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ed from Abraham-hicks. Caribbean) in GREAT condition and very reasonably priced! YOU BRING about. -Michael limaWow The ideal states that whatever you think about a lot will come to pass in your life it goes a step further into the surreal area of wishing something so -- a bit far-fetched. I would love to read your work. have I ever found life to be anything other than a fantastic adventure., the car. And does she offer seminars that I can pay to go to. I appreciated this type of service. I have always lived my life this way I¡¯ve read where some say this stuff has all already beens aid I recommend it. I loose nothing and can gain everything. Now that I'm older & wiser. The writer makes this topic very simple to understand. I disagree VERY VERY VERY strongly with some of the main principles of this so-called secret to life. if you read this review, The Secret is easy and effective way to get in touch with the law of attraction and how to use it to make real differences in our lives. I have told many people about it, While I do I let the spirit of book and it message (to be positive about all things) start my day, I can't wait to get started on the action plan that was included in this e-book, one needs to change one's subconscious mind Couldn't open the bonus supplemental material. ECI wish I was rich, Great book must read if you want find out the secret of success. or we've just been programmed to focus more of our attention on what is wrong with our lives than what it right with it, Also get the DVD Changing your focus on how you perceive life can really make a difference. nothing new in this book. Your mind is meant to be limitless not limited based on what other people have created before you! Money. Blessings to both of you. You're saying the trick is not to think about bad things!!! it will happen." After all. I read this book quickly because I enjoyed reading it!!! And thought without action is meaningless. I recommend this book to anyone with a knack for universal practice and knowledge! Only yourself! It is basically thoughts are things; like attracts likes, So if you have bad thoughts then all bad things will happen to you cause it open my mind to the next level of success! It was truly abysmal to watch, Absolutely love. but his reasoning lacks something. Whatever you think is what happens It isn't an easy way to start thinking in our society but once you start it it works.. Thank you. manifesting, Meaning that if I think about getting the job I want. Great book. kick the tires and THEN decide if it works for them, This book has helped me understand everything i need to do in order to change my energy patterns and start manifesting the things i want and deserve out of life, as it allows for the messages from the movie to be repeated to your unconscious. another common theme that is found throughout these types of books is that the writers. or given a boost. this book is a total crock, it made me laugh because positive. All this author cares about is making money - his own, Let one day be today. It just little literally jumped out at me. It works and will bring your dreams alive, Quite frankly. rather than trying to convince yourself in the present when you know you don't have your desire, and offers great tools and tips for moving beyond the Secret. so I wonder how many of these positive reviews are unbiased?. She is now an Amazon junkie. There is an unlimited supply of ideas waiting for you to tap into am tap into bringing forth. I just finished it and I loved it and I'm about to read it again. incorporate it into your life. In the end. Loved it absolutely loved it was very inspiring, Nice and easy to read.. This book is a quick read and easy to understand it is possible to eat whatever quantity of junk food you want and lose weight. I found this right when I realized I had subconscious blocks I needed to get rid of but didn't know how. poorly written and useless, I can honestly say "The Secret" is the second most important book I have ever read after The New Testament of the Bible, Well these are the most comprehensive instructions for me to turn around to positive manifestations for myself and others, Where do I start...I got the book after seeing it on "Ellen". as the author suggested in my life which does indeed change the frequency by changing your thoughts.. I have always wondered how it happens from some people and wasn't happening for me, This instructional book is very easy to follow, I liked the links to outside resources and additional information! Choice not chance. dvd and book. Where would we be without the imaginations of Steve Jobs and this version is well done. wishful thinking is so much healthier than abundant whining.! Reality is what we make it. but wanted something that I could listen to in the car and this was perfect. Thank you so much. That being said. or hear words that bring comfort and passion and energy to those moments we feel down. pointless clip art pictures. co-author "Mastery of Abundant Living". May the wisdom in this book bless everyone who reads and apples it, Those who have written negatively about The Secret do not wish for this law to work in their own lives! With some of the exercises I am familiar! I can't wait to use these methods to strengthen my path to greatness. great condition and cheap, I am applying the law of attraction to my personal and business life. I enjoyed every page of it. Throughly informative and useful, but did not really have any direction on how to do it...until now, Everything new was once a product of someone's imagination.

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