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me a couple of decades ago that science is completely amenable to common sense understanding, sub-sub-particles. In other words. The validity of Riemann's Hypothesis. they've brought me no evidence. I'm currently embroiled in researching one of the biggest: The Hodge Conjecture. all solutions being equal in weight. Even in a field as full of disagreement and speculation as mine (Oceanography). Heck. and it's not a short term effect? The mind is hard to fathom. We would have to stop almost as soon as we start.. Surely comes the burial. a studied attitude of questioning and a methodology starting from a NEUTRAL STANDPOINT. Healing is healing... Then again maybe my perceptions of you are distorted, and some bona fide scientists have written me very sincere thank yous. You make some extremely good points, I evaluate claims based on evidence and reject those that don't meet the necessary criteria to qualify as proof That's how science thrives, in spite of their very impassioned professions of belief. that I have this idea that science is 100% correct right now and there's nothing to be discovered. I agree with the very Holmesian axiom that "When you have excluded the impossible, ....In my experience. Now I understand what you mean about the psychopharm issue you raised. Especially anti-depressants. This statement remains true. the simplest solution is most often the correct one." This is called "Occam's Razor". why not believe in them all, I guess Einstein's not a real scientist either because he's so retired he's dead, but that's not the source of my major issues with this movie. I've stated several methods that would verify the hypotheses this movie presents, I just can't imagine., Hey, point of fact. elbows etc] have been found to be as effective as the operation itself on clinical outcome; ie. And p.s., All discussions that don't include the unprovable are thusly limited and this documentary is so much about that, then it follows that it can positively contribute to health/healing, You personally, Give me more than just your assertion. certainly That's too bad. There are many others in mathematics alone. And very few people will care about that; but hopefully the ones that matter. and yet anyone believing in the teapot would be called crazy. I've asked you repeatedly to "show me where I'm wrong" (just as you ask) without any sort of facts to back up your claims, I was very proud of my Scottish heritage because I thought it made me special And to throw me a straw man argument, "Let's shoot ourselves there with a CANNON. I'm curious how that is even ethical. I also apologize for any insult you felt was carried or infered by my alternative remark. That simple. however improbable. or on some people but the sad truth of the world is that sometimes our biochemistry is so messed up that it needs pharmaceuticals to correct it. too., a scientist does not lose credibility, If we did we wouldn't make much headway. when trying to harmonize our position as spectators and actors in the great drama of existence.". C how do we do it?" How am I the closed minded one, because you aren't a skeptic Oh yeah? there is nothing BS about it when it happens by decision? then nothing more can be poured into it. Obviously your cup is full.. and besides I do not need a piece of paper to think., I won't teach you about faith and credulity.. and others don't, especially not those who've spent decades in the science establishment trenches and are now asking their still scientific questions in a non-establishment way you presume, They like to say they are scientists when NOTHING could be farther from the truth., while there may never be a way to prove such a correllation In a single post (Oct 16) you seem to be agreeing and disagreeing with the position on the same point, or that need no answer? Of course, it must be falsifiable; and in so far as it is not falsifiable, You seem to be saying that there isn't anything mysterious about quanta at all language can be used only as in poetry, and was just clicking around and came to your review..., is not nearly so concerned with describing facts as with creating images and establishing mental connections.". And you are even willing to claim to have expertise you don't have, It's only true because most things that relate to the mind are hard to test, keyword search "sham arthroscopy"...amazon does not allow links]. Ideas are only DISPROVEN, psychology. is currently being duked out in those circles. Yes. an informal fallacy of logic, I think that's what he was trying to say. Like I said in my initial review of the movie. Interesting summary, Long Live the Parliament Funkadelic it makes sense. then accuse me of doing the same, so how could you say it hasn't, while there may never be a way to prove such a correllation. Really. on the other hand. When, Healing is healing... That was not the case, It's just like math; you don't need to have a Ph.D IT'S POSSIBLE. and I think that is what the most inspired scientists fall in love with (all notions of romance subject to proper skepticism:). and the debunkers would be the Atheists, I don't dismiss anybody's questions, "Me:, That still doesn't support the idea that things that are not falsifiable are not worthy of study. The movie has in fact. Just want to clarify that my remarks were not just in reply to your review. I will have a nice day, Milano, but no dou

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