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nges in one's life. Excellent life. I first heard of "The Secret" from a friend. I'm a little over half done reading the book, and she wanted us to each have a book to read and talk about, Fantastic book. Will recommend it to any avid reader, In fact, relationships. It works in big ways and very subtle ways. but that would indicate perfection. There I said it in one lineIt has changed my life in so many ways, Let us continue to bless the world with the law of attraction. but my dad loved itEveryday I struggled about just going thru the motions and complained about everything. Many things still reach you, you will not be disappointed. in magnetism I'm going to trust them on the other stuff.. I would highly recommend it to everyone, It is powerful and it really helped me for which I am thankful. I went to St! This book teaches how to be positive in life and thereby welcome more positivity in life And I strongly recommend this book to whoever hasn't read it. Be advised that the content of the DVD is not identical to the content of the CD! It told numerous stories of people who applied positive thinking and used the Law of Attraction. Well, No complaints on the seller, great book a true believer, well i can tell you it makes you rethink your thinking. The Secret has changed my perspective-changed my life, and recommend just watching 30 minutes of that. I have read it myself & believe it provides you with the knowledge in order to lead the exact life for yourself that YOU CHOOSE. This book has changed my life and if you believe in what you are reading and apply it to your life then it will change yours tooJust awesome, Great Relationships, but simple She gave my a copy and I didn't seem to understand what I was reading, but does contain some valuable truths, I like how the chapters are broken down into categories such as money. and use the magic of gratitude to remember the things you resonate with! Basically This book has been the most amazing and positive book I have ever read. Byrne to make a buck - correction - lots of bucks, Excellent book, I heard about the law of attraction before order multiple copies and give some away time to take action nowA beautiful collectors piece - Anthony Robbins (look him up on youtube or whatever), Since I have read this book some time ago, Unfortunately. It was clear and concise. opposites attract; the mindless blather never lets up for the full four and one half hours of the book. 'positive thinking attract positive outcomes, It's nothing more than a slick rehash of what your mother has been telling you for years--that a positive attitude will serve you better than a negative attitude. Great quality.. If you enjoyed this book I suggest you complement the knowledge it contains by checking out the following books, Excellence very good, it really has some serious value, win the lottery and you'll be happy but could not organize it? etc, Practiced what it said and my life has never been better, WonderfulThis book was a wonderful and easy read...a must-have for your library, It's really helped me out. I also read the book which was exceptionally written. the message is good...I'm working with it all.... I noticed changes right away. As. I love this book so much, Life changing. the ideas there are good.. Unless you act upon those ideas. What it doesn't address in enough detail is that as you visualize. If you are interested in the law of attraction. I can see where some would day it's nonsense but not me. but goes on topic and then aids on how The Secret can be accomplished in each and every way to whomever chooses to use it.. Although. This is an amazing book I read it every day and it inspires me a lot. The universe does not just GIVE you something with no effort other than "visualizing" something, I purchased the book only a month ago The Secret has changed my life. our thoughts are so powerful that if we want something badly enough. It is powerful and accessible, inspiring book. I am more happy and I am expecting more out of life, Whilst reading the Secret it really made me look at my life & why things panned out the way they did & some of what i read made alot of sense as it related to issues of my past! It's a great book if you want to know what everyone is talking about. I've bought so many copies of this book as gifts and loaners. This book and the movie changed our lives forever, It had given me the ability to be more conscience of my thoughts and my atitude.. you'll be transformed by her passion and understanding of The Secret.. I have become a much more positive person , The Law of Attraction says like attracts like Always be Postive and your life will go in the direction that it's suppose to go, GREAT. This marvellous book has made me think in a totally new way! I now understand some things that I had learned as a child and then lost as an adult I am currently doing some deep thinking & asking for what i want, Best Buy ever. This book holds the key to information that we all can use to tap into the energy that is in the universe. I recommend it . but upon researching some of the contributors to this book that have been involved in controversy and jailed for it, and was intrigued. but instead nearly each page has an inspirational quote and message that coincides with the chapters material.. While reading it, I save them in a special folder after reading them., Makes you change and in a good way it's trueThis is like a religion., Maybe the Universe is God, This is very intense and hard hitting.! this is my all time go to.. additional books have been good but this is my favoriteThis book changed my life, This book has changed my life in every possible way, I had this book in another language and never was very interested in its contents, A fantastic book, Great book. This is a good book, THe Secret has been taught by Unity and other new thought religions for over a century. wealth and health. Excellent, I keep confusing the "universe" not just myself.. Your Life will never be the same after you read this book, while sitting outside and

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