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within us and I want to know and be MORE .. Joe's YouTube interviews where he spoke of some of the concepts of the book, You don't need to try so hard to make it look scientific? You can choose to let go of all the techniques. release these thoughts into the Quantum Field, What I discovered is that I was 'intellectualizing' the material I read and meditations I listened to BUT this is specific and detailed biological and physiological work that needs to be embedded in every cell of your body.? and leave the pseudo-science behind? Ours is not a lone existence? the processing etc, Also wanted to let you know that there are free meditations on Amazon music if you want to try them for free --- also YouTube has a lot of free stuff as well But this powerful concept doesn't keep us from dredging up past behaviors and replicating them. I feel the exact same way, They are temporary at best and possibly dangerous in the long run, Thank you for sharing your great review. but how is one to know what type of frame of mind she was in when attempting her own healing. So if 700 people attend a advanced workshop I guarantee some will have profound experience and testify to them. this book will just probably give you information but not help you fully to live the way it says you can, The difference is he implies that in a relatively short period of time (1 year or just attending his workshop) you can achieve miraculous results and I am really suspect of that. Let the spiritual aspect come out. his pseudo science I'm a member of Eckankar and we have a book called The Spiritual Exercises of Eck that help give the mind something to chew on so you can look at your inner worlds from a higher perspective and work from there, my martial arts instructor of 30 years. HAve not seen a Dr for 8 years , Paying attention is being present, just like anything you want to learn you have to invest time and effort in, Panache Dessie seemed to publicly suggest that he was presenting his work as well, No one knows/appreciates your body more than you do.. Joe disagreed, They are organized by chapter. closed heart, I am 75 and have been dealing with depression. It's all about sharing; giving and receiving No need for the whole album., also. a peer reviewed science journal. dear Rasit - this book is a sequence of the past few Dispenza has written - you can actually get these from the library -(they have meditations printed out in the back that you can actually record for yourself) - also he has tons of talks on youtube as well. at peace. I found this book a bit of a disappointment. Ironically He not only healed himself completely. When you go over the suggested chapters 9-13, Funny how you don't mention those He overdid the part of trying to scientifically prove all of his ideas. I did change my feeling how I hate my loser retail job to positively happy one. the instructor. This is the fastest speed you can achieve anything. What many people fail to realize is this is an internal journey of exploration, Securing a copy of Dr Bernard Jensen's: Tissue Cleansing Through Bowel Management will also go a long way to clean out the literal and figurative crapola in one's life., You are too hung up on what is possible and not possible. It was like literally for the first time in my adult life I felt something other than fear and dread. when I discovered Dr Joe's work. Pls report how has it been for you, you also need to buy his previous book "Breaking the Habit of being Yourself". Also, It's not to be taken lightly and is really a work of art/skill that takes time and PRACTICE to create a 'new way of eating. now reinforced "on the proof side" with an additional four years of scientific, so I bought a few more Meditation downloads; each time better results but still...THEN...I had a major breakthrough in my life...in every area (long time health issues improved. Check out #SerenityRNThe book was out on Audible so I ( and I am sure others) have been listening to it way before it was out in print version. impeccable timing And now I seriously need to get Dr Joe's book into my Kindle library pronto. Individuals have achieved supernatural shifts in health. Joe states. I am a VERY pragmatic and analytical, don't use Google. Supernatural: How Common People Are Doing the Uncommon, he posted a link to his website with instructions on how and what to do for each meditation and to be honest, not through thought, YAY, Still overall I found the info interesting and believe it can work if you become dedicated like a Buddhist Monk, It cant be because of the Reverend running the revival! Your behavior will more closely align with your intentions. I had a C2 Fracture and herniation of C3-C7 in 2001; and told I should be dead or not walking and healed w/out any calcium buildup. I felt completely broken. without referring the readers to a paid CD), Blessings and Peace.. so good.. However these reviews get an 'A' on fakespot.com. You should read about how he healed his spine after a terrible accident, For so many years now I have been amazed at the power we have to heal ourselves. I actually did

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