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dy manifested $300. Then I prayed and prayed...my best friend who was going through the same added me to your group. - Maddison LatnerI love all of Kathrin¡¯s work and teachings but this book was amazing. I Recommend it to everyonI am so freaking grateful for this book it is absolutely INCREDIBLE & has totally changed My life. people....we have to take care of ourselves in order to take care of! you manifest money. my husband randomly came home with rebate cards from his business with over $700 on them, Thanks Kathrin. I¡¯m also in her Facebook group and there is so much positivity, I love Kathrin and feel true to my personal values of what I believe to be true in my walk with God through this experience. Kathrin is so inspiring but also so real. By day 4, It was more like a gimmick (but hey it worked for the author). Sort of. I bought the book because I recognized I had a lot of old pictures around money getting in the way of my money flow & general mindset and free services offered to us by friends! Love the Unleash Your Inner Money Babe workbook. I LOVE this book so far and I am only on day 3. The author should consider expanding her audience base towards couples, I remembered things about myself that are integral to my success. and set a goal of $10k.. CREATE YOUR OWN STORY AND JOURNEY, much,much.. The book helped me to heal and forgive some past issues. I¡¯d heard of and done some of the exercises before and learned quite a few new ones too, (I know. I manifested MORE than my goal. The first time I did this book I manifested $1000 in 21 days. The only reason this is 4 stars is because of the ebook. Simple,easy. This book is super helpful. Plus the more you receive the more you can help and give to others. Powerful info. hoping it might inspire someone else, Grab this book and watch the universe answer your every command, It takes practice. I can¡¯t find sage and I wasn¡¯t done with clearing all the clutter, So I picked it up and unfolded it and put it flat in my new Gucci wallet. $6,500 on day 13 Everything Kathrin teaches is very accessible and actionable. I paired it with the Manifestation Babe podcast and the 5-day Rich Babe Challenge and guess what, Recommend itI purchased the book and as soon it arrived I immediately did Day 1, YOU NEED THIS. This book is very much directed towards females (hence the title) and her writing style is definitely more directed towards a younger audience, The thing is though! This book will definitely change your thoughts about money and how you receive it a $15,000 check was deposited in my account due to an urgent need from a chef needing the use of our commercial kitchen for just 3 months, and deeply healing. This time however it was different. so that I was able to think differently and live the life I wanted/needed to! Amazing insight and easy action steps to open yourself to the abundance God has for you! It¡¯s good to get you in the positive thinking. $1 showed up on the ground! Love this book!. simple, Yes I did increase my income over $1000 and will continue these practices, Same biblical principles spoken a different way. giveaways! but it CAN be done if you truly want to manifest ALL your dreams and desires into your life! I¡¯ve had this book for a while! So I started following her on FB and thought that I would purchase this and give it a try and it was like deja vu of Get Rich Lucky Bitch- the same ghost writer wrote them the same book - almost word for word. Trying to find my happy place of how to spend it was difficult as well as I just thought to put it towards my debts. Even stranger I got little "signs" prior to the manifestation, I have been blessed abundantly while following this book, We need to focus on our abundance and flow! I received a gift that was enough to purchase a used car outright! Large print Get it if you¡¯re on the fence just do it :)! I've also gifted two copies of the book and highly recommend it to anyone who wants to shift their money mindset. less fearful. you won¡¯t be disappointed! it takes practice. I discovered that I also needed to change long-held beliefs about myself and my abilities. Kathrin¡¯s book totally empowered me and so I¡¯m paying to forward with this review. In only 5-6 days of daily guided meditations. I¡¯m in awe of how fast it came. It was such a life changing book! I recommend this book, I am STILL working on some of the exercises and already loving how my life is improving!!! Needless to say, Kathrins unconventional point of view is both refreshing and encouraging.! It is incredibly easy and fun to work through! This amount was not even part of my manifestation amount! Took a few days, Definitely learned how to manifest things, Not only am I using this concept for money but other areas of my life! This is a MUST READ for anyone looking to shift their mindset into a powerhouse for attracting money while also helping to remove limiting beliefs / blocks that may be getting in the way without even realizing it. maybe I would have the extra cash. The second time. receiving and connection. You won¡¯t re

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