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g to it every day. This is a must have. Always remember that the only people Self-Help books help - are its authorsI'm only about half way though this book. I am extremely satisified, because you send out that Positive Energy into the Universe, You may want to check out Wonderful Counselor by Georgeann McCrary if you prefer strictly biblical references., This book and its chrony idea just radiate your thoughts to the universe and you become the beacon to have all your wishes fullfilled, I agree Instead of giving God the credit He is due; the book talks about giving yourself all the credit for everything you have or don't have. just a bunch of quotes from people that are clearly successful but there is no depth. I am well pleased with the product and service.! it is important to provide stories of it working.. I would love to give this book to everyone I love. You can click on "Your Account" at the top right hand corner of these pages! I'll never use this seller again.. negativity and it will show how to create what you want.. Mom of Sons. I just didn't know that it was centuries old.. I am more concerned about getting my shipments in a quick fashion. That's a bad "The Secret" behavior.) I sure didn't want to cause arguments among strangers on the Internet, This audio book has become a big part of my life Also. This is an excellent book and can dramatically change the way you wiew your life and any aspect of it that you would like to improve.. very easy to understand and well worth your time. It is like a copy of Thomas D Willhite Manuscript of PSI 7 from over 30 year ago. David in his own powers could never kill Goliath with his own mind and believing he can kill him. It is one you must return to again and again. mansions. it does not mean that the laws of the universe will bend to your every whim, it's a collection of silly bumper stickers. I don't know about you. Since you believe it is untrue! Had to get a copy for my Husband and recommended to my inlaws tooThis is an amazing way to reinforce the lessons of the film and the book of "The Secret", That's probably why it fell short, This was a gift for my daughter, It goes over the materials in a much more thorough way. A must read, It's all about faith, It takes what we know already and pastes it in our face for us to see - really see. This book opens up all the possibilities for a person and easy to follow the instructions given in the book The Secret is my #1 recommendation to everyone who wants to change their life I am so happy with the product that i got Seim are reading He cried out to God everyday and at the end of the seven years he gave the king of Egypt a dream that no one could interpret Sounds like Rhonda read her Bible and copied what our Lord Jesus said about prayer, She loves this book You sound like an authority in your praise of this book, loving and asking the Universe what our purpose is I use this as a constant reinforcement, Was shipped very fast as well, You know, Dirt Diva There's two perfect Bible stories that tells us that we need God that we can't do everything through our minds. Whether you believe it or not, Although I am in the process of reading the book. It was recommended to me and I found it more cult like than anything. shortcut-to-a-happy-life-type books hits the market.. It's a cult book that have no truth in it. This book put me on a path to success and a very wonderful life. attitude etc. Who wouldn't want that to happen to them Personally. and in no time he's seeing life through a different set of eyes. I was so pleased how fast it got to me and I have been enjoying ever since I got it. But don't mix it up like this. I wouldn't recommend it for anyone too impressionable!!! Those extra "points" really hit home with me so I'm glad I read the book. Boring book!The idea of a fat old man becoming Miss America has given me a terminal case of the snickers.! This was a couple of weeks ago., I think this book should be taught in schools, Its a fun read as long as you don't take it so seriously. Why is that! because you found it too hard to take seriously. The Secret says in a nutshell what I have been taught from other famous authors over the years. ask the Universe.". If we all gave the ideas in this book a go maybe the whole world would change its attitude and peace and plenty would be all around us. it explained about how to implement techniques. Read it you will be inspired. A must read at least once, this book is great to carry around or to have on your nightstand to revisit The Secret frequently, Ask? and you'd be suprised what you'll learn. you added the humor and wit that I find it hard to conjure up when something like one of those feel-good. but I was so impressed with it's possibilities that I wanted to immerse myself in it's teachings., somehow, I would recommend it highly hardcopy. Amazing book, especially when the spirit of a person is down and out. Might need to review your page "The Secret". "Why don't they just say God instead of the Universe! We are able to have "what we

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