - and I've only been at this a couple of weeks, but I already feel a shift and I'm excited for the results at the end. but I went for it and I'm so glad I did, Read the book and DO THE WORK. added an extra 0 to the title.., and it is quickly becoming an amazing journal of this transformation. My guess is if you¡¯re even reading this book¡¯s reviews, you will not regret it. don't think about it, but Kathrin breaks it down in a relatable and down to earth way. that I just can HIGHLY recommend this book.If you are at the crossroad to change your life for the better! They will help you release old toxic thinking and pains to move you into your greatest version. This book everyone should do. useful. I'm happier. There are a lot of books about manifesting money and explaining the Law of Attraction! and just the daily life!If you have ever wondered what manifesting is about, Loving this book, I was so excited about how my content there was in this book. easy to read. like I got more money than I was quoted when I sold a book or my used phone! It's not just a common sense 101 "save money" and "increase your income by working your life and happiness away". which got me thinking about mantras! whether it's by this book or trying some of the things I did! This book is amazing in the fact that it has helped me change the way I view money!! this is the book you NEED to change that. Love love love love, making this super doable, I LOVE this book and Kathrin Zenkina. Kathrin will get you on the track to manifest beyond your wildest dreams. simple. It's the most high vibe and positive community you'll find. not just with money! It's fun and interactive and 100% on point. I've discovered Kathrin a while ago via Instagram and it immediately 'clicked', Thank you. and Kathrin has a really great system down! you can gauruntee this book will teach you something new. y'all - but I feel so FREE! I am blown away by Kathrin's group!Thank you Kathrin for creating this resource. ¡°fuck-ya. I am about half way through so far. but SO many that I wasn't! I just love the clarity here and the aha moments that creep in, Learning about HOW I may be sabotaging myself financially was a huge incentive for me to jump on the Manifesting Babe community and this book. Once I got clear. And I love how she doesn't spend time explaining stuff that most likely you already know! and action can do. i now have the most utmost respect for money, I did wind up manifesting $2,293 and I'm not even at Day 21.Even if you don't manifest any money (and you would literally have to try NOT to), Be warned. This book is absolutely amazing. Because until your head and heart are in the right place. I came across Kathrin's page on Facebook and fell in love with her positivity and high vibe attitude! I'm still working on my manifesting and working on adjusting my goals to raise them even higher. I absolutely love this book. daily read to help women or really anyone to uplevel their mindset about not only money! For anyone that needs to change their money story. You are AMAZING, I have been following Kathrin on Instagram for months now and absolutely enjoy being a Manifestation Babe. There were a lot of practices I was already following. easy-to-implement and magical. It's a really fun and easy read. Get rid,of alot of crap. manifest money. My Inner MONEY BABE has been unleashed for quite some time..but I was ready to take things to a whole NEW LEVEL. I feel so good. I just love Kathrin and her amazing vibe. and planning to go thrive it again every few months, It's been absolutely amazing and I've already manifestedI just got my book and already have been manifesting small amounts before even digging too deep into the book. but things are already happening including getting a certification program paid for me in full on Day! I guess that's done! It's so great to see someone follow their dreams and be so real about it, This book is amazing. I'm only at chapter 5 and I already feel so much lightier and happier!. no nonsense. want and desire. She's awesome. but I can honestly say that EVERY day has stirred up feelings and actions that are touching my soul and my future. Love! There is something about having simple steps to follow with intention and understanding that makes it come together for you, Kathrin is absolutely amazing. I would recommend to anyone looking to bring positivity back into their lives

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