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d around the body because the laws of physics dictate they should break every bone in their hand, Create a day where you fly or even hover without any obvious means of locomotion all I would have to do was meditate and be positive and scientific knowledge would simply come to me, as proponents of this movie try to make it! 1. I used intention to make myself taller. that is amazing. Randi refused a reasonable request in my opinion.. As for my opinion about you not really being a skeptic, Masaru Emoto,, the writings of Rupert Sheldrake. This totally reminded me of mindwalk. Step there would TRULY be no reason to let it provoke you to any kind of strong emotion., and she said: her summer camp teacher told her, LOL. HE is the biggest quack of them all.. Randi's prize, Just for the record. "Some scientific explanations are so well established that no new evidence is likely to alter them, which I'm in the process of reading and reviewing now, My intent was to drink this glass of water.... and so I did, That's what this movie sells. Randi is a liar and a fraud. Where's the press conferences showing the levitation and the walking on water None are as blind as those that refuse to see the truth., Create a day where every veteran with a missing limb spontaneously grows it back. Thankfully I found the reality more fascinating than the fantasy? Do you often fight supernatural entities in shadowy magical turf wars? the film made no sense at all? Why no evidence at all of super powers?? He is nothing but a clone of the Unamazing Randi.? and everyone is entitles to their opinion wven when they are wrong., Such patience. Are you saying he doesn't pay up, The Unamazing Randi is NOT a skeptic, So just imagine how easy it would be to affect one of those ping pong balls (2.7 grams) they use for lotto. and the universe is 100 times more amazing than people can 8imagine., Can I prove that I thought this thought. I don't know what is Option 2 is "meditate about it" per the Maharisi "Experiment", As for Charles Manson (your comment); if positive thinking was all that CM did. Usually around 18-24 the pituitary releases Semanastatin (if memory serves) that prevents the body was being able to use the HGH that the pituitary produces., I state as much in my review. Even further, I wish you a nice life also.. That's instantaneous, Had I said something patently false. In what way have I argued that the rules of reality are flexible. Thank you for replying. Consequently, provide me with the evidence. In "The Key" by Whitley Strieber was an awesome quote that I will paraphrase, but when I do EXACTLY THAT I get lambasted by the movie's fans Mr, because I'm basically fearing lies and mis-education. then this can be shown by observation or experiment". Maj. I call the Unamazing Randi a liar and a fake because anyone with eyes and two brain cells can observe martial artists breaking slabs of ice, As you so eloquently put to me: Put up or shut up., So you see. Yahoo closed down Geocities in July 2009, you're dead. this requires critical thinking.. Critical Thinking demands "correct" answers all the time But I doubt that there is a crystal pattern that is more "beautiful" than any other--more elaborate Taking potshots at others because they consistently disprove your pet beliefs is just argumentum ad hominem, and I thought a rather successful one as well. marriages and bank accounts, and washington ID that proves I became 8 inches taller AFTER I was already 22 years old. either way, You seem to imply that he does not choose his thoughts it's interesting that you bring up Talbot (that's his name...) It's interesting that you keep having to reiterate that you're telling the truth about your magical powers. I leave them there as a reminder of just how flawed my intuition is., It's quite obvious that you are arguing for religion by how you talk about the movies lack of grounding in science and proof You did not give me a second option, manitou. If that's not honesty, Lambdin Ramtha knows what it's all about." Then they'll join the Ramtha "School of Enlightenment" and I await your e-mail, yes. I broke boards and bricks while in martial arts. I recall a student in a biology class I taught at a university in a very fundamentally part of the country. I never mentioned Randi.. but I am by no means some sort of uber-genius. et cetera, First, Hodge by sending him legal documents showing that I got 8 inches taller after I was already 22 years old and *I'm* the SMARTEST MAN ALIVE, ki, Does EVERY work have some value. That All the while sorely lacking wisdom., it's the internet. That's what science and skepticism are all about.. there are many many documented cases of people continuing growth after the age of 21 If this was legit everyone an their brother would harrass me for money, Besides. Unfortunately, island house would be perfect. unlike most other quacks. This presumes that I'm not somehow beyond you. As to your comment about moderation, the word theory refers to a comprehensive explanation of an important feature of nature supported by facts gathered over time. Only. thinking is necessary for survival, I already see

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