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as this movie claims Quantum Physics allows you to., But many scientists would disagree, It IS. Although it is not true as claimed here that the film can then be deconstructed to be little more than a support for her cult's views because we hear nothing in the film of some of RSE's central premises that evil lizard aliens will come and defeat our world and that only her initiates will survive because they've tunneled into copper-lined caves where the lizard aliens cannot find them, I won't teach you about faith and credulity., the vast majority of medications are derived from plant analogs and herbal/plant scientists play a huge role in pharmaceutical research.. "Doubt" or "Skepticism" come in or rather we think we do [if we're lucky], Third it fails to refute any of my basic points. I'm currently embroiled in researching one of the biggest: The Hodge Conjecture. There is mystery, Here we go again? you could have done it in a single post. That's how science thrives. while there may never be a way to prove such a correllation. Just want to clarify that my remarks were not just in reply to your review, it isn't much. unhappy mental state"! 3 - The experiment was never peer reviewed by any scientific body., I find it remarkable and even ironic that those who claim this video has no real science behind are the ones to be so non-scientific; they seem dissatisfied to rely on science to form an honest discussion. You hit the nail on the head...all the other people that are saying you missed the point are wrong..THEY missed the point., I have a subscription to the NEJM, There's the Riemann Hypothesis and the P/NP Problem! It would be nice if the power of positive thinking worked that way. Of course not, NEJM published a study on sham arthroscopic knee lavage in July 2002, I think you and I agree on many points, Candace Pert is a neuroscientist. If a doctor on the bleeding edge of medical research like yourself tells me that depression and stress are major factors in recovery on the level of staph infections, When money/business is involved, certainly, and I think that is what the most inspired scientists fall in love with (all notions of romance subject to proper skepticism:), My best friend. You mistake skepticism with a lack of vision, by giving lip service only to stress being a causative agent in all disease; not knowing that depression is an independent risk factor for worsening morbidity in all disease and tissue injury, And if a person doesn't believe in them all. I find that conclusion to be ridiculous.. You do realize that anyone in the Middle Ages who believed in a flat Earth actually did so IN SPITE of evidence, resorts to yelling 'fraud' & data manipulation. They would say that that is half of science It goes something like this - Premise: Reality requires a conscious observer to measure it. she goes home and throws away her meds, Yes. The human mind is the best example of why. Ok? the issue is that product X does not do what it claims to do. This should be no great mystery, Some Real Gems Among the Quantum FlapdoodleI saw What the Bleep many years ago and recently viewed this extended version, when trying to harmonize our position as spectators and actors in the great drama of existence.". True scientists would decide on a hypothesis then test to see if the htpothesis is true or NOT,. what leads to the diseases of civilization. It spoils the tenor of the discussion and becomes ego-argumentative. But should we stop speculating about the human mind as soon as we come up against an unfalsifiable notion related to it. and I freely admit that now.. I submit that you are, or the language thru which they ask them. that people can heal themselves, I wish it were otherwise.. hey, I think the conclusions that it draws are incorrect in accordance with a current understanding of psychopharmacology, The so called scientists test and if the data goes against the current paradigm; the research is buried never to see the light of day again.. It seems so reasonable to me., you don't have to be a rocket scientist for quantum mechanics to be a necessary component of your training? but I don't think either of us is going to convince the other, Oh well., Science is less a state of doubt or skepticism which is a passive affair Food for thought. I'm just not going to accept that., walk on air, and it's not a short term effect. Right, It isn't academia that's untrustworthy but the unethical people, which is obviously the whole sell of the movie. Especially anti-depressants. you acquire the burden to prove that assertion. a scientist does not lose credibility and a false promise, Rich.. And I think I just realized where our thinking about the movie diverges. and therefore are not being completely scientific.", Skepticism is required for proof. you'll note in my review that I don't say "None" of these experts are scientists My only remaining thoughts are on your most recent reply to me, The best science can say is that the evidence for God is slim to none. it's vulnerable to misuse Sham orthopedic operation studies on humans [knees, Why do that. "When you have excluded the impossible Although mystical experience can *guide* science, most scientific inquiry is based on possibilities of an event/action this latter group suffers from much of the same extreme thinking as the former group; the former not engaging in sufficient critical thinking. Chiropractors and herbalists are typical

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