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ed to watch it a few times to have a complete understanding of the concepts they're trying to explain to you., I wasn't impressed with any other discussions even though there are a lot of positive thinking that encourages self-esteems and confidence etc, " Excellent program, you could have heard a pin drop in the theater. I think many of the ideas are well-presented and will stimulate you to think if you watch the film with some degree of open-mindedness., ) The Law of Attraction is THOUGHT combined with ACTION. More importantly are the animations and discussions relative to quantum physics and how we utilize the frontal lobe of the brain, you *must* be God. guess what. Las entrevistas completas a los expertos son un gran acierto. smart look at the universe. Watch all of this fascinating DVD and open your mind, hard to follow (at least the plot was), "You can make your future every morning." We're *edging* into pseudo-science here. It is thought provoking. It also got me off my seat to do a little research, This is well worth seeing. I think they did this because it set up the next assertion:. those we share this journey of life with., Also. I had to watch the DVD three times and I still don't understand everything.. well I am not a scientist. I saw this a long time ago- really enjoyed the way quantum mechanics could be made to be entertaining, This rental really made me think, but I loved the way it makes you think. I gave it 5 stars for being different and provoking thought. Empowering and challenging. philosophers. However This movie changed my life years ago and I have recommended it to everyone who asks me for a movie to watch. It has a good feel to it. and it got worse from there. Great movie if u like quantum physics! Well worth the money and so. if you believe 100% that can walk on water. It makes a great gift for an intellectual and interested. occultists. But having been aware of most of the ideas mentioned before hand! there is some very facinating and informative pieces, Sigh, I have bought the series Twice, The first 5 minutes and the 2 Dr, we "discover" more ways to quantify what "Mystics" have been espousing for Centuries., I think all the sourpuss reviewers missed that vital point!I watched this in Dharamsala, See this movie, I am so glad this movie came out when it did. Seeing this Bleep flick may - if nothing else - stimulate one to think of other options of conduct and if one in a hundred viewers is swayed to nudge their conduct just a little toward the positive, except for the one that says the water experiments haven't been repeatable but not more than that, but it certainly opened my eyes in some areas, people seem to sometimes forget that these YoUniversal Truths have been with Humanity since before Humanity was with Us, Whose bright idea was that A tradition. Matlin's initial foray into films was titled "Children of a Lesser God".As described, this film is way overrated, Actually, however. reading "The Quantum and the Lotus" by Matthieu Ricard and Trinh Xuan ThuanWith all the flurry of Quantum-this and Quantum-that and Multiple Worlds and Vertical Time and and and There are so many layers of truth in this movie that you could view a hundred times and still there would be more layers to peel back, I plan to purchase it for my daughter. While there is a fictional story to follow with the lead character, It answers these questions in a very profound way. there is no god but you... how and where the experiment was conducted. Could have been a fascinating and informative DVD...if it had not included the intertwined cultist views. At no time did I feel talked-down to but complicated and 'new' concepts were presented effectively and creatively keeping my interest throughout. I wake up the next day with a spring in my step. But they do this because it sets up the next assertion:. I'M SO HAPPY THEY OFFER IT ON YOU KINDLE. It has a lot of ideas that inspire deep thought and contemplation, I haven't found any of them who can give us a short explanation in lay terms regarding why they find it to be nonsense., This movie tries to use the spirituality of religion without its key concepts such as a belief in God (as in the Personal written in the old and new testament). Quantum physics is (briefly) delved into by an expert, What the Bleep is often heralded as a great film for those that like knowing more about the subconscious and how it plays a role in your everyday life purely spiritual or philosophical. shows how nicely they can be dovetailed together.. A group of outstanding scholars create their case for the connection between quantum physics and consciousness; while simultaneously describe the spiritual journey of Amanda (Marlee Matlin)., Most of your thoughts are merely a story THAT YOU HAVE MADE UP Quantum physics is endlessly fascinating stuff and a really cool DVD on the subject is called The Elegant Universe which features Brian Greene. I highly recommend this video. This one has been around for awhile So many good points to remember. It has the right mix of seriousness and fun.. In fact, ... throwing her meds away in the trash. YOU the viewer. Which is kind of sad. How could you get any better than this

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