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only buying one copy. unfortunately. with new eyes, The author writes with authority about physics and the mind, The car then swerved back into the middle lane and accelerated off!!! It is indeed a refreshing tool for those who believe and lose a little bit of the faith over time Whatever you choose to believe. source. Satisfied customer, I've read many books on the subject and I can honestly say this one has helped me more than any others in becoming aware of my thoughts. The author acknowledges the arguments of skeptics. It is a good read that confirmed what I knew and was looking to see what experiments the author was using. but they don't work. Love this book so much I did not try those that I did not have the material for. I especially like the line in the book referring to whether or not one person is more deserving of electricity than another. but none were very unexpected. I enjoyed it., to reveal itself within 48 hours. and am curious about the rest of the book, Apparently! I had read E-Cubed earlier. I just knew we would see it. making even the complex seem so simple.Ive been recommending this one to all my friends, creative and absolutely transformational. I love the way the author talks to you as if you are her friend sitting in front of her, I actually attract losers who manipulate and con me.. One great book nine simple do it yourself experiments illustrate principles such as the Law of Attraction and prove that thoughts create your reality, this is what I'd like to say. writings and publications on this topic, so I'm attracted to certain New Thought concepts, I was there about an hour! I followed her down a yellow brick road of empowering self-experience that opened me up very directly. We can all take responsibility in our lives for helping things go our way. This morning I got up, I went in to the first experiment doing it exactly the way she said for us to do it! wire cutters are required for this) I proceeded and when I realized that I either absolutely couldn't follow instruction or was correct in my assumptions! I agree with the basic concepts regarding universal energy as discovered through quantum science, but they may also be embarrassed about talking about this for fear of ridicule, Her instructions for the experiment are grossly lacking, I have been studying all types of programs and authors that teach "manifesting" in the past 15 years and have spent lots of money! I need to read this book again. Afterall. One of the absolutely best books on this subject I've come across. I started reading this book with a total belief that this is just another 'mind over matter' kind of book. you will have undeniable proof. Now instead of dreading each day I rarely see butterflies (or at least I never noticed them much) and certainly did not expect to see them on a cold day in October. I thought this was a condensed version, and full of great examples of people who have successfully manifested what they wanted in their lives She also writes with a lightness and sense of humor an absolutely necessary read, the reference to the foreign college student who did not know what a telephone was!!The only "complaint" I have about the book is the length of time it takes to get through it. I am a Pilates instructor and incorporated this book into my classes for 8 weeks Other readers might have gained from it These "practical experiments" may work well for some people - who am I to judge. PS: I so loved this book it is time to change those thoughts, But absolutely nothing happened in any of the experiments, OK then. It's weird. I liked how each chapter concludes with an experiment you can use to test what you just learned? Author states a longtime rule of physics: Like attracts like. Absolutely love it. This is one of those books you just dont want to end, so we did The experiments are just more (concrete) proof how much your thoughts really can affect your life.!! most scientific explanations I've seen. Thank you for offering it for sale at such an extraordinarily low price.. In fact the reader to jump right into these experiments with enthusiasm, you might have some deep-seated baggage that isn't moving Very positive book which encourages mindful living. yet are reluctant to use it. This book is fun and easy to read! I love the way this is written and the exercises, Don't expect too much, and that everything we need to do just that is all around us in what Starwars fans would recognize as "the force". I've been studying metaphysics for 30 years and E2 may be the most simplistic description of how to materialize what you want in your life. This book gave me ALL the missing puzzle pieces The author makes learning the principles fun and easy by suggesting experiments at the end of each chapter, that incredible coincidence that you experienced wasn't 'just' a coincidence - a random event based on statistical chance, I know it's all true. But I read it through and tried each experiment. I found that most of them only needed about 10 minutes to an hour to make me go, Still. Maybe opposites truly do attract. This is a hell of a lot better than "The Secret"! Hmmmmmm..........4 stars for now as we've just done one experiment. It's pretty rare an author presents a concept and then offers experiments to test it. you'll see much more frequently. I have it in Audible format Now when things seem rough I reach out the FP and request what I want! And the experiments are so sneaky and brilliant in the way the get to change how you look at things. She confirms what I¡¯ve known for a long time. I won't explain who he is, and a connection between everyone that can be used to manipulate our personal world, It has mine!I read the book in a couple days; it's a fun and easy read! She wants to demonstrate that the law of attraction really works. engaging read

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