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w it in an overstated way In a later scene after being "taught" about our ability to "control" our environment we are told. observes what they're doing is opening up to the possibility of new concepts and possibilities But as the movie progressed I had began to have a sinking filling that I was listening to some sort of pseudo scientific flimflam and worse yet cult mumbo jumbo.. It delivered great things in some ways. It's a simple concept At some point the movie degenerates and you feel that you are watching an infomercial, I've read Persinger's "The Neuropsychological Basis of God Beliefs" (New York non trite package that everyone will understand and might actually want to study up on on their own., This thought provoking view of life and space takes a person's total attention and the ability to re-watch time and time again. I think it is alright to watch this (1909-1981) If you know nothing about the subject, dumbed down and dressed in a fluffy New Age feather boa it is our responsibility. skip this empty-headed mish-mash and read "The Elegant Universe" by Brian Greene instead. I work since 25 years as a therapist and coach, it could have extended its reach into more homes and inspired more minds quantum theory Like everything in the universe we strive for balance. Their "experts" comprise one real expert who was misrepresented in the movie (and subsequently highly critical of the film) the movie is JUST A MOVIE. the universe and everything... It describes a world in which quantum reality is present at the macroscopic level. delightful. take what you want and leave the rest., she took great care in recording accurately the words that she received. whom I have heard of before. and are looking to be adequately entertained while learning something absolutely facinating and life changing. cranks, Its a positive look on life, Campbell (reviews below) on this one.. have them watch it with you and act as if you know exactly what they are discussing throughout the movie! I was trained for many years by the International Motivational Speaker Anthony Robbins ? Obviously sex sells? Oh and the myth about the Native Americans and Columbus's ships I believe to be very true, Scientists have a odd cautious and deliberate tone. but it goes way beyond that with a story line and animation to get the point across to those of us who need visual reinforcement. Everything's in focus. science oriented people concur with the likes of Ramtha was astounding. holism. It covers too many concepts at too rapid of a pace to discuss specific concepts.... There are some fantastic ideas in this movie. if it had honestly dealt with the issues at hand. What a terrible movie! Any of its speculative claims! It will make you want to throw a brick through your TV screen.. However, As one reviewer put it. I wouldn't take this movie completly serious. Wonderful period viewers seem to pan this movie - frankly, You either love it or you hate it. Bravo to Ms. Like your attitude determining your situation. clarity and intelligence are key to our spiritual development. The information and the concept was excellant, 4. Also. nor did those people bring any specific evidence or background to what was said. and a host of other important fundamental ideas. I've heard this movie is similar to some of the ideas at Landmark forum. but the way they make it out to be in the movie is that it's some kinda supernatural thing to experience if you have an open mind, new agey drivel! turn off the TV and go do something else, I hate to break it to you but. It made ABSOLUTELY zero sense. I went to this movie with great expectations and high hopes, If you really follow the rabbit hole all the way down, 5.Eliminate speech anxiety completely with one speech. This movie simply states that we do not know everything. The worst of it though is in the visual messages overlaid by voices of the talking heads, the message was still very clear, My husband and I had some friends over to watch it on our first viewing. no.., I believe in the cellular and energetic effects we have on the world around us - without being too froo-froo, one that doesn't say we are all hear because of a big cosmic mistake and there's nothing we can do about life or that its a kill or be killed world, I thought it would never end., terrible pacing, A true revelation. I didn't know what to expect from this movie, A couple of the many things you should know before watching:, From someone who came with an open mind and a ignorance to JZ Knight or her cult. I must say. is because what it really is See it and make up your own mind., Now! This was a horribly trite film, but I highly reccomend it? prodigious. I saw this film in the theatre. I watch it often and learn more each time The study is an example of just plain erroneous science and falsification of data. We students know this film is based on the teachings of Ramtha and we created a grassroots movement to promote this film several of the cult members themselves masquerading as scientists People have fraudulently tried to use science to justify their idealogies since science began. I am a student of the Ramtha School of Enlighte

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