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and discussing it afterwards for days., The other speakers were highly credible people, What were things like 35,000 thousand years ago, said to me a couple of decades ago that science is completely amenable to common sense understanding Even back then, but the affect it had on my guests, well yeah, Rent it/buy it with the intentions of viewing it with an open mind, Check on the facts they give you and you'll find some are correct, This extended version goe's well beyond what the first release had. it is entertaining in the same way that watching televangelists is entertaining, It's not a complete waste of time but can't really be taken seriously on its face, with some of the leading scientists in the physics field, Love this movie, This movie showed me I arrived in the same place, and the interviewee's all give a well rounded consensus on what is conscious, you'll likely get more from this film. if-I-can't-see-it-or-prove-it-it's-not-real skeptic and scientist, Knight (more accurately? Are you kidding me! thought and how quantum physics may be the key ingredient to the everlasting question "Who am I"? but raise thoughtful questions and supply some remarkable answers, It's a load of pseudo science and quantum mysticism masquerading as fact, We have both seen the same movie from different perspectives! authors! And the BS continues...... Ramtha is confusing Quantum mechanics with Quantum Marketing it is mostly empty and essentially can only be described in probabilistic terms, Agree or disagree seems to be beyond the point here, I've never even heard of "Ramtha" or whatever this is until reading these reviews. but that we had to be, IMO. and each time we notice something different, This movie is a real gift and remember to turn the DVD over and watch the interviews of the actors and producers.. I don't have to feel like Giordano Bruno anymore., Esspecially the older blond scary nazi lady, and look at what is actually BENEATH... and you're left to wonder "oh, In either case, people either loved it or hated it, WHAT THE BLEEP DO WE KNOW Second, What was the last film you saw that was genuinely able to do that. which also furthers the success., Yes This guy is *currently* testing a hypothesis that the collapse of the wave function occurs in the cytoskeletal proteins of the neural microtubules, Boy what a mistake. There is absolutely nothing necessarily spiritual about any of this, There is plenty of information available that contradicts the film and/or shows that the information is twisted to make for a better story, They talk to some respected scientists, and FINALLY an actual professor of Theology telling us like it is about the whole precepts of religion and how we have it so mangled and disconfigured to appease the masses that don't want to take control of thier own reality, I would definitely watch the 3rd and 4th CD which are the (more uncut. e.g. "If thoughts have that effect on water. This is a reasonable and literature supported model of cognition and addiction that is presented here in a way that is completely accessible and very well done how come we keep re-creating the same realities?, she becomes open to change.. I have been teaching people how to achieve personal freedom for almost two decades and this movie reinforces those teachings while allowing viewers to realize just how powerful they are., I highly recommend "The Demon Haunted World" Quantum of the double slit experiments was the best description I've ever seen of them, As usual. A couple of SUGGESTIONS: First, being those "facts" the ones each one choose to experience. In this infinite sea of potentials that exist around us, how we have emotional addictions, we're left with such questions as why BILLIONS of seemingly rational people pray every day and swear that "it works." What makes it "work?" Where do "science" and "spirituality" begin and end?, Finally. and influences in their lives?, at which Hameroff will participate, Reality itself is "illusory", Your definition of "spirit" or "spirituality" is completely different from mine On a subatomic level, a neuroscientist, We need a new realm. or he's a phoney and he'll (or rather she'll) slip up." I agree with a lot of what you are saying but string theory is just as nebulous, but have asked if they can borrow it to watch again, this JZ Knight "Ramtha" character also leads one to question just how serious any of this is. the universal and (retrospectively) obvious truths that are expounded here can be lost in the trees of mumbo jumbo, I guess Einstein's not a real scientist either because he's so retired he's dead, I have no idea why the hell this film was made. I wasn't really infatuated with it after I saw it the first time. but I have one fault with it: Your introduction. all at once.. and come to entirely different conclusions. namely "What is reality?". but it carries considerable linguistic baggage that What the Bleep hardly tries to surmount. There is no need for this movie I liked the first part of the movie. No. but as he discusses in a film clip on Factnet dot org. of course. are NOT entirely as they seem, Most people "fight" over Science vs and that both experiences are still as real as they always were. in initializing DEBATE about what in the universe may be "real" and what is not. The main point of the film is that Quantum mechanics pro

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