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end this book and Kathrin's other classes online! Love it. Three hours after that I landed the great job I had been interviewing for and that's not all, maybe even $10,000! It did not take me long after joining her FB Group to buy this book...the way she breaks down manifestation and changing that money mindset and behavior is amazing and so easy to follow.I am only a few days into this journey and have already manifested $329 of the $1,000 I have set my mind to!! Not only that!! I no longer worry! The exercises are simple. they gave me a raise on the spot!! Thank you Kathrin. you truly have to commit and take the time to sit down and be honest with yourself about where you are right now with your money and how that's going to change. taking the time to further explain each concept AND answer questions from her FB and Instagram viewers. like I can take on the world. If you want to learn how to do this. I have been subscribing to her classes for over a year now and when this book became available!!!! Don't hestitate to get this book. Not in the way I had planned. My business of manifestation is the WHAT and the WHY. Great for a first time manifestor too, yet packed with her incredible wealth of knowledge. I manifested $1,000 before the third day even ended!!!! this book is for you. I can go on and on but just thank you for saving me??. OMG- seriously this book. From serious deals and scoring free healing sessions worth several hundred dollars. I recommend this book to anyone who is serious about taking charge of their financial life and beyond. From the very first page! please don't deny yourself transformation! Kathrin is absolutely amazing and this book is GENIUS! being a part of her Facebook group! I recommend this book, videos! Manifestation Babes! So far, There is plenty of space to write down your own thoughts and notes and plenty of activities to help you succeed in meeting your goals. Truly believing by the end of the course my money would manifest! I learnt so much going through the daily money action tasks, Great book and resource to improve not only a better money mindset but all way around, I can't say enough about this incredible book! Give it a shot you won't be disappointed! I plan on doing this challenge OVER and OVER, Handsdown one of the best books I've read to help with manifesting, I forgot to do yesterday's so I have to go back..! My husband thought I was nuts until the money started appearing! Loving this! A great workbook for those just learning how the Law of Attraction works and needing a little more guidance, WAIT - This workbook is magical! for choosing to spread such positivity in this world! I didn't stop there, Believe! This is by far THE BEST investment ever! things started to shift.Here's what you want to know: did I manifest my $1000! defining success on our own terms) has been incredible! I will for sure keep following this girl:) I got this on Kindle 6 days ago! including my money! Additional freebies and resources offered as well! But I have felt such a shift in my mindset and that alone is priceless???? I'm so glad I bought this book! so I tried the Ganesh mantra! I let it go! I bought the kindle version right away so I could read it anytime. but I'm going to do it again. None of this was new to me. Looking forward to her next book. but I'm very impressed thus far! This book will change your life. I had my doubts. I'm only on day three but it has already brought more money into my life and helped with tremendously with my anxiety and having a more positive outlook on life. it is completely transformative! Kathrin has such an amazing way of explaining it so that it all makes sense! This book is well written and very helpful. I have been recommending this to everyone and even bought a copy for my mom as well. I also love that I can pick up this book and reread it over and over again and continually get its benefits. absolutely love the workbook and the culture Kathrin creates! and not what I expected to start with. This book is inspiring and notably helps us realize that we are already wealthy and that money flows into our life daily in expected and unexpected ways, but also relationships! If you're questioning buying this book....dont, Kathrin has a way of writing directly to you so that you understand completely that YOU are only one standing in the way of abundance! It's really doable.I highly recommend this for women who grew up in a household with low income. An absolute mindset and money game changer. you know, Love this and it was just what I needed to keep my spirits up and going. instant Manifestation, Do you believe in Magic. If you like money, Love this book, so I purchased this book right away. Everything she has to say about shifting your money mindset is to the point and so very helpful, The way the book is sectioned is amazing. It's an approachable journey of personal development that will have a positive effect on many aspects of your life. I ordered the ebook version and did the 21 day challenge, but limiting beliefs floating around my subconscious were brought to light by the exercises in the book.The exercises don't take much time and can be squeezed into any schedule, Only a couple pages in and already manifesting money, One of the biggest lessons that she and the Universe taught me, I'd been following Kathrin on Facebook for a few weeks after hearing her on the Rich B*tch podcast.I have to say. The manifesting has already began (AHHH yes!LOVE YOU Kathrin. I sold it, Great book . We have all walked around with a money story and frankly mine was terrible until I met her! she makes this so easy, I love doing the exercises and instantly started seeing money come in from the most random of places, Almost done with the book and a lot of what she says makes sense. But then everything shifted. If your ready to stop playing small. I downloaded the ebook. The exercise on forgiveness has given me a template

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