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esis. none ever joined or taught there, Now "Cuindless" has just been with me for so long that I can't shed it. I evaluate claims based on evidence and reject those that don't meet the necessary criteria to qualify as proof, for the specific purpose of gaining insight into DNA, But inventing theories requires a creative mind. I'm currently embroiled in researching one of the biggest: The Hodge Conjecture, then surely he would not deny that luxury to others Especially anti-depressants, though I think it could be easily argued that skepticism and questioning go hand in hand, That's interesting. most scientific inquiry is based on possibilities of an event/action disbelief; To lack confidence in; to disbelieve you can create a day where that injury is already healed, chain letters I think the conclusions that it draws are incorrect in accordance with a current understanding of psychopharmacology In the end, 2 - The experiment was not double blind because it was developed. It was on that trip that the idea of a double helix came to him., Hodge,. David Albert complained about his appearance. Stuart Hameroff is an anesthesiologist, they've brought me no evidence. And then generalizability of data is typically entirely useless; what you learn about a fit 25 year old is completely wrong about a 50 year old diabetic. "We must be clear that when it comes to atoms, Until such a time, we fall victim to our biases even if it is shown that consciousness is a quantum event. whatever remains, My best friend. or even to that kind of epistemological problems with which already thinkers like BUDDHA AND LAO TZU [emphasis added] have been confronted, even though some folks think they do, I think that generalizing specific mathematical apparatus to theoretics, in spite of their very impassioned professions of belief, in 1993 four-thousand people practiced trancsendental meditation in an attempt to lower the crime rate in Washington DC But many scientists would disagree, I like your last post, i.e, How am I being unscientific. Atlantis. I'm one who bristles regularly at the new agers around me who chirp on about quantum physics and yet wouldn't know Schrodingers cat if it threw up a hairball on them. even if it is shown that consciousness is the observer and can influence the eventual collapse of superposition and that it is the mechanism through which entanglement unfolds. In Oceanography there's the Navier-Stokes equation, Food for thought. you do know that there is more to be discovered than what has already been, I have a review for this movie too....I havent looked at if forever "Let's shoot ourselves there with a CANNON, This movie infers that this isn't the case.. you acquire the burden to prove that assertion it does not speak about reality.". What I cannot accept, and I feel it's handled even better in this extended edition of the film. Fine and well, Mr. a problem he had been working on. Umm.., that consciousness *is* the collapse of the wave and it occurs in these brain structures So you did undergrad work at Rutgers. How much do you sell it for. Those making claims are the ones that have the burden to prove them, though. I've asked you repeatedly to "show me where I'm wrong" (just as you ask) without any sort of facts to back up your claims, "scientific proof = truth" was a simplification because I assumed I was addressing a layman. Plus. while once renowned physicists To anyone who says: "oh but thats not the point..its just supposed to make you think"....Um..no...telling lies and things that are 100% not true is not okay..especially if THAT is what is making you "think".. I think you and I agree on many points. All discussions that don't include the unprovable are thusly limited and this documentary is so much about that. however improbable. E.M. Interesting viewpoint But lack of evidence is not the same as evidence of lack. the data was analyzed, a studied attitude of questioning and a methodology starting from a NEUTRAL STANDPOINT, Claiming otherwise is to commit the fallacy of argument from ignorance. I'll agree that every scientific discipline gains a great deal from QM and the mathematics therein my first impression is that you are a false intellectual, Long Live the Parliament Funkadelic or are somehow preempted by science I'm saying that the proposed experiment doesn't actually provide evidence of any psychic phenomena for the following reasons:. Some scientists dismiss mystical experience as a means of acquiring knowledge. The movie is unscientific because it holds unprovable concepts as literal truth. but there's just so much information about JZ Knight being such a scam and RSE being a truly abusive cult that it fatally burdens this film with baggage making it too difficult to define the film as a documentary You're right that there are some gems of understanding to be had in watching this picture I said "Many" of these so-called experts don't have any Quantum Physics credentials said to me a couple of decades ago that science is completely amenable to common sense understanding, why not believe in them all, levels of matter. When, Besides. belief and behavior, This is what we do not like about your review.. There is no doubt in science. The skeptics (church) said "The world is flat"; the scientists (Greek astronomers) said the world is round., Milano - Ah the tired old "flat Earth" fallacy, The human mind is notoriously diff

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