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eded advice when dealing with negative feelings such as anxiety or stress. It is very good. This crucial skill is often overlooked or seen as weak. This book is not your average kind of self help book. A ¡°choose your own emotion¡± book with compelling and relatable stories affirming that we are all in this together. bad . and pulling in all the best feelings possible as everyone can have EVERYTHING because you took inspired actions out of LOVE. She offers the tools that give you permission to dream and stretch outside your minds current limitations to see positive possibilities that the universe is ready and willing to give once we learn how to ask and be open to receive. This book is awesome. It¡¯s to the point. Thank you Sarah Prout. Was not expecting this much from a ¡°mini¡± book. three times..whenever I am feeling some kind of emotion! sit back getting cozy and enjoy! Thank you Sarah Prout!! Book is beautiful, Since I have made a conscious effort to change the way I start my Mornings, body!! Dear universe is now one of my favorite additions to my extensive library, Best investment I¡¯ve made, It has a meditation for any struggle you may face! I recently discovered the power of manifestation. a reminder that you can choose how to feel in any given moment. Dear Universe is a refreshing tool to assist with manifesting your dreams and desires. 4/2/19. love, holding up to daily use, Very pretty book too., I've seen then received the actual book. Example In effect, A very well written resource to help guide ones emotions to manifest an enriching life. I am so grateful to have found Sarah Prout and being a part of her Dear Universe launch team has made me feel like I¡¯m helping something so much bigger than myself! I love this magical. Sara has changed my life and this book is a must read for all those ready to manifest what they want in their lives.. Dear Universe has been inspiring and caught the eyes of my mother during a recenr visit and she cannot put it down! short meditation! read. I know it seems simple to say about a book, This book is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING, I am so grateful that it was written! I knew I had to get this book! and Sarah shares a lot of herself throughout the book! and align ourselves too. I read it in under a week as I feel like I can relate to the author's situation! Order This Book. I am grateful. I have let all that go and forgave him and also forgave myself. I think this is a great approach I felt good energy coming from this book. I absolutely love this book. Sarah reminds us of how to do this for various moods, This is such an amazing book I love Mrs. This book is all I hoped it would be and then some. I can't get pass part 2 because I keep listening to same medications repeatedly. its easy to navigate and read I wish all of the meditations were recorded by themselves so you can just jump to the one you want and not have to listen to all the talking has human feelings and its own will love based emotion. bought as a gift for a few friends too.! Also a quick read for when you need a pick me up Love this book This book is amazing I've already read and reread and will continue to read her helpful suggestions Sarah Proust is so easy to read and to understand, Thanks Sara i Am do happy, The meditations and affirmations are very helpful! I never would have believed it until I actually tried it and obtained results. negative thoughts. JUST PLACE YOUR ORDER and the YOUNIVERSE (Universe) has your back everytime.. and I get a relatable story. The night it came in was a very hard night for me. This book is as beautiful on the outside as it is in the inside. Beautifully inspiring, with beautiful delicate illustration and above all her heart is in every word on every page within each letter! Love this book, The Author Sarah Prout is such a giving and gifted soul ! Dear Universe by Sarah Prout is so inspiring and empowering. it's got meditations for any type of emotion you're feeling that needs to be cleared or accepted. Since putting into practice the techniques Sarah teaches. Thank you for this "How To" on manifesting a better life/world. and she covers 100 different feelings so there is so much to identify with and relate to. Love this book Dear Universe too. The positive affirmations and gentle urging to trust yourself and the Universe make this book worth reading over and over. I was skeptical of the power of thinking things into reality appealing to the Universe until I experienced positive resukts through manifesting! I felt an unexplainable connection to the Author @SarahProut #DearUniverse is so well written. I find this to be a very positive. expected it to be better but does helpCould not put it down. It's so many manifestations for all events and feelings in your life and mind. Her story is so relatable to what I have been through. unstoppable.. This book is so inspiring and empowering, great inspiration. I do like the layout with negative emotions/positive emotions and cross referencing one to the other to provide a more positive outlook. This book is beautifully designed. I could do without the inclusion of her the author¡¯s personal stories woven into it, I received this as a gift for mother's day from my amazing hubby., and gives you thoughtful comment on your humanness in that feeling and a brief meditation for connection with the Universe and your inner being. because being present. I highly recommend. Absolutely love it. Sarah Prout is easily relatable and her book is a must have meditations and brilliant insights, I highly recommendLove this book. I felt like I learned more about the author than myself, Sarah Prout is an amazing, The main portion of the book consists of two sets of meditations. Definitely recomend, I bought one for my mom. Is it positive and you want to keep it going. I particularly love that I can look up a specific emotion I¡¯m feeling and find the perfect little mini meditation for it I continue my manifestations with great faith. There are 100 fear based meditations to help you through times in life when you need to be uplifted. I would recommend this for anyone who wants to continue manifesting while receiving the right emotional guidance, It was even bookmarked in the exact place that I needed inspiration for the day. This book helps you with the most important part of that, Whenever I¡¯m in need to connect with the Universe regarding my current mood. Together we can manifest a beautiful future., If you are trying to improve in the area of mindfulness and letting yourself feel and pro

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