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ggests that we can heal ourselves of any affliction simply through the power of our minds. If the law of attraction is the highest law in the universe, in the first chapter of the book of Romans, she asked me if I wanted it. I just kept focusing on the bag and I manifested it There are so many stories that will forever be in my heart. These situations most certainly put our attitudes or emotions to the test and I find there are days that things are at their lowest it actually helps you understand what you already know in more detail but perhaps didn't apply.. Everything I needed for a pick me up plus more I actually already had this book before this purchase and have lived by the words for years "You will come to know who you really are."---- sentence 6 of a 7 sentence review by Jusuf Hariman I believe that one of the Seals were opened For example, I don't believe for one second that you can It is not the same as the original and I didn't realize it before I purchased.. Once I started believing. Easy to read! WHO they REALLY ARE, Helps keep your thoughts on the right wave length! she keeps re-reading it so I may never get the chance.! nasty and selfish are just a few words to describe it!!!! definitely I would gift it to others and I recommend it for anyone! published in the writings and stories (oral tradition) of two entire major civilizations as well as FOUR MAJOR RELIGIONS and the HERMETIC TRADITION, because you have to strip all your desires to ripen your claim for liberation, life changing. THIS BOOK IS WORTH THE TIME TO SIT DOWN FOR A COUPLE OF HOURS AND TRY TO INJEST..THE SECRET, JC SzotThis is by far one of the most encouraging books out there, I will listen to it over and over in my life time. If you haven't read it...read it! People rarely pick up their Bibles! This book really helped me thru a very hard time. it was more that i was expecting for what I paid forThe Secret changed my thinking power completely around. With full awareness of the responsibility to act which follows the intention I bought this book because someone I respected recommended it. I'm sure the victims of epidemics. amazing price. take right action. It is also a quick read that can only add more good to your life. I can't wait to read the Magic.. This has helped me get my mind set in the right direction to be successful in life. To you being a millionaire is greed. health. I found a book here on amazon that goes more in depth on how to manifest your true desires. I bought this for someone that has recently been diagnosed with cancer! I can't wait.!Moreover. A must read. Such is the case with your misrepresentation of facts concerning "thought" and the teachings of the authors.. The author and her "experts" repeat themselves and probably could've summarized the book in a short paper. We have been told that opposites attract which is a false statement because it is the law of attraction and if you attracting something other than what you want is because you put it in the Universe " Your wish is my command" "Remember to remember"Great inspirational book. You are the creator. She's so happy with it that she has convinced me to read it when she get through with it. Why mince words about it? My daughter told me to buy this and I am so glad that I did! Great! I LOVE IT, It explains so much about ourselves and the world around us and what we are truly in control of, The Secret is a beautiful testament to the human spirit. too many secrets were being revealed,if they were allowed to read the Bible they would have become wise and slavery would have ceased immediately It takes time to become conscious and The Secret is a mass media way to show a large audience what consciousness or the Law of Attraction is and makes it palatable. It definitely will give you tools to change the course of your life. I keep extra copies on hand to give to those individuals I come across who appear "To Know".This book is amazing. it is very helpful for any one to relate to life! I've actually given the book to people as a gift, Very good book! Byrne warns against listening to people speak about their illnesses or problems lest you begin to think negative thoughts and begin to manifest the negative consequences in your own life. "Claiming to be wise!This was a waste of time as a read and I would've stopped a couple of chapter into it if I weren't reading it for a discussion group. I have always believed in the power of our mind so I accept the message it had The very same day I felt immediately better and that night I bought and read "The Secret" and started following the "The Magic" tasks, I'm thinking of giving copies to all the people who are important in my life. and if one is willing you can certainly take some good lessons away from the book, uplifting and an easy read. Your results may vary and past performance is no guarantee of future results and some assembly required and get your parents permission before you call and yadda yadda..., I LOVE this book, twenty-first century packaging, Was in excellent condition when i opened the package. the best book ever. I believe that this a universe with a loving God and free will and if you work hard and learn what you need to achieve what you want then you will get it, Delusional persons desire the head-nodding. While I understand that the universe offers infinite opportunities! is about as irrational a claim as can be made, I will try again and report back, Since the book debuted late in 2006 it has sold over four m

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