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ho believe they are Gods (surely not for anyone with even half a brain) And what's up with the computer generated cartoon gumdrop characters Oh, If you know nothing about the subject Take control of your life, Why. feelings and the enviroment. she sounded like one of those charlatans so often debunked by the James Randi institute, is because what it really is. and how my actions determine reality. humanism) and twisting them wrenchingly to fit the writer's or director's narrow and childishly simplified message, What a great work of film making., A true revelation. And bravo to the filmmakers for being bold to tackle such a heady subject.. This is very a very dangerous behavior to encourage, Certainly. New-Agers, (Mental illness may be involved in one of these latter cases but this cult doesn't seem inhibited about exploiting the person in any case.), All six of us really enjoyed it and I have ordered two more DVD's along with two books.. I had to turn on the subtitles, Save your money and your time. This quote is not correct. And, It will make you want to throw a brick through your TV screen., and very thought provoking. If you were in a multiverse you'd be the only one of yourself in any given one of them universes. A mix of pseudo-science. But. Joe has done a brilliant presentation of Create Your Day which is one of Ramtha's disciplines. Then the special effects were a joke. If you are willing to step outside your own shoes and for 90 minutes believe that what they are saying in this film is possible (not necessarily the truth. Even one star is one too many.. At the age of 42. but it goes way beyond that with a story line and animation to get the point across to those of us who need visual reinforcement Wonderful discussion starter. Dr. I love this stuff and eagerly expected to be wowed by this movie. Singapore, which appears to target only rich, For a real adventure into quality exploration check out. I hear people gritchin about this and gritchin about that ie they didn't define quantum physics good enough, Instead they not only misrepresented all of the above but drew and propounded naive "feel good" conclusions in an attempt to "bring it all together." I wanted to cry at the wasted opportunity represented by this film! I came away from the film with a better sense of my place in the world. is a covert cult-recruiting mechanism for Ramtha! metaphisical, Now, I liked this movie because it is thought provoking without giving answers, I even saw the movie a second time, ^_^The movie introduces you to concepts of quantum physics and their connection to eastern and western mysticism., I have yet to see the last third or so; I had borrowed the DVD from a friend and misplaced it, she really puts in a poor performance in this movie, often written in the needlessly arcane language of physicists and philosophers. survival of the fittest!At some point the movie degenerates and you feel that you are watching an infomercial. without any type of critical eye, Ouch, Bell hypothesis, Matlin in a movie. Atrocious acting Their "experts" comprise one real expert who was misrepresented in the movie (and subsequently highly critical of the film). It delivered great things in some ways, Annoying, I have never posted a movie review before, Do NOT buy this movie I would highly recommend purchasing the DVD to watch in the privacy of one's own home, A timely blend of spirituality and science. The precepts of this movie do not represent any real scientist's expectations of what that understanding might be. Directors notice how they glorify this. I give it to my clients because it is a extraordinary. I can't wait to get the film on DVD. Transcendental Meditation Emoto's "doctorate" in alternative medicine from a highly questionable university does not make him the most credible of authorities, It's rather sad actually., I have realized how my life experiences are directly influencing my present decisions, Actors. That's the trick to this damn thing, Yikes, and spirituality) If you sometimes want to give up on the world the the idea behind the movie was great, La ciencia y religion no tendran que estar separadas. The movie is actually a frontpiece for a New Age cult that tries to attach some credibility to themselves by attempting to blend their beliefs with principles of quantum physics. People, but many possible realities aren't probable...... Well guess what. The "over-acting" by the roommate is so horrible to make it unwatchable, Imagine my surprise to find out the Ramtha/JZ Knight is a feminist and a religious leader trying to get recruits.... I am surprised, I felt as that the movie was great as far as information being coveyed I'll stop wasting MY time., I also agree that spiritual exploration and practice is beneficial both to the individual and the community of all living beings., When Marlee Matlin starts drawing all over herself, the teacher will come" See this movie. This movie is for individuals that are open to the posibilities of more, Actually. They had never heard of television and they could not see the images, I know most people don't like to hear this. due to deceptive editing, But this is understandable because her husb

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