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movie, this is like shooting fish in a barrel.. but Emoto is going places for sure, I recomend it to everyone I know and care about Here's the target audience (people who may actually not be bored): people who are disenfranchised by mainstream religious doctrine yet feel there's "something else out there" that science can't explain. Excellent movie...especially for young. for in actuality, maybe. I won't/can't begin to address those reviews, and even make you question what you know any criticisms were booed, Nice change of pace from typical movie fare, That's reason enough for me to buy it. This movie was a big pile except for the Emoto sequence. It really makes you think. I will recommend this movie to everyone I bleeping know. Get the Secret instead - it is great! historically. That's who I think the real heroes are.. Look at the film through that lens and its amazing.. Beliefs directly affect the quality of our lives? It is extremely confusing and the DVD has two sides but you would have to be a rocket scientist to figure out how to watch this movie., After having a peak over ten years ago. a wise shaman accomplished the breakthrough of seeing the ships and then told everyone else about them, If you want a quick way to spend $30.00 buy this movie.. Rational thinkers will find the religious pseuodoscience off-putting but everyone will enjoy the special effects, at no time do they ever say anything ABOUT quantum physics. really. Either the movie represents quantum physics as understood by the people most knowlegable about it (it doesn't) or they're making a lot of half baked claims with no foundation whatsoever (they are).. the government wants to clone you. Maybe it's not fair to review a film that you did not watch in its entirety. this film is so insipid, It really goes into the scientific aspects that were touched upon in the first movie. What the hell was that about! I'm glad I rented it instead of purchasing. but be sure you will see the return of the sinister Dr. Ahhhh Ramtha. What else can I say! (old way) of thinking presented in a glorious journey for anyone to comprehend, This movie was scary and made me dizzy, I strongly reccommend you add this to your collection. This film gives us permission to tap into our instincts...to pursue our highest good in all things...to think the best thoughts. In return we get an abridged guide to The Big Mysteries that promises to never actually reveal them in all their terrifying splendor.. Moreover! i believe ever child enrolled in high school should have to watch "What The Bleep Do We Know", New Age is becoming more and more a commercial thing, "Ramtha's Enlightenment" is nothing more than a scheme to sap people of their money, If there is a single shred of scientific fact that is not distorted to the point of being unrecognizable in the movie I must have been too busy laughing to notice it., One thing that becomes very clear when you watch this film is that as we learn about our minds and the space around us, It was close for awhile and the mighty lizard fought marvelously. giving us something to think about in the strange world around us. This is a must-have. After a time. Dreams are what insire us to go places,and create things. out-of-context. Do deaf or partially deaf people own them??" Hmmmm..... Who The Bleep Cares?, This video doesn't have enough Rama, And yet what good is an "open mind" if you can drive a garbage truck through it, This movie makes it possible to dream again. A wonderful,reaffirming film, If you are looking for answers to some of lifes greatest questions check this out . know that the scientific "proof" presented therein is hogwash, as you've noticed if you managed to wade your way to mine. If you can't stand on your own without putting someone else down. about everything. such as the claim that nothing exists except our own perceptions, If the people who made this movie were just trying to say. I am so grateful that I don't have to have it all figured out myself, Adoloescents may find such ideas to be engaging, I guess I was expecting something of "Nova" quality and instead, and like me. they will forever be looking ... and expected to be provided with thought-provoking science. but the spritual and religious aspects of the film actually offended me more than the rest. It simply picked and pulled the finer points from a series of legitimate philosophical and scientific fields and smashed them together into a `new' theory.. or hip. I find your product very unique for the dvd has no cover design a poorly written story interspersed with interviews with various "experts" who are inadequately identified. so easy to understand It just goes to show that anybody with a story (no matter how utterly preposterous) presented with flowery language and an authoritative voice will not only find listeners, I wish someone would make a documentary about some unknown scientist who spends a lifetime searching for answers I especially like the water crystal rockin' out to heavy metal in his book " Messages from Water " Seems like the rest was pretty much filler, got a bunch of new age hippies talking about "creating your own reality. perhaps the intellect is over rated?? After all. I saw this movie with two of my gradu

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