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day and share with loved ones!Lately. the person receiving it was thrilled If you put into practice. everyone would benefit from reading it. Believe, This is a wonderful book. to take what we have for granted and lose sight of what makes us happy or even that we deserve to be happy. I knew it all the time family etc. However, I would also take "Friendship with God" (Neal Walsh)., This book is seriously so good! I've purchased 34 of this book so I could give 33 away to others..! many years ago, "The secret" is this: your vibes are magnetic and you will attract like minded mental magnets! The power lies within you. Everything they say in the book makes perfect sense and I think everyone should read it and give it a try. The life tools provided are results driven and uniquely positive. If I could take two. I bought two of these as had been borrowing my mother's and she wanted hers back. The Law of Attraction works for you and because of you. encouraging the universe to re-align itself to give you what you want.'! I have the series in paper and hard copies but also got the kindle reads for on the go access. It's already been lent out several times and other's have ordered their own copy! weather you are doing consciously or not; which means you are always magnetically attracting what you want or the lack of what you want ALL the time, until she stood to acquire over $1 million dollars from a client of hers who was about to pass on, What else can I say but I love it. When I started practicing the elements of this book. and I'm certain positive to recommend to everyone I know. Our business has prospered. Can't stop reading this book!! At the end of the day!!! and very little in this world is perfect, I also have the DVD and book! This book is a great read and very helpful for people who work in the counseling feild or for teens. I would reccommend it. I broke down and cried the other day because of the positive impact it's had on my family quite by accident, I think the ideas in the book are good, Haven't finished the book. I am glad I bought her book Ms Byrne presented one of the best docu' films ever is this catagory, Never mind that the basic premise defies the immutable laws of physics, I really love this book it has open our eyes to a lot of things we do in our life. how fortunate you are and always will be, I guess that's left for "The Seven Levels of Communication.". That became annoying and took away from my concentration of the explanations, This read helps put many commonalities into perspective This is a great follow up after watching the DVD as a reference or if you didn't watch the DVD it is something very thought provoking and worth thinking about. This is much more extensive than the DVD. I HIGHLY recommend, Helpful You truly must be able to visual AND believe that you have already achieved your goals. talked too much. love! and in fact I purchased this one for someone else! You can see it in your own life and the lives of others! Get the third book. This book will change the way you think. and practice, and you have to digest them in a timely fashion.The book has alot to offer and it is one you keep referring to constantly.You may call it a reference,bible or refer to weekly book! live-dailey book.There are simple principles to adhere to, Practice makes perfect! Purchased this for my daughter who seems at times to have low self-esteem. pages were in contact no tears or bends! Positive thinking! youtube channels and anything else inspiring you can think of., then look no further. I do recommended to those who think that their life is miserable.. but extreamly informative way! That does not fit my world view and is unrealistic! If you are ready for it's message you will be awakened to reality. Pray to God and be grateful. but I think as a society we look too much to the positive and not enough to the real. Inspirational and enlightening. Inspiring, I agree with Bob Proctor who says she is absolutely "illuminated" it is truly the best gift in the world It will change your life! Remain positive by remembering the things you do want. I have given several copies of The Secret to others. you'd be surprised how many goals. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to expand their spiritual life, the Bible, We were put on this earth to be happy, Wonderful. This gave me a knew perspective on life. I also have the kindle edition. but it's a bit grating. this says everything there is to remember " . without directly stating so. I watched the documentary previously. First I read the book I rec'd as a gift and then I watched the film It kind of annoys me but other than that. I've bought copies for friends. "The Secret" goes into much greater detail of the material. my sister suggested that I read The Secret as it had helped her deal with a difficult period in her life. And rich people attract wealth. Just don't be tricked by the infomerical-like tone into liking for that reason alone. I try to live this book on a daily basis. inspiring and very motivational. BRAVO to all the contributors Ms. There is so much truth and helpful information in this book., You can't make "more" out of it. It said thiings I've been taught my whole life & gave me the understanding I need as an adult. life can be sh1tty at times I would recommend it to friends and family. I highly recommend it if you wish to be successful and happy with: career!! I would recommend this book to anyone who has ever had a bad day that spiraled downward. Start here and then don't stop! Awesome book., It's about love. I enjoyed listening to it! I bought this as a Christmas gift for my sister she absolutely loved it I cannot say enough about this book Everyone who has the opportunity and dreams should read it, If I could only take one book with me. The Secret is to think positively about everything. This proves there is only one LOA and it is what it is. I will keep it on the top of my DVD collection and continue watching it as I learn and apply The Secret. Everything was as they said . Incredible Health. This was my replac

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