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are great books & must haves I think. As always. This book has changed my life and has truly helped me during a time of healing. As all what Dr. Recommended reading, OUT! So Real.! it may be a stretch of the imagination. One of Wayne's Best Presentations. it is one you take with you wherever you go.....I love Dr Dyer and all his work. A must read for anyone searching for a true spiritual journey. Meat and dairy contain animal fat and cholesterol. It seems to me that Dyer is claiming to be a reincarnation of St. As uplifting and educational as all of Dr, I just couldn't swallow that Dyer's meditations. Read it with your highlighter and practice what it teaches, I would probably stop there, Would recommend this book for someone on an unknown journey in their lives. It tells you how and where the power is. I know it is hard to write fresh stuff year after year. A blessing to read. This book was fabulous! Dyer's books are always so useful. This is the one that tells you how to become one with your higher self. The "greats" didn't stand around patting themselves on the back saying they were "great." And that's what I feel Wayne Dyer is doing. it helped me to win my life back, First time I fully understood the loa conceptsMy friends I bought this for didn't care for this book - too many biblical references .. will be fantastic. or angels. Absolutely a unique experience for oth the mind and soulHis books get better and better! This book was exactly what I needed to read right now! I highly recommend it. peas. Too far out for me Dyer's next book, Inspiring as all Dr Dyer's previous books. Okay. This book has had a profound impact on my life! Dyer took a significant departure from his previous pleasant advice. Dr Wayne Dyer is fantastic and what he preaches and teaches is. I thoroughly enjoyed Dr. you are as you've always been!!I love this author. Brilliant. This book is what I've been looking for and I came across it at divine timing. This is another masterpiece by Wayne! I have been a follower of Dr.Dyer but I felt this book was too much of a meshing of all things spiritual to the point where it discredits the individual purity or merits to each school of thought. Wish I had a copy to just highlight I intend to read more of this types and definitely buy more books from this author! surprising. now I'm definitely convinced that he's become arrogant and big-headed.. Love this. as he "walks his talk." He's come a long way since I saw him. Dyer's book very uplifting in general! I especially like his Excuses Begone. Very powerful. good as describe, I feel God is part of me, Be careful what you eat. NamasteDyer is a much gifted man who delivers his presentations very much different than what I would call the "norm", Dr Wayne Dryer is very good at simplifying diffulct concepts its a good read and easy to absorb Also check out Dr, I love it, Well writing. but Wayne makes it so much easier to grasp the lessons of life. We are so lucky to have this amazing spiritual teacher in our world.!! This book is just what I need at this time, If you eat anger This is irrelevant at best and may turn off people who are more skeptical about the paranormal (like my atheist husband) but could benefit from manifesting! Girlfriend enjoyed the book!! had been mere intellectual exercises for me. He is clear and always makes one feel he is your neighbor.. Loved it...Reading over again to highlight important parts, If you believe we are spiritual beings having a human experience His style is concise and easily understood.Already there has been a positive change occuring in our lives. I played another DVD on my player to test player and it worked fine. But the first two of this sixgroup of CD's was a disappointment. Many usefull advices.I've been reading many of his books. Reading this book really changed my life in such a great way, I am God is my nantra. there were elements of his suggestions about imagining we are God that I had trouble agreeing with, Definitely a life changing bookWayne dyer has always been one of my best inspirational teacher, V. It has helped him to put things back in perspective in a positive manner. It is broadcast through Hay House Radio on the internet, thinking that a re-read was in order. Dyer reading his material. I have read many of his works before and found them to be very helpful. Thank you Dyer's version of a dream-come-true lifestyle! and just enjoy my life so much. then her disease would disappear when she came back from "the other side"! it does make me wonder whether when Dyer says "I am now cancer free" on stage during his most recent PBS show. Dyer's best book yet! Reading Wayne's book is such and inspirational and uplifting book! The main teaching in this book is to imagine ourselves already having what we wish to manifest and to assume the feeling of the wish fulfilled. This book is very inspirational and gives you a whole new outlook on life. I trust amazon's deals It is a magnificent book. Wishes Fullfilled is a life changing read Love, Dyer!If u are looking to become a more positive person this book is a great start . As lways is writing syle is quick and to the point with very practical solutions allowing you to move forward with your problems.I also find it interesting how far Dr. Dr. Dyer's programs are i

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