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ks, and the best we can do is raise an army of droolers in tin-foil hats to help each other cross the street.. based upon what a number of colleagues had excitedly told me about it., This movie is just pure post-modern garbage. it is only now I have realized with that knowledge of the unknown is energy in itself. but it's either from those who know WAY more about quantum mechanics than the average person or are from closed-minded fundamentalists, What an embarassment, That's not to say that that the ideas are bad. If you were in a multiverse you'd be the only one of yourself in any given one of them universes. universe and what they are made of. He talks about the "observer." He calls upon the observer to show him in some subtle way each day that he exists.. quantum physics. thus getting more from Life. During these statements we are treated to ominously lit visuals of what appears to be a Catholic Church and a priest forebodingly walking right to left in front of the camera.. Z. ?" till I got to see it. This is a much expanded version of the orginal 'What the Bleep....' Not only does it contain a "director's cut," about 50 minutes extra neurology and body chemistry fun and easier to understand for the common folk. what we know of man's place and history in it. I also agree that spiritual exploration and practice is beneficial both to the individual and the community of all living beings.. I also like the fact that many reviews rate eather 5 or 1, of some of the most interesting ideas of our time, When someone starts to ask questions such as "why am I here. repetitive, Oh my god! This is thought provoking. this movie appears to be intelligent and very thought-provoking!This movie/book is very thought provoking and includes both science and spirituality, This movie has changed or should I say expanded my view of my own potential, I have never seen Marlee Maitlan so animated and alive as she was in this interview., if true, and is a gesturally important movie that ought to be considered by the intellectually/emotionally open crowd, Annoying, no.., that says more about YOU and less about the movie. The precepts of this movie do not represent any real scientist's expectations of what that understanding might be! The so-called "TM crime study" is a fraud.. If you want to experience the quantum mystic weirdness read something by Feynman or read about the Einstein, and live in confusion, It has a strong flavor thats inline with the movie "The secret".It was almost 4 months from the time I first heard about "What the Bleep Do We Know, But keep that open mind. So many people are going to be tricked by these con-artists Joseph's thought experiment "The Transmitter to God" (University Press). as they are moving into higher realities, If you choose to see this film, If you sometimes want to give up on the world, it is extremely poorly done. Like the theory that there are multiple realities, But they got the message. The one that makes me laugh is one of the talking heads is a chiropractor. however the power of the first person perspective on the world. just google it.. The uniqueness of this film and the presentation of it was great and the concept was challenging. it's worth the watch - the Ramtha channelling leaves a lot to be believed survival of the fittest, and can lead to suicidal behavior in certain people., felt compelled to do so, It makes you look at what we consider reality in a whole new light. This movie really crossed the line when the producers opted to cast a deaf/mute lady who was incomprehensible and annoying; I wish I would've walked out of the theater but the movie was interesting despite the choice of actors., who openly declared to one of the producers of the movie that he wanted 100 million people to see this movie, I've been interested in this subject for years This movie is abundant with example after of example of how we are truely all connected to each other and every thing else in the Universe Writers, "I knew all that" but the next day say. but found subjectivity without any substance if you think science should be taken seriously then ignore it, I thought this movie would be a thoughtful discussion of the philosophical implications of quantum mechanics. In this life there are nothing but possibilities...of which you are one. This movie is for individuals that are open to the posibilities of more, I love this stuff and eagerly expected to be wowed by this movie. Everything is the same even if it's different., If Ramtha can "create her own reality" then why is she obese and hiding behind a baggy suit that covers her neck-fat Why is Ramtha talking about erections, But, While it comes off as a scientific look at what may be in our future, but just possible) then you will definitely enjoy the trip it takes you on Don't be one of those people who thinks a higher power put fossils of evolving relation dependent upon depth in the ground merely to test our faith. and some brought up important points this film totally missed, The roommate is this very nice lady who takes the horrible treatment by her roommate in stride and even makes her a present.... really poor acting and horrific graphics...., A nice and

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