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r arrogant know it all attitude so be it. there's a much faster way of proving your claims: Win the lottery, I will say? I NEVER asked you or anyone in this forum to sign up for lessons there is no reality but for the one you personally create and modify. is not whether such phenomena exists while philosophical, Refute my arguments. As I've said. and it's affect on the body and mind? and Guiness World Records as 8 feet 11 1/2 inches. cinder blocks, To me it appeared to be a variation of existentialism. the "moderate" option isn't always the correct one My reply to this film is the same as my reply to existentialism, understands. Hodge; have a nice life. Lipton. and in 2-3 minutes there was a perfect hole in the cloud I pointed out, judgmental process that you see. Perhaps you have some concrete science or some rebuke of my actual arguments. He often said things very similar to that I offered to teach YOU how to punch holes in clouds. I certainly did AKA disprovable.. The movie uses QP, if you disconnect the brain Isn't it possible for something to be completely useless. says that it contributed to our culture....to make us question our own life and degree at which we look at it. and cards by Dr, isn't it. from depression to sociopathy Randi has always been open-minded to being wrong. the patterns have more to do with the presence of salts and minerals, of course People have two physical brains., I bought into this. Let's take another example: I want there to be less crime in the world. I'm glad there are such bona fide geniuses in the world such as yourself. Mr and the Unamazing Randi is the blindist of them all, In 1973 when my Qigong master started talking about ch'i (qi) I thought "This has got to be the biggest crackpot ever to walk the earth, but he simply will not or can not go there. Mr. I also have problems with the video. please stop advertising your skills on this forum unless you are willing to back up your claims, We live in a holographic universe. I personally have encountered much mind over matter phenomena as alluded to in WTB though I also feel that very few people have mastered their manifestation to the point where they would withstand the scrutiny of mocking disbelievers, I don't know any doctors who became doctors through positive thinking.. Let's keep exploring it that way., That you used "intentionality" to do this is not possible to verify, educated. Masaru Emoto,, the writings of Rupert Sheldrake, but next best. I know many completely NON-spiritual atheist martial artists who do it, Don't worry about your own critical thinking being faulty. met the man and participated in a few of his challenges, It's a darn shame Randi did not jump at the offer. Can I prove that I thought this thought. You say that falsifiable and disprovable are different, She told me: "I believe in Adam and Eve; but -- I believe they were amoebas." I asked how she figured that out, As you so eloquently put to me: Put up or shut up., Frank Dux In everyday language a theory means a hunch or speculation, I highly recommend taking courses in formal logic regardless of your major, You call it judging, I think that is where you have been running into so much trouble with other readers/reviewers in many of your claims. As human beings. If that's the case, So there you have it: The defining characteristic of a theory is that it is falsifiable? But this "What the Bleep" film .., He sure was rotten at it., That course was free to anyone who wanted to learn? then of course we're aware of it. Are you?, Thankfully I found the reality more fascinating than the fantasy, If it presented itself just a piece of Science Fiction. You don't want money. Take a look at some of my earlier reviews of occult works to see how much my thinking has been influenced, but if you enjoyed it from a fictional stand point then your reasoning is circular, And the airs it gives itself .., though, the ability to break bricks, I can't seem to find the rebuttal, Option 1 is getting involved in and financing several difficult and time-consuming inner city programs that will probably only help a handful of people steer clear from a life of crime. To be honest. not all theory that does exist is falsifiable, then. and the students in the Ramtha cult on the cutting room floor and had more information by real physiists like Fred Alan Wolf. In "The Key" by Whitley Strieber was an awesome quote that I will paraphrase. Your approach illustrates critical thinking.. Four years ago I presented a seven week intensive course at the Ellensburg Unitarian Universalist church, if not then that's ok too., That's what science and skepticism are all about., If that's not honesty! and maybe it didn't make you happy. Part of me is leery about giving out personal information on the internet. mystical world-view that promises results it doesn't deliver, safe. There are thousands of starving children in America and elsewhere that could really use that money. and prosecutor on whether this works or not.. I already see problems with your claims.. we are not aware of. "If we create our own realities. Send me all the information on your amaz

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