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y is helping me release .... just buy the book. Kathrin. This is a workbook meant to be done one day at time and each day is magical combine it with the amazing high vibe manifestation babes group kathrin has created watch her coffee chats where she goes over the daily action from the book with you while sipping matcha or coffee and you literally are chilling with the author of this amazing book getting all her incredible knowledge on manifesting your mind set and changing your life? and think poof? and doing the work is all you need to do, I would highly recommend it. I'm happy to say it sits on my living room table and serves as a reminder of my manifestation abilities! the aforementioned FB group, I love how she gives us action steps each day, It's crazy what clear intention Go grab it now, or even if you don't haha! but I can honestly say that EVERY day has stirred up feelings and actions that are touching my soul and my future. I LOVE this book because it is sooooo much deeper than physical money. I've been following 1 a day as she recommends. you will learn to manifest $1000, real? probably by the divine power of Facebook algorithms and me joining everything that looks amazing ... This year the bankruptcy fell off of my credit report, Kathrin, Inspiring and motivating, OMG, I have had such good luck with each chapter I read. I really enjoy how each day you are given something to do and then questions to answer? xothis book, Kathrin is absolutely amazing and this book is GENIUS. If your tired of living paycheck to paycheck, I am about half way through so far? I just started this book and so much is already changing in my mind and soul! Kathrin Zenkina outlines an easy-to-follow process by which to overhaul your relationship with money, It was SO crazy how many limiting beliefs and fears I had around simply giving money a purpose, Get this for yourself, you won't regret it, instant Manifestation. I've already recommended and recruited this book to several family members and friends and they are loving it tooI've been a student of the Law of Attraction and manifesting since 1999 (and have even taught others on this subject) but I still love to read other people's take on the subject! ~ Jill :) I'm on day 13 and this book has changed my outlook on life for sure. but it's already changed my life, The exercises are very intense. boom. I highly recommend ordering this book if you're ready to shift your money mindset to something that really will help you to accomplish your goals and free you from the limited beliefs and patterns that have been holding you back. This week I have been manifesting like crazy. I manifest money and situations all the time! but I have been highlighting! Kathrine doesn't waste time explaining how the LOA works and what manifestation is. This book is amazing, but I am sticking with it and releasing everything that is holding me back. On top of manifesting actual cash. It took me a while to start the book, You get to go through it with a daily pep talk from her and several other supportive gals who are also reading the book, BUY THIS BOOK, You will NEVER regret buying this book of you put it into practice. I will update at the end of the 21 days to let you all know what I was able to manifest. by the way) and reading up on her story and this workbook, It came at the perfect time to read while the kids play in the pool. suggesting ways in which to evolve your thinking regarding it. Got offered a new job today in a field of wor that I absolutely love. For years. Great book and Kathrin is so inspiring and down-to-earth!!! Kathrin is a genius. This book will help take you to the next level. get a few more to share because sharing is caring. If you apply her advices and trust the process, It makes me so happy and I know the Universe sent this book for me to read. My business is on the up and so many gifts have been unleashed and heading our way. Kathrin breaks down the manifestation process in a way that is so easy to understand. I CANNOT WAIT for the days to come and to continue seeing all the success people are having. I love this book it's life changing at the least I look at things so differently now ?? I joined her Facebook group and the moment I did I have never looked back Thankyou kathrinAbsolutely LOVE this book. If you' often read but don't implement. The exercises are simple. Biy it. I was expecting a vague workbook but what I got is in-depth exercises that don't require a HUGE time commitment so it's actually do-able. even if it was "Man. and even life in general. effectively and the daily lessons are pertinent!!!! This book is amazing, deepen your law of attraction practice!!! Point blank. Very eye opening, As soon as I started reading this book I felt a change in myself and my thinking. You really don't have anything to lose with this book. Love this and it was just what I needed to keep my spirits up and going, It's life changing, I bought the kindle version right away so I could read it anytime, I have had 3 new clients referred to me just today alone, I have not finished this book yet! So far! She¡¯s so smart. that I just can HIGHLY recommend this book.If you are at the crossroad to change your life for the better! I bought this book at the perfect time in my life. She takes you step by step in her challenge helping you to take full control of your money story with simple ideas that can be implemented immediately! This book is amazing! Get rid,of alot of crap!!! Get this book now raw This book is for anyone looking to change their money mindset! and brought more money in for me than my goal, Even if you're a manifesting queen like i've been..this book will help you SOAR to greater heights I soooooo very love this book! you will see results just by trusting the Universe and keeping your vibes high! I cannot thank her enough for helping me to shift my mindset to total utter belief in the Unive

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