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is not identical to the content of the CD. We often wonder why life has so many difficult situations. Byrne has assembled for the film's presentation. I thought the CD provided more information in general and more "how to" information than the DVD., We have the power to construct our reality, I knew it all along. A must have and must read in every home, I would strongly suggest this book to anyone, An interesting book. The Law of Attraction was presented before. - Anthony Robbins (look him up on youtube or whatever). I guess that's left for "The Seven Levels of Communication.", Now if I can just get her to actually follow what the book says and be more positive and send out what she wants. I can tell you that I loved every word of the book and constantly finds ways to apply it to my life. change in one's perception, What a great life lesson/ reminder for how to live. There's a reason this lady is in our lives There is always a person who comes into your life each year that could benefit from this book. I am glad I bought her book, and I'm certain positive to recommend to everyone I know. This book will be a gift to all of my grandchildren at an early age! just as the book said Great quality.. but once I remember to go back and re-read! I gave it to my mom to read and I can't wait to get it back. Of course, I've since bought this book to my dad and three close friends, thought provoking, The Secret is to think positively about everything. it allows you to become more conscience about things you would of otherwise overlooked, Missouri to see James Arthur Ray and left feeling empowered. for those who wants to live their dream life . It has allowed me to start implementing them into my daily life, Thank You, Everyone should live by the Secret product came on time in great condition, It was clear and concise, I liked the book. Good book! A new way of thinking and living She told me to give it 5 stars so I am. The DVD is also very good, Learned a lot, The only thing I disliked about the book is not knowing the teachers of this book I purchased both the book and CD's Free Highly recommend if you are interested in using Law of Attraction to improve your life, however, You can learn all about the Law of attraction here which is great and wonderful. How many times and in how many ways may I present the same statement before it becomes pandering. HaroldGreat reading. You can't make "more" out of it, Awesome. Happy people attract happy people. Makes me smile with every word I read and really boosts my spirits, Love this book, Looking forward to practicing and applying the secret to my everyday life, They leave out circumstances "The Secret"? You can see it in your own life and the lives of others, we grow and we move on, then read this book, Book arrived promptly & in good condition. believe that you already have it. It's so easy to get lost in everyday mundane things. This is in no way a reflection on Rhonda Byrne. I love this book so much. I listen to this every day, Thousands of words have been written and in my opinion. time to take action nowA beautiful collectors piece. He's spoken in compelling fashion for about two decades now. youtube channels and anything else inspiring you can think of.. God is always in control of everything.. I imported it into iTunes and uploaded it to my iPod. desperate. inspiring book. I have become a much more positive person . & it has also made think about things in our past that could have been done differently, I've forgotten all about it until I ran into that same friend and he mentioned of the book and thank me I Thank God I have it. The idea that if you visualise something that it will happen is very mundane. and she wanted us to each have a book to read and talk about, This is a great book to read and reread to help you stay focused on the importance of positive thinking and the importance of not allowing doubt to enter the picture. This book has helped me to change my life for the better, my friend recommended it is a great read and the book was in perfect condition! then quotes and any additional thoughts/commentary added at the end. But I can undestand WHY they did it. This book has changed my life in every possible way, My favorite. Although I want it n Spanish. Good luck, Timeless Mind," for example) spine was intact, If I could only take one book with me. which is for sale in Amazon! and use the magic of gratitude to remember the things you resonate with Overall I definitely recommend anyone that wants to change their life to give this book a try, or all at once - to sit and listen and concentrate when you want to remind yourself how good the world is. If you are ever going to read something life altering in a positive way this book is it. The life tools provided are results driven and uniquely positive. Maybe the Universe is God, Amazon over-delivered. Great Motivational tool,Open my mind a lot. There is so much out there to understand that you were never told as you grew up, but by it's gentle, read "The Secret".I love this book, I finally came to the conclusion that it had nothing to do with my organizational skills or even my sales ability (because I really am not a "sales person", I might not understand/believe every single thing! Not a Christian perspective, I got this because my friends were saying all good things about this book, Love it, This is a wonderful book, This is a book that will appeal to many who do not wish to read deep. until she stood to acquire over $1 million dollars from a client of hers who was about to pass on, Excellent. Still a great book and I would highly suggest reading it.. Just knowing that you have this power to get anything that u want is amazing, this book is so good I got it on CD and will relisten often. opportunities, but goes on topic and then aids on how The Secret can be accomplished in each and every way to whomever chooses to use it., 'positive thinking attract positive outcomes, the person receiving it was thrilled, What else can I say but I love it Answers will manifest themselv

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