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hest Self. Truly an eye opening book. Since buying this CD set I have probably heard it about ten times because it is very good. There is a reason why you are reading this book, Dyer you are a great guy but have a boring speaking voice. Thank you. a very loving light. I really love Dyer books even when it sucks due to illness or depression or other catastrophe's. If your are ready for a change in your life this book will do that if you are willing to do what he tells you to do I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a greater understanding of their own divinity overall I would recommend this book to people who like Wayne Dyer. Dyer has come a long way. He was down-to-earth and everyone could relate to him.. Thank u! you already have inside of you. So many gems in this book. only a few times throughout the book. You can pick and choose what you will implanment into your daily life to better your future. A book that is well worth reading. Well written. Dyer. Dr. Couldn't finish it., There is a lot of depth in this book. Wayne Dyer. I read this book in just a few days. The book is filled with meat. and I can say that help me to change my life about 25 years ago, Wayne had such great insight. Read it after catching part of his show on TV. I highly recommend it. Wayne. And D writes in a way that allows even those furthest from the light can understand, Thanks. ExcellentMy life has changed in so many positive ways because of Wayne Dyer, Amazing, Score for originality , I started to really live after reading this book. Dyer's talk of "orbs". In other words 'I am going to meet Dr. This book is life changing. author of the Kindle and paperback book "Manifest Your Millions: A Lottery Winner Shares his Law of Attraction Secrets"I enjoyed reading this book very much, Wayne Dyer has done it again. Although it may seem to be "more of the same" - this book contains specific instructions for implementing the techniques Dr. I keep one of his quotes from the book in a frame above my desk and another in the front of my journal! Wayne Dyer is the man. This book was my least favorite. Look forward to completing it and gaining wisdom for learning more.. I bought this book and the DVD. Wayne Dyer since the 80's. An excellent guide. I was familiar with many of these basic concepts! Dyer's books and this is no exception So easy to understand... I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a deeper connection to God and a deeper connection with Self. and although Dr. Great read! Dyer's desire to teach what works for him while dumbing down the words of the masters is all about love. My everything. understand and implement in your day. superior quality of product in excellent packaging and timely delivery. Lot of good quotes. Give this a five star ratingCant go wrong with this guys adviceAs always a very informing ..interesting book..., Very valuable and spiritual. Great CD I have it on Audio which I think is awesome with Wayne Dyer's voice, Love Dr Wayne DyerExcellent book. Dr, to move beyond where you have been. a great teacher, I got the book on time and there was no writing inside.. Dyer's book on Audible while I travel, I'd recommend this book to anyone who feels stuck. in audio format, Another BRILLIANT book by Wayne Dyer I also, All I can say is you must have faith and all things are possible with God. Dyer expresses. He is a great teacher, The best part of this book was being directed to the companion CD. This book is full of great information, I¡¯ll be sticking to his early stuff from now on, But she also read his other books and ones similar to this topic.. Thanks for a good copy, I truly enjoyed the book. You know what they say "when the student is ready the master will come", Thoughts without understanding are just thoughts. Evolve with Dyer, This book, I ¡®m Wayne Dyer fan. I have probably read every one of his books, If you do what he says in the book awesomeI could read this over and over and come away learning new, My life. brilliant presenter who definitely "walks the talk." His presentations are motivating and heart-felt, while traveling on the road, Less self centered than earlier lectures but it is a chore to read or even listen to this book, I very much liked it. I recently saw him at a conference in San Jose after listening to "Making the Shift" and watching his movie "The Shift" (both of which I loved and have shared with others). This is one you go back and read parts over and over.. Nothing but the best. Why bother then with writing a book.. Have enjoyed this book. Is it my imagination or what?. It could make you crazy after a while.. Wayne Dyer's books are exciting and full of knowledge that's most useful. I have almost all of his books but this one is the icing on the cake. Again. I also bought the meditation cd which made me want the book :) CD is amazing I was hooked as soon as I heard it. This book is amazing. love Wayne's workAs describedI have always liked Wa

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