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community matches the high vibes and energy of the book, it generates positive thoughts you need daily and gentle reminders we are masterminds! I really enjoy how each day you are given something to do and then questions to answer!!! Her positive but realistic mindset is what continues to make me purchase her products! TO PUT TOWARD PAYING DOWN MY COACHING BALANCE. Biy it, maybe I'll do it again, I almost thought it would be the same thing as other manifestation books but this book is honestly amazing and I'm glad I got it because of the inner work it's allowing me to doKathrin's book is amazing!! I feel so much more postive and energetic and I can only thank Kathrin for her help with this! Be ready to do the work and be honest with yourself! probably by the divine power of Facebook algorithms and me joining everything that looks amazing ... forgiveness, Hi. why manifesting works and gives your tips and tricks on easy ways to manifest not only money but anything you desire, feelings and so much more. For any of you babes who are hesitant to buy, This workbook is amazing.As a single mom I'm done with the limiting mind setting society implanted me. It had me digging deep into my money-mindset that I had no idea where blocking my ability to earn and yes, This book has really changed my relationship with money and Kathrin is just amazing. This year the bankruptcy fell off of my credit report. It also came with extra bonuses too, She breaks it down for you step-by-step, I soooooo very love this book. I would definitely recommend this book. I have literally seen and felt a shift in my world in the first day. Her views on money and mindset are filled with the most positivity I have ever seen in my life. This is a simple guide that beginners and experts can follow. This book is going to make you dig deep! helped me with other issues that I had no idea would help with money! Thanks Kathrin, The perfect workbook that has exercises as well as excellent reading content. suggesting ways in which to evolve your thinking regarding it. but she also films a daily "coffee chat" in her FB group to correspond with each chapter? Kathrin. plus I saved AT LEAST $972 in interest by switching my high interest credit card balance to a low interest loan. Kathrin is the real deal. like. BUY THIS BOOK. Everything she has to say about shifting your money mindset is spot on and extremely helpful. We manifest our destiny and this book walks you right through every step! Can't wait for her to release more awesome gems like these. It came at the perfect time to read while the kids play in the pool! I came across this project I decided to transcribe, This book is amazing. Do yourself a favor & buy this book. if you know what I mean? Thank you Kathrin for such a fun and inspiring book. it's important to complete the exercises, I am so excited to have this book. Just getting started but love it already, but when you do, SO grateful for the self love and commitment that is growing exponentially everyday from diving in to the content in this book. I'm so excited to see what more keeps coming my way!! OMG!! Yeah, Caution - you can't just read it, Wonderfully written!! Do I like it?" Moments later. Although the exercise is to manifest $1000 in 21 days. A great step by step, I can't give it enough stars, This book is amazing. If you are on the fence about buying this book join the Facebook group and follow her on all social media and soon you will see exactly WHY you need to purchase it. I find joy in doing each excercise day by day - something to look forward to, I know it will be life changing.Seriously loving this book. manifest the money and be forever grateful you invested that $10 in yourself and your future. Don't hesitate. straightforward. The book is well worth the price. motivation and great advice for anyone who wants to move their life in a positive direction. cuz I was "done". This book teaches how to step up and DECIDE what you want your life to be with YES- money. has changed my life. I have been telling everybody about your book, This is a great tool and connected with women on the FB page as well. love the kindle app. she is caring and loves to help women become the best they can be and it really shines through her work, So far, Lots of great inspiring challenges. Don't forget to find her page on Facebook. It's life changing! I loved it. Your life will start to look like what you've been dreaming of and wanting for yourself! When I purchased UYIMB my first thought was Woo! Doing everything it asked of me. I was in the worst financial turmoil that I could have imagined and had to file Chapter 13 bankruptcy! I want everyone to get out of the struggle and start being more positive about money and this book is a great start. and while I am stuck on day 2. So. and you honestly find yourself excited to see what the next day holds, effectively and the daily lessons are pertinent. Plus, light and blessings to you all. and a whole bunch of monayyyy heading your way in no time, although I have been blessed with nearly $400 in unexpected income in just the first 10 days of the challenge so far, She is going to do more amazing things. I CANNOT WAIT for the days to come and to continue seeing all the success people are having, Kathrin is so vibrant and magnetic that I was captured. I definitely needed a shift in mindset with money and how to manifest and this book was my answer, Unleash your inner money babe will leave you feeling powerful inspired and changed for the better!!! and even life in general! I am forever grateful for all that you do, I just wanted to share my journey within the last 3 days.Started this as a newbie! I've already recommended and recruited this book to several family members and friends and they are loving it tooI've been a student of the Law of Attraction and manifesting since 1999 (and have even taught others on this subject) but I still love to re

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