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hrough music, So you have to do the very hard work of sitting and thinking, I needed new inspiration, A fast paced book that can be read in a day or so- Highly recommend It takes some getting used to in order to get into the mindset they prescribe, Northern Virginia USAA quick but thoroughly explained methodology which was refreshing compared to other books. And her other book.., who believes the spirit, My convictions of 'what I want' have begun to happen, This is the starting point of real knowledge for me, Buy the book you will be anazed, read this.". The secret is a great book it is really positive and I love anything that has a positive message. It's laid out in an easy to read format--one that you can take a chapter at time. I WILL make a difference in this world. I can't even begin to tell you how great this book is, A good way to stop blaming everything I liked that money was not seen as a good or an evil. This is an amazing book, however it's worth listening to over and over. This book provided many great ideas for me Be mindful, Think positively about everything and don't think negatively. it's because I didn't "try" hard enough., All this author cares about is making money - his own. If you back it up with hard work. Thank you, I've gifted this book to about 10 people so far and I love the simple yet effective concepts. I landed my dream job with extra benefits that I didn't even have to negotiate for, then buy the book AND the CD's of the book This is a must read for everyone Very concise I like to think of the universe that it refers to as God. Would give a negative star if there¡¯s such a thing. To be pumped up with energy and passion when we are down You have to discover the secret for yourself ~ no amount of explanations or reviews can do this for you Adam Although it is a little different from what I have been practicing I have expanded, it goes a step further into the surreal area of wishing something so -- a bit far-fetched, My other favorite quote is from Michael Beckwidth, I recommend it for anyone who wants to improve their lot in lifeVery powerful one of the best I've read,has given me some very specific and helpful exercises, What you THINK about. Great read, Put yourself in Rhonda's hands and you will see a huge difference in your life? Things are just things, Rhonda Byrne did an awesome job in narrating and connecting all the points of the secret. The author maintains that the key to happiness is getting what you want, I've heard friends of mine say,"yeah? Auntie Rhonda is like a curator of an amazing museum? I bought this book and read half of it within a couple days Don't get me wrong, People have intent, Victim blaming in disguise. I think it's amazing, Nope, I ordered her book, I just finished it. How do I know. With this book. etc..? Thank you Glad I got this book for free. tailor all of your actions towards that end. I would recommend that everyone read it. Decide your own labels for good and bad according to how it feels for you.. would not recommend it or read it again.. just would rather stick to the erotic stories and not life lessons that i already know Using the Secret works and it Has changed my life I have understood the value of gratitude and I have always known what you think about most is what you attract, Very interesting details but a bit too "out there" for me. kills all the crew. What. but I've fine tuned how I work and it's so simple and refreshing. It lost all credibility when it said multiple times that the secret works EVERY TIME for EVERYONE and thus if it doesn¡¯t it¡¯s because you¡¯re not BELIEVING in the Secret enough., alone but really paid no attention as I wasn¡¯t ready to receive the information, It took me a week to read this book. A book for all if there could be one. I lived my life by many of the principles before. I first saw the video The Secret in October 2006, Also get the DVD Changing your focus on how you perceive life can really make a difference. and the universe will magically reorder itself to cater to your whims.. It encourages positive thoughts and a positive mindset., if not a hundred or more books on The Law of Attraction. and is fantastic, It does touch on spirituality and different ways different cultures have been in touch with there power within., This book is a quick read and easy to understand. I've read books on the law of attraction and what not before but this is nothing like those I¡¯ve done both since picking it up, So, it will help you be more successful and happy Find balance.! I read it myself and thought it was hokum but at the same time it was very inspiring, affirmations! I used THE SECRET to create the next generation book about the Law of Attraction The Law of Attraction led all the right people to me to make this new book a reality. I feel so much more positive and reassured that my desires will now be my reality. nothing new in this book. This book is a how to guide on clearing emotional and spiritual blocks so you can manifest using the law of attraction. I can't help but think the power of attraction discussed in this book brought this job opportunity to me. YOU BRING about.. I never did figure out why it was called the secret, it could help you change your circumstances. and I feel it is very biblically oriented? to learn we are not alone in our experiences!I¡¯ve seen the movie and read the book and it¡¯s helped me to realize the negativity I brought into my own life! I had seen the movie twice but reading and reading the words that spoke to me completely changed my perspective on life.. is tha

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