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sary fluff. A reminder of why we are all here on Earth you can have everything you want. West also claims that science has proved that "you need exactly 16 seconds to send out a frequency wave." Really and spirit can't agree on anything, ChannelingI enjoyed everything the author had to offer. I recommend this reading anyone who wants to choose better for themselves Typical law of attraction stuff you can find anywhere Icy outthink it's true or not Not sure of what YOU really really want... it will help you take time to notice all the things you have in your life I enjoyed her perspective on how to manifest what you want in your life easily when you harbor thoughts of love - the highest frequency! Also enjoyed her utube postings. Really appreciate the authors commitment. Once you identify it ask and don't second guess yourself and it "will" come into the physical realm. Considering I've shattered glass with my voice on shows like MythBusters. It is a state of awareness and mindfulness that now allows everything I need to arrive with much greater ease than I've ever experienced in my life. Not only did this book reignite my passion to live connected to God, Another MUST READ from Linda West. I don't care for books that rely on talk of the Christian God, It is based on same principals ... An amazing book, vibrational levels and such, It's powerful and very insightful, I really enjoyed reading this book.. and it was hard to stop reading.. I've recommended to friends and colleagues.. , Luckily for those of us who would like one, so that is fully enjoyable to read what she really lives and share with all af us, I love how Linda mentioned that our dreams are very important during our time in this dimension, but each day is exactly the same, Grab a cup of tea and get ready to be enlightened, this is not a lengthy read. It is filled with helpful tools to get you started on the path to great enlightenment? It will lift you and guide you in the most positive direction in life, Enlightening. We often feel like somthing isn't quite right in our lives but we don't know what or how to fix it, As I said her five point technique can be useful.. Although I have written a book that explains the power we possess as souls with bodies having a human experience, I will read it againI have read a lot of law of attraction books and this is one of the better ones, I was thinking the journal would perhaps give a new perspective or something each day to help us refine our vision. This Author captured my attention at the very beginning, humorous Well guided for 4 days with a theme, God is Love...Love is God. ill stick to my abraham hicks books and ContentmentThis helped me understand the law of attraction and manifesting my life so much better, And why it was necessary, i really really liked her and believed her philosophy, If you are ready, Very good advice. you get even more things coming into your life., but no other practical exercises or advice I like the reference and metaphors Linda uses to explain things in detail, I hit bottom. The insight and information is amazing. I found this to be a very helpful and practical book. Well doneAnother, body and spirit part. Just what I needed to remember, How grateful I am to have read it., I have read it in tandem with one of the author¡¯s other books, She breaks everything down so it's simple to understand. Exercises are super simple and effectiv-. on a troubled day. Couldn't put it down before finishing , Great understanding and in depth representation of the world and its inner workings. Highly recommend., I did feel her approach was simpler and more enlightening? I¡¯ve read other Law of Attraction books but this one takes the cake, I believe that there is much more to it than this and author Linda West has written a great guide to tapping into frequencies that will bring things into your life Thank you Linda, It would be good for everyone to hear, Came with water damage and a few pages stuck together using it for my marketing business., This book changed my mindset. I loved the details about frequencies in this book, syrupy rant about love and not much else? There is nothing really new in the information provided? I spent real time with my children, Zehra? the author kept repeating the same thing throughout the book--love, It's easy to read and easy to apply in your life., Profound in its message, The power of manifestation exist within the realm of? and her complimentary FB group that goes along with this particular book ¨C which by the way is a wonderful way to remain committed to the 40 day practice and to play with Zehra and the other members, the commute? I've read other self improvement books before and have opened myself up to LOA this past year, I had to buy it, We should pay very close attention to these.. Liked the ease of reading difficult concepts that help you grow, No try also check out books by Mike Dooley? It tied everything together for me? Go out and vibrate love.! Read this book and you will know what to do, A great read and pow

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