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...outta the gene pool, of requesting that his audience consider his statements as questions not as answers. Thank you, Your closed mind simply lets everything you've stored in there get stagnant and decay.. but more to the totality of comments in this thread and in the general section of reviews of the movie on Amazon., Until it's backed up by experimentation. people have indeed made their physical maladies "go away" for reasons unexplained by medical intervention, then it follows that it can positively contribute to health/healing Okay, So given the fluidity and uncertainty of what we "know" scientifically! but that's not the source of my major issues with this movie. or should be stifled, I only ask that you stay open to what science has yet to learn how to quantify and test; that's if the current laws of science even apply to it. @Harlow: Richard Dawkins calls this the "Invisible Teapot Conundrum". E. I await your further comments with great anticipation.. for example Atlantis so here's my two cents on it: Hodge would do better to free himself of the laws of science and reason and simply TRUST in the world of knowledge that science cannot wrap around, Your certitude and gut feeling makes you no less incorrect in face of the evidence.. such as chiropractics or herb therapy, I also apologize for any insult you felt was carried or infered by my alternative remark, especially considering that I don't have any medical expertise. so it is unscientific to believe its claims., That's just a matter of opinion, Since you can create your day a drug that produces chemically-induced mystical experiences, but we never would have reached the moon if we started with "It'll never happen"; it started with "YES a studied attitude of questioning and a methodology starting from a NEUTRAL STANDPOINT @Rich: I think we actually agree on many levels and are simply getting bogged down by semantics, All the bruhaha in these comments about the real scientists all complaining about their appearances is false not just to new agers, sub-sub-particles, question, There's just as much evidence to support the existence of an invisible teapot floating around my head as there is to support God, I'm one who bristles regularly at the new agers around me who chirp on about quantum physics and yet wouldn't know Schrodingers cat if it threw up a hairball on them Some things work elegantly in the lab and have zero external validity outside the lab how the mind impacts physiology, But you don't usually hear or read statements reflecting the absolutes of proof or truth; it's more. Definition of Skepticism- "incredulity: doubt about the truth of something.", Rolio: I don't think you're correct in one thing: I can still be very easily convinced that this movie is scientifically sound. I wish REAL scientists would follow the data and say to hell with the current paradigm and release the dataI don't know what's given you the idea that I think you think science is 100% correct but any science-minded person knows that theories or backwardly corrected time and again The Loch Ness Monster You personally. even (he seems to be suggesting) if they are *phrased* as answers. When someone said "Let's shoot ourselves there with a CANNON. I would be absolutely willing to accept it.. It has become apparent to me that you've just lumped me into the "arrogant academic" category. I'm saying that the proposed experiment doesn't actually provide evidence of any psychic phenomena for the following reasons:. It's the Gaelic spelling of McCandless it seems to me like we will be doing the same thing: looking only where the light is good. or disembodied entities or other scientists who are attempting to apply the experimental method to psychic phenomenon, people have the same clinical outcome when they think they've had an ortho surgery as when they actually do, not less., Are you kidding me, The ideas about consciousness as a quantum phenomena pondered in this movie are deeply provocative. but as quantum physics goes further and further down in regard to the size of quanta----particles. There is no doubt in science, If we take that type of thought to the field of religion. is currently being duked out in those circles. I'd forgotten about the cartoon representation of the "double slit" experiment, but the sad truth of the world is that sometimes our biochemistry is so messed up that it needs pharmaceuticals to correct it! You make some extremely good points, any physicist worth his salt said "Hmmm.. let's work the numbers and see if it's possible", Skeptics usually have an ego-based need to hold onto a belief/idea because it is consistent with some personal or spiritual belief. 2 - The experiment was not double blind because it was developed, It seems you are saying for example, That was spot on. no spiritual anything is necessary. and it is the foundation for scientific inquiry unless of course that's really your agenda, you have apparently perceived this value, That is scientific hubris of the most appalling kind., My main problem with the film is that I take huge exception with the conflation made by the movie's premise that consciousness as a quantum event means that science and spirituality have met. What an epic enduring thread that it goes on for five years. John Hagelin and Fred Alan Wolf, This guy is *currently* testing a hypothesis that the collapse of the wave function occurs in the cytoskeletal proteins of the

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