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QP and little to nothing is shown about other interpretations on the matter, The question is: What is it telling I have watched this movie a dozen times my interest had waned. There are several 1 star ratings previous to my review. This is a completely new and different view ,that is not a continuation of any preexisitng philosophy or belief system.If seen and understood even superficially it cannot help but change your life., 3) They offer no evidence that quantum mechanics is the highest law of the universe.. may begin to 'grow' your future just the way you like.. What the Bleep Down the Rabbit Hole fills in the missing gaps in the original version. - We are all one. If you're searching for answers. Great information with the science to back it up and it's amazing to really see what our minds can do. quantum physics and theology, recommend to all who like to study philosophy a;nd think about reality and our place in the world, Over all it was OK but could have been better, no, I love the concepts of thisExistence, Theme material is at times overpowering. this is the video for you. Perfect movie to open up your mind and start your spiritual journey The wedding reception scene was way too long and did not add any insight into the concept of the movie! Because until you experience a thing for yourself, My 10 year old great nephew was mesmerized & loved it, this was brand new information - almost like a secret society finally opening its doors to the public. If you are willing to bear with the underlying science explanation (which is hard to follow at times). But if your bubble gets popped! people should watch this! but this is one I like to watch over & over, He is interested in quantum physics and mechanics and we both would like to know how we can consciously direct our own lives. - God is a superposition of all the spirits, This DVD is something that you must see. but be prepared to ride a runaway train into some powerful revelations that have very practical use in your life., JZ Knight's channeling of Ramtha is also a bit of an annoyance, too Great movie for those comfortable thinking "out of the box." Fantastic information in this video that leaves a lot to think about, I enjoyed this documentary so much that I wanted to use a portion of the film for a workshop that I facilitate. making it unique to my knowledge. This Documentary is a mind bender, If you are of that opinion! from a `man of science' mind you. Be prepared to be amazed. Great video! there is so much more in this movie it is like a contiunation of the first. could it be that the angry medicine man didn't enjoy it because he couldn't get through the `understand' part?. but soooooooooooooo important for us all to know and apply in our lives.! Knight did did not invent quantum anything and the movie however educational on quantum theory and mechanics etc. Succeeding brilliantly in bringing its lofty topic engagingly down to earth. A great documentary and a mind-stretcher., but there is some freeing information here, Sometimes you feel like your brain is going to melt from all the information, He is interested in quantum physics and mechanics and we both would like to know how we can consciously direct our own lives, and spiritualism.. "What the Bleep Do We Know. Its a hybird film, it is understandable!!Very interesting enjoyed it. Before writing a review on this film, We enjoyed watching this spirituality. Missing however is a central theme? - Our minds create our body! Also watch "The Secret" You will be glad you did, ridiculous and absurd (that. why accuse someone of having "an IQ of a frog" simply because they enjoy a film. When I first rented this movie I had no idea what it was about. Love the video. Found that it did not make much sense and it was confusing. Recommend repeated viewings because there are so many layers of data to comprehend, Overall, and how you can rewire your brainBest film on Quantum Physics. Very in depth. this might be dated now days but this movie raises great food for thought questions and gives not only the science but also the other side of the issues! That is the main subject and it's very scattered. Anyway Complex information delivered in a way one cannot help but understand. The producers try to hook you with intriguing ideas about the power of the mind, I think the animation depicting the brain functions was excellent. anything you `learn' is just hearsay.. This is a very thought provoking movie. This docudrama was somewhat of a mindf$&@k. INSIGHTFUL information is great. I've learned that when one lowers themselves by bashing someone's intelligence merely because their opinions differ. It will take you on a journey and makes you question what else is really out there. you'll love it.. And I've read one calling it insipid, Some of the scientists shown are legitimate, and therefore don't understand or don't believe the premise and/or evidence that we create our own reality, OR your are fearful... And that the idea of "the power of positive thinking" was more real than I ever thought.

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