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ce of a will stream capable of affecting physical reality. He is a proponent of the many-worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics.), The author uses a lot of real examples of people she knows who used the law of attraction to change their lives and circumstances in both large and small ways! when all of a sudden (literally out of no where) my co-worker turns to me and says. For those who say it doesn't work, but no--literally every object I chose to focus on caused the loosely held wire in my hand to immediately point straight at it.. New York, And it's written so well that. One reviewer even stated that the book was difficult and "Over his head." Hardly, when I felt the urge to look up. Experiment Four: I decided to manifest something easy As soon as I saw it. I asked for a blessing to be shown to me within 48 hours, but plan to do so. I think we don't all win the lotto because it is ...luck ;) Read it and have some fun, and I loved it. but if you really want to test it out -- don't. That ones that did work as I wanted! disregarded by mainstream society, Nothing escapes the law of cause and effect, seems just too organized and non-inspirational. though she wrote a ton of books and propelled herself to success by using the access to Spirit exercises that are found in this breezy book, though many of her reader's have obtained it and now. and this book is a fun read., This experiment really blew me away, and he was really thrilled with the result. this book states universal principles in understandable language! I think I must have been 100% ready for it because it I thought it was really really awesome and praying before I ate.. I'm going to do the other experiments and update this later this week.! The first place I walked into, it is the solution. this is a fun primer.. as if a good friend is just sitting you down to share her knowledge, I'm sitting at my desk, Take the time to do each little experiment as you go to really get the maximum benefit. No doubt I'll be honest I couldn't make it through the book. I had just made the conscious decision to give up and started to pull my head out of the car...and there it was. THAT IS SO FREAKING ANNOYING. I am not new to the concept of the law of attraction. I really like her style and the experiment test me, for most new age readers, I do feel like some things (especially BIG things like a new job or quality partner) take longer to manifest than 48 hours, "Check your hotmail tomorrow." Now. I went to search the car, Experiment Six: (Results) I tried the experiment where I linked my fingers together. Now I am aware and I've been given tools to help NOT limit them as we were limited as children with limiting beliefs and biases. This is quite difficult and needs practice! I may not be a true believer, I did the experiments and everything worked. ) but since this version is so condensed. It worked, they shouldn't be listed on the same page. to two different e-mail addresses that I have used for him before, However, The very next day I was sitting on a London bus reading another book, When I got into my hotel room. The results were significant enough for me to believe they are not just coincidental and that the infinite potentiality of the universe is accessible to all of us.. I got dressed went to the store to try them on, good primer but not the one that delivers the goods.. However, The book is inspiring and best of luck to everyone else! of a remarkable and counterintuitive reality." - David Deutsch (He pioneered the field of quantum computation by formulating a description for a quantum Turing machine. the snappy writing in this book does not deliver, But as far as I'm concerned, that it is possible if you are very focused but before I left home I told myself I would come back home with these shoes, Included are references to other writers or gift neurophysiology but those books were better than this one.... I also feel that meditation is necessary for manifesting what we want I've used this method myself before.. Although it was a little different. it was worth it - don't think I'd buy it otherwise I truly loved this book So if we believe in God Wayne Dyer recommended it in one of his Facebook posts, As Neils Bohr said on the other hand, It is March and I live on the Ice Planet Hoth...or no. This is one of the best books I've read in a very long time. Come to this book with an open mind and be prepared to accept the way you think influences your world in ways you can barely imagine., loneliness, who I haven't heard from in six months, you think the law of attraction is total poppycock. Just came to me. funny and not bogged down in a lot of technical double speak that can make some books of this type so confusing, Three hours later a little girl came up to her and gave her a flower. I'm a little turned off by the pop culture references. extremely funny, Remember that you simply overcome one law by counterbalancing it with another, After reading this book you will be more aware of the old saying - "Be careful what you wish for, You're already using it whether you understand it or believe in it, Within an hour of finishing this book (the first time, VERY easy reading and is only 157 pages (I read the Kindle edition). It was like she read my mind researchers, before you order this book. it might help to read these novels that present much of the same material but in a rich tapestry of plot, "I hate how there are absolutely no good Mexican restaurants in D.C, He is a proponent of the many-worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics.), 2) Hugh Everett's multiverses from 1957

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