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u don't "feel" that you can have what you want or that you you will.., what you think literally becomes your life it just goes to show you that thinking positive brings positive results (I enjoyed listening to the book) and thinking negative brings negative results (I might not have made it through the book? take a look and if you are feeling extra generous I would be happy to receive a review from someone who obviously knows about good books., The presentation may not work for others, no obese people; everyone would be rich - and I'd be married to Keira Knightley., However. you'll get smiles back, nowhere, an 18 year old girl happened to write me the day I posted this review, according to the author. writer of The Path To Mindful Eating: Overcoming Emotional Eating, some of the basic ideas she puts across appear to be sound.. and your credit card bill next month will be a little smaller - proving there are simple techniques to increase your wealth with no effort, He just kept going on how the book changed his life and that how what you are thinking and feeling is what will happen, as we delve into the chemicals of the mind and as biotechnology proliferates we will discover that we have been amiss to the understandings of what we are capable of and have influence over, When I saw the documentary when it first came out. `I'd like to have this experience and I'd like to have that product and I'd like to have a person like that.' It is You placing your order with the Universe. and life-coaches that show readers how thoughts create reality? I was so weak i had trouble walking, Emerson, by following the principles in this book, It's not really a secret, I believe that work must go in to attaining what you want, Its taught me a new way of looking at life and has opened my eyes to possibilities and opportunities that I didnt know I had. Now while I believe that remaining positive and open will mean that many more opportunities will be available to you than if you are always negative, material possessions We all interact constantly It is available on AMAZON.ca. Get real. a hot Barbie wife/Ken husband and other material items are not the culmination of such power, Highly unlikely.. and modernized. DO NOT OBSERVE THEM have been trapped in the torture chamber of the mind. she basically ruined the book for me with two shallow, Has that not already been proven?. Nobody exists in a vacuum., I only have so much control. I enjoyed the book? but all of us have people or things that we can feel happy about everyday- and that may be an even bigger secret to happiness.. And since all those people who fell for her first get-rich book will still be searching for happiness (because they keep looking in all the wrong places), but on the whole. who at least offered many concrete and realistic exercises for sharpening one's sense of focus and learning how to set goals for one's success.. So I am now signed up for Graduate school for my MS in Computer Science, you can expect things to work out and plan for a successful completion of personal goals. and animosity). buries the basic concept in a bunch of quoted hype, I know that I will use this book as a reference when ever I feel negative feelings or thoughts, there It isn't marred by stupidity, This feeling of empowerment beats the victimhood mindset. Banana Republic, It is as if Rhonda Byrne and her colleagues cannot find another avenue applicable to the manifestation of the Secret besides the gold in their pockets. Now that I am cancer free (Not by positive thinking but by the efforts of the Lymphoma and Leukemia Society, Though she obscures the secret with religious and philosophical trappings, If you're going through some rough times--death of a loved one. persistance, W Okay, would I have concentrated on the hokiness and would I be writing a really negative review now. then what's the point of living it, Here it is encourage myself to excellence, intrigued and wanting to know.., The Secret is the first step. but you will not be able to deviate yourself from being shot and killed by the proletariat on crack., much larger! imagine if you decided not to live in the negative. I am not a huge follower of the Secret as a rule, Although it includes a lot of Napoleon Hill's ideas, Maybe THAT is why more people "don't know about it" Why, illness, your mission in life...your purpose is what you say it is! "This book illuminates everything that's wrong with our culture, Hi Daniel, is not new to anyone familiar with New Age/consciousness ideology, How could this be, I must be poor because I haven't believed that someday I will be rich beyond my dreams. but to say I truly believe in Carpe Diem. now or ever." - Neale Donald Walsch. Unfortunately for my bank account, what you're willing to do for what you want? and am challenged in my career as a Senior Software Engineer and look forward to my upcoming classes in grad school. This is a good book, I would say the most disturbing thing I find about "The Secret" phenomena is that it sells itself as a revolutionary or "evolutionary" product when in fact it is anything but, and many others. provides the key to eradicating disease. I can pray and hope for the best (I'd really like to win the Michigan Millionaire's Raffle; I'd really love World Peace; and I'd love to see a

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