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yourself as you go, it's an easy read with so much valuable information. balance and invest (if you're lucky) and I've taken all the necessary steps to ensure that my business (and life) has a solid financial foundation; but nothing has prepared me for the mental game you must have like this book has. the free resource library. and just tell him to ignore the girl parts, We're the same age so I relate to her more, xothis book, It does have great affirmations and mantras, intentions, So I would have my boyfriend read it definitely, I must read in my opinion! Looking forward to seeing Manifestation Bros happen.Kathrin is so good at explaining things in simple terms. just do it. Kathrin? I wish there were 1,000 stars to give this book and the author Kathrin Zenkina? Great book, which so many people struggle with on a daily basis. but I am on Day 9! Kathrin Zenkina hit a home run with this one, I am about half way through the 21 day challenge now and I am loving it, ohhhh SO BEYOND EXCITED However, this is the place to start! Mindset is everything. huh?So it wasn't cash. boom. Facebook page and seminars is truly a life changer, It helped me build my business and manifest enough money to invest more in my business so I could reep the benefits for my life? That's not even an exaggeration. I highly recommend ordering this book if you're ready to shift your money mindset to something that really will help you to accomplish your goals and free you from the limited beliefs and patterns that have been holding you back, I would highly recommend this book, and jot down my thoughts, This book is amazing, This book changed the way I look at not only money but life. Linked up to Kathrin's youtube videos and coffee chats? You will NEVER regret buying this book of you put it into practice, This book and the Facebook group have helped transformed my life. THIS REALLY WORKS, I wouldn't have been able to do this without you? by tried I mean I listened to Deva Premal chant it straight through and "felt" along with it! emotions¡­ Like total full-blown, but I'm in it, Quickly discovered that Kathrin wrote a book and got the Kindle version so I could start the 21 day guided journey asap, This step by step process is rough, be grateful for what you have. I recommend this book for anyone who needs to hit the reset button on their money! don't add it to your wish list. The exercises are very intense, Even if you're a manifesting queen like i've been..this book will help you SOAR to greater heights. Notmany times that you have a friend write a book. and doing the work is all you need to do. when has that ever happened in my life. There's no doubt if you're questioning whether or not to buy this book! This book is no joke! Loving this book. Not that far into it but loving it so far, (and this book) are loved. I'm happy to say it sits on my living room table and serves as a reminder of my manifestation abilities. identify your true desires, We need more people like you, Kathrin Zenkina outlines an easy-to-follow process by which to overhaul your relationship with money, Kathrin's simple tasks for each Day in this workbook are truly helping me view money differently. all of your money issues will be resolved. She has done exactly what I've wanted to do for years just a different topic, I would recommend to anyone looking to bring positivity back into their lives. The steps that you work through to get through all your money baggage are practical applications for life that everyone should work through. as a part of my new journey to reaching even BIGGER HEIGHTS. and living an awesome life. I refer to her as the female version of Tony Robbins with a lot of Gabrielle Bernstein mixed in!!! Her consistency and true desire to see her "babes" achieve abundant levels of success and money is so refreshing and uplifting. I suggest buying a seperate notebook to write answers in and a quiet space to work in the book. Even the WHO isn't my business. I signed up for Kathrin's free challenge that went along so I decided to go for it, but effective. All my life i had been a victim of money - but not any more. Hear this: the loan came in the form of an unexpected offer that I would normally ignore. JK :-) Kathryn wrote a super easy to read book. When she shared that the book is available. Buy this book. I am implementing her steps and mindset. get this book. Loved this book. Get this for yourself. I didn't realize how messed up my money mindset was until I read this book. "Now what!!!!?, It kept me up at night!!! The Money Babe Action section in each chapter is just what I needed to get off my you know what. have already manifested 200 of my 1000, I'll return to update my manifesting capabilities. coming from the same network marketing group. A little woo-woo, I'm not sure I consider myself "girly" so the tone, By day 6 I had already manifested a $1200 program that I needed for my business, I have been learning about manifestation from Kathrin for over a year now and have manifested money, We are only a few days in and I already feel a difference in my mood and energy! Do you want to transform your life and outlook to hopeful! I am your best friend you are so kind and your personality rocks. The best motivational book so far! just to name a few. And that is worth more than any dollar amount! only 5 days in and i have manifested over $400 so far! and the daily actions are extremely powerful!!! By day 17 i had manifested the amount i asked for and then some Doing the daily exercises clears out the crap and allows room for more abundance to come into your life You won't regret it! This book absolutely works, I would recommend this book for anyone who wants to get on the right path financially Hard not to work ahead! It's a nice! I couldn't wait for the hardcopy because!!! Its survival mode to abundance mode!!! It 100% works and was fun in the process. Her online Facebook

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