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Dyer has done it again. a "new age" seeker. This book came to me at the perfect time on my spiritual journey and for that I am grateful. This book is easy to read and re read for inspiration. Realy enjoy riding the book. I bought this book after watching Wayne's DVD a few times and listening to the audiobook, I love Wayne Dyer. I listened to this book on this CD. for that is who I AM.. I would love for the world to read this book. That is normal for this kind of book. Wayne Dyer has been a favorite since the Erroneous Zone days! in all of his books I highly recommend this book for your personal path to enlightenment or just to expand your experiences in literature.! Mr, I am a Christian and at first found it difficult to grasp the concept Dr. Thank you Wayne for writing your perspective. Fav line: if I lose love! I don't agree with everything in this book. I have been trying in vain to manifest things into my life to no avail and Dyer's book gave examples and a spiritual take on life which has resonated with me and thus uplifted me.\. Dyer's words down pat so the rewards become mine as well, And that we can do so much more as human beings by just realizing how are mindset influences our whole life.. a great calm has filled my heart and everyone I talk to about the book wants a copy for themselves. Miss you Wayne. The book was very different from the PBS program. This one is definitely the best, It will resonate with something deep within you that you KNOW is TRUE. And whats better he gives examples as to how apply this knowledge in everyday life, Thank you Scurvy elephant for helping me I so appreciate Dr Dyers encouragement and wisdom.. This book helped me I have always been a fan of Wayne Dyer fan but I just didn't get as much from this book as I have others in the past. and BAM....I see the world through Rose Colored glasses now. Please buy this book and see for yourself. I only wish I had read this earlier in my life, I feel Dyer is right behind me in my quest to manifest into my life the things for my highest good., This book has changed my life. Typical Wayne Dwyer. I also bought the CD with the meditation.Loved it. A must read for anyone wanting to grow in their spirituality and look at us all in a different way, I am getting tired of reading about all of the constant. so give it a shot. I would recommend it was a good journey will definitely follow up on other related books. I'm fond of the Dyer message and his style but found this book "okay." I may have had wishes higher than realistic possible for the book and could have been let down by only my expectations. Dr. his work. A must read. I was very taken with his 3 hours talk on his views of life and how to accompish all that you seek. your mind should, get more out of it. Repeating and believing what I am meant to be works.. It is very interesting and does lead you to be more positive and believe that you control your life. Wayne Dyer first irritated me with his hollyer than thou words each time I saw him speak soon on public television. Dr. 3-I also feel he is re-packaging a lot of his older stuff, It is developing the "feelings" that go along with what I want to accomplish.. This work is a wonderful visceral reminder of the true Self. the inspiration and love is immense. Wishes Fulfilled has been my first introduction to Dr, or they are sugar coated and leave you with more questions. A very inspiring book. Thank you Dr. This is one of his best! So This book is well written and helpful in making difficult changes for a better life. Wayne Dyer offers a clear and succinct set of steps to live by to help those of us who choose to live our highest calling. Wayne Dyer, if you are willing to change yourself of course.. This is my 1st Dyer read but I am enjoying thus far and Im learning alot. He starts by discussing his intense study of the Tao-Chi which creates an expectation that the book will actually address that. buy the CD. All of Wayne Dyer's Books and Videos give a positive way to for me or anyone to live and incorporate what is spoken or written mindfully in every aspect of of my or anyone's life. Many ideas and things to keep in mind and practice daily. Expected more practical information but it was just anecdotal stories and a lot of self appreciation (ego) Wonderful book. Makes me want to read more & more.....wouldn't life be so much better if we could follow this book as a life guide.!! or anything we can make a part of our beliefs and feelings. who wrote and taught about creative imagination. profound advice in this book as in all other resources he provides. Divine Love-centric living and being! Love itI read this book little by little. I especially liked the chapters on imagination. got to admit. Dyer can definitely help you., Wayne Dyer for trusting his guidance and allowing himself to be the Light he is, Loved it. Thank you so much Dr, I thought it was extremely well written and completely written, Wayne Dyer helps you to understand your Hig

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