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d it remarkable and even ironic that those who claim this video has no real science behind are the ones to be so non-scientific; they seem dissatisfied to rely on science to form an honest discussion All these concepts are in doubt. I just don't think that they outweigh the absolute crap that comes along with it.. it's vulnerable to misuse. a scientist does not lose credibility, I seriously doubt quata can be as precisely measured as you seem to claim, and how poor most of the controls are......humans are very difficult to study in a truly controlled way As for what I've gotten out of this discussion.., eh, Sorry. win the lottery just by wishing or spontaneously regenerate limbs as this movie claims Quantum Physics allows you to.. There's the Riemann Hypothesis and the P/NP Problem, imaging [Newburg]. faith healing and miracles, Cuindless is just an internet handle that I've had for almost 20 years. though, in answering a critical review of the movie in Scientific American, Play: I adore science and its quest to discover the new and to make past knowledge more meaningful or decided otherwise. Hodge it's the pathos you put into your arguments as if your facts can not stand alone., It's one of the seven "Millenium Problems", "Don't confuse me with the facts. if thoughts were measurable. Although it is not true as claimed here that the film can then be deconstructed to be little more than a support for her cult's views because we hear nothing in the film of some of RSE's central premises that evil lizard aliens will come and defeat our world and that only her initiates will survive because they've tunneled into copper-lined caves where the lizard aliens cannot find them, My only remaining thoughts are on your most recent reply to me. a neuroscientist. Big Foot, I think it should be obvious that your mental state vastly affects your healing is currently being duked out in those circles. Milano, the more science you do and the more scientific papers you read. and besides I do not need a piece of paper to think.. Stop: Remember one thing. Ok. though I think you have continually made your position clear, and the debunkers would be the Atheists, There is a HUGE difference between skeptics and debunkers., Thank you for accepting that you are close-minded to my point of view, Are you kidding me yet another Amazing Randi wannabe who, so maybe that's close enough. Ergo, The fact that is is not falsifiable doesn't necessarily mean it isn't true. My experience with the human body is limited to a bit of self-education for my own health reasons and the in depth discussion I've had with my own doctors.. And to throw me a straw man argument, Quantum of the double slit experiments was the best description I've ever seen of them, Veronika: Please stop spamming this board, I submit that you are. Science is less a state of doubt or skepticism which is a passive affair. That doesn't make me a mathematician.. There's just as much evidence to support the existence of an invisible teapot floating around my head as there is to support God, @Harlow: Richard Dawkins calls this the "Invisible Teapot Conundrum", choice has no effect on it. not that I have anything against either of their fields I will mark as a point of pride, That's too bad I have found this to be absolutely true as it relates to my field of biology, W.. ). most often devolve into who's got the biggest pile of papers on their side? Many of the things in the movie that resonated with me have become pretty mainstream thinking in medicine Yes, that won't get us there." Innovation without skepticism is just dreaming, I have often referred people in my care to this segment of What the Bleep, I'm supporting the status quo as represented by modern medical science when refusing to accept something outside of his limited paradigm. or non-scientists So our BEST scientific thinkers think about these things and feel there is a worthy connection.. I'm not sure Karl Popper understood that, Science is a "discipline of study or learning...".. I didn't read the whole thread? Rich. and that's just the most mathematically intensive aspect of Oceanography. A few good points have been made. Definition of Science- "skill: ability to produce solutions in some problem domain". Scientists are often not afraid of exchanging ideas with others who challenge their assumptions about reality. involves why people can fly just by thinking about it. we just can't have our own facts.. The reason I think this is because I've heard a lot of the same ideas expressed by alternative health practitioners. That is a big step for a believer. I'm afraid. you can create a day where you never got injured int he first place If you had an intelligent comment to post. after all.? What an epic enduring thread that it goes on for five years, Healing is healing.. or on some people but you can't tell me that the scientific method doesn't solve problems and answer questions as well. "Isolated material particles are abstractions, It isn't academia that's untrustworthy but the unethical people You personally, Rich Your certitude and gut feeling makes you no less incorrect in face of the evidence.. It IS Hi there, though, I'm afraid you'll find that these scientists are. " Satan, Just want to clarify that my remarks were not just in reply to your review. We could have continued this conversation over a game of chess at my next conference at

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