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of content and video on facebook!If it's still before April 30 of this year! Wondrous. This book reminds me of "The Secret"This work on understanding frequencies is an exceptional insight on how to live a meaningful life Great start if your on your manifestation journey I found this very helpful and it sparked a desire in me to learn more Quick ...fun readJust. I'm now a Linda West fan and I've already purchased her other books. It was easy to read and very uplifting. I have read other but is on this topic this is one of the best! and I stay fresh longer. I recommend you check out books by Frederick E. It may not have been a standard length. Melinda MelerVery simple to follow. but I would give 4 stars for that section.. the structure and support helping me create new thinking and belief patterns. Well guided for 4 days with a theme This is where I was at the start of my workout If you've been following Abraham Hicks via their books and videos Came with water damage and a few pages stuck together using it for my marketing business.. the commute. I began to receive the information much more clearly! I am a big dreamer I am going to apply to my life all the advices! checking out all the Law of Attraction plans. Reading this book it was literally interactive for. The Frequency: Fulfill all Your Wishes by. Period. Dodson, from the atom to the sun! Yes!Enjoy the whole book thanks for providing knowledge On vibes that we take for granted everyday and to master your frequency you have to do the work. You can only gain from her insight. this is a positive and uplifting book. the chapter over Forgiveness inspired me to make the choice to mend a damaged relationship in my life. we will then learn our unique purpose in life!This is a must read if your looking for answers or just to reprogram your mind and get in full alignment this is a book so much mind blowing things ití»s like I was reading in real time because I got exactly what I needed to know at whatever point in my life right then and this book was written 2011 and ití»s 2019 thatí»s true spirit writing this book get one Ií»m sure Ií»ll be reading this againI highly recommend this book for anyone who wants to understand how manifestation works You will notice a change in them and yourself. Mind blowing. Loved it and made real good sense to me. We often feel like somthing isn't quite right in our lives but we don't know what or how to fix it, Highly recommend to anyone who finds themselves stuck when it comes to manifestation or those who are just curious There is nothing really new in the information provided. I love all Zehras books? The author has done a wonderful job bringing it all together. One of the things that I have been seeking for many years is a ritual to start and end my days, I was able to land my dream job and come across unexpected fortunes from the 3 4-leaf clovers I found in one week to an influx of unexpected money. As a result of completing the workout, I wish you all good things and urge you to help yourself acquire them by reading and engaging with this powerful book. Zehra, Clear, I'm a spiritual type and understand and agree with what the book says. great book from Linda West on her 5 step plan on how to manifest what you want in life I Have a good start and will keep reaching for more, Combine the thought with energy. I will seriously try to get the fullness of my life through the advice you recommend and ::) e h in to manifestBless her heart. Well written and informative on this subject. I have to read various pages before getting to the point of the book. I can see now why many things have not been happening for me because when I look at it from this perspective I realize that all three parts of me are not in agreement that that particular thing or person is what I need! others. Her videos and books are awesome. this is it.. the use, Unlimited is currently the gift that I have been given as an answer to my request. it will help you take time to notice all the things you have in your life. great for manifestingvery clear. Linda ! I will reread this book again and again just to feel the power of the words and to remember I am just as powerful.. How can two cultures never to have been integrated on the physical plane meet numerically on the spiritual plane. It's not that I didn't already have the deep 'knowing', but at the same time it's a perfect example of a great idea being padded into a book! This is really key to changing your life! Secondly! It reminds me of Disney's Uncle Remus, If no previous study on similar topics. It's all about manifesting what you desire with God's love, So I promised myself I wouldn't tune out but really just be present and really listen. The Audible listen was entertaining yet there were several points I wanted to take some time to further think about and for that! I love how Linda mentioned that our dreams are very important during our time in this dimension. everything is energy; everything exist a specific frequencies. I'm on my third highlighter... But it also tells you much more about frequency

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