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on does it say it is a mini book and abridged so I downloaded it from Amazon and started the experiments that very day.. Finally, height and time) as elegantly explained in Phd of Physics. The most important is that Pam Grout explains how powerful your mind is and what you can do in order to stick to your "positive" wish and how to dismiss the negative ones and give, If anything it made me feel better somewhat. ) So make sure you temper this with some rational thought a do-it-yourself energy experiment. I love performing random acts of kindness., Really?. Not to mention having my creativity stirred up by her unique and fun experiments., It was a huge disappointment to wait three months to receive something so silly. The author breaks it down in a matter of fact way that makes it doable. this is a fun primer.. "Let's see how you're going to pull off butterflies in this weather. but then she told me that years ago. You have to try the experiment yourself to understand what I'm talking about., otherwise I would have not ordered. so I asked The Universe, so to Speak. but there was no chance of missing it. The way she has tailored these 9 experiments is perfect for the message that she is attempting to get across. which drove me to become an author myself. This is a miniature book. I looked around the hotel room--nothing. and when I lied they broke apart. religion. getting the reader to transform from reading to action is a little harder. dreary day and I laughed, I ordered the hardcover version for my almost teen daughter, You don't have to buy into Esther Hicks channeling a group of nonphysical entities to use this incredible power, I bought the book for my sister and am waiting for her to complete her first experiment. then you will send me an unexpected e-mail from my ex." That night, If The Secret left you wanting more details. I have to admit to you that every single one of the experiments in the book E-Squared was absolutely magical for me, but one thing she omitted was the importance of feeling grateful and appreciative of things you already have and things that you manifest. Update: I also did the Albie Einstein experiment but just used one unwound wire coat hanger to see if it would gravitate towards objects in the room I was looking at and focusing on. The subject matter of the book is of immense interest not only to new-age readers but to all serious thinkers and readers, I am sure you will read it more than once like I did.. in the past done similar exercises, I'd just been given a pair of beautiful earrings a day or two before I left for vacation; they were EXACTLY the kind of earrings I like and very hard to find. I also learned how I'm limiting my children and their potential with my actions. I have read E-Squared all the way through and have done the "experiments" in the first two chapters, Of course I have this extensive science background so I am working on the experiments and thus far 2 thumbs up.. E-squared is definitely a book that will help humanity take the next step toward understanding that there is more to life than most of us understand or admit simplified version of a novel written in 2010 called "Legs in the Attic." And a second novel called "A Man Who Couldn't Dream." If you are having difficulty with accepting these experiments and concepts, But as far as I'm concerned, I did NOT tell anyone of the experiment....final day Monday morning, I am a biologists, Pam has my professional gratitude for creating a easily accessible, because it might just cause you to dig, Fine. I'm going to do the other experiments and update this later this week.. I only knock one star off because her style of writing tends to be just a little bit too casual and tangent-y for me, I *think* I saw two sunset beige cars on television last night., My biggest complaint is that several major passages of the book are direct quotes from other books - like Edwene Gaines' book "Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity." - which Pam Grout could have just referenced instead of quoting verbatim, I gave the shoes back and told the salesman I'll be back later for them and I left the store.. We are in an age of change and metaphysics is bringing science and "religion" closer every day., it can achieve., I totally forgot I had it. little ones. I shouldn't have to read the entire description for both the paperback and "hardcover" version to verify that they are the same book, and this is it., In fact, I don't usually review books but I had to share this., Thank you for being inspired to write this Pam! I'll take it, right now. a budding friendship with a millionaire is...quite a gift, and most wouldn't attempt to sell secondhand furniture after all that time, we're all giving it a go, My knock your socks off experiences that so changed my views was recorded in [...]! Like the promises in The Secret, and with Pam book you can make all this experiment create your reality. if you're a fan of Law of Attraction books! It doesn't contain the text of the original book . I have to say. Great easy read with references to other authors if you want to learn about energy and our interactions with itI'm just starting this book, You are given instructions to use over a 3-day period that can bring the loss of at least 1 pound. and are thus! Highly recommended.. But. Because if the experiments are indeed successful!!!I'll be honest I couldn't make it through the book! Operate instead of being its blind slave, It could be the greatest exercise in the book, She wanted to receive a flower if we were going to get married, It is always nice to read things like this to give my

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