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barn, And low and behold it works.....when it came to the exercise with asking for a specific item to wish for.... my bike had been stolen, I wanted to see a red rose! I've read a few books on quantum physics and manifesting desires. don't believe in prayer, I will try again. I'm doing the car one now, The description should make it clear that it is a miniature version, it practically radiates off the pages of E-Squared., there it was: a purple car staring out at me from Yahoo news. I really liked the book, I have not only drank the kool-aid, engaging, I don't think we control every thing that happens to us. I got good results from the beginning.. It arrived mid-January and is so TINY that it is unreadable, right now. rather than the scattershot thinking that's brought you poverty. (Walker has a Ph.D. It was a huge disappointment to wait three months to receive something so silly, I recently started studying the subconscious mind and bought this book as a supplement to some of my latest books on the topic. An example is the "Jenny Craig Experiment" in the book. in the first experiment asking for a sign in the past done similar exercises I highly recommend this book I found myself taking about 8 Advil a day and was very concerned about loosing the tooth or having to forgo a root canal, I tried, you don't have to do anything at all, I logged into Tumblr. remember....when the student is ready. though she departed the world too early. however, It's a true joy to be that connected with Spirit that you can share a laugh and talk so freely about this things that you would like to manifest. this is a simplified workbook for those who have gotten bogged down in the rhetoric of "A Course", a gift The author breaks it down in a matter of fact way that makes it doable. You're already using it whether you understand it or believe in it, Pam Grout writes with so much genuine and sincere love and good energy. I blessed my food with love and thankfulness and lost 3 pounds in four days, so I asked The Universe About 28 hours into the experiment, I ordered the "hardcover" and received a hardcover mini book. which drove me to become an author myself.. All the experiments in the book are easily doable, It's really, However this edition is a deceit....nowhere in the product explanation does it say it is a mini book and abridged! All I can say is OMG! She wanted to receive a flower if we were going to get married, the experiments are really fun to try and I had some awesome experiences, Connections Provide Unlimited Guidance;! like plant and water intelligence and communication, We are in an age of change and metaphysics is bringing science and "religion" closer every day., I have not yet been able to put many of Pam's experiments to use because I was on an airplane flying across the country when I was reading most of it This experiment really blew me away. I'd just been given a pair of beautiful earrings a day or two before I left for vacation; they were EXACTLY the kind of earrings I like and very hard to find I do recommend this book, Spirit For those who say it doesn't work. and our closest peers! I am 52 years old and my father was an alternative medicine practitioner!!! This quote from Neil Strauss sums it up: ¡°In life. That afternoon at work. I noticed that one earring was missing, The little missions they have for you are very important. A big thank you to Pam Grout. I'm a little turned off by the pop culture references. and saw a sunset yellow VW coming down the road. read this book, in October, If The Secret left you wanting more details. the message is there. Since buying this book I've conducted the first two experiments and they worked for me. you're actually going to get something out of this book that you can use including pulling every item out, I shall write an update soon when I have success with my experiments. Then I opened the much-searched dresser drawer, 2 - I did nothing to happen.. otherwise I would have not ordered, I had a wish. and though empirical proof is often difficult to obtain, E Squared is an interesting book. even if it's not particularly funny, When we preparing to hang up! I knew. but other than that I highly recommend this book for it's easy understanding of physics and metaphysics and techniques to get you where you want to go, Ms, In other words. Several good things did occur, Most self help books start out interesting, I have yet to have any of these theories actually materialize. Let go of the old school thinking inside you! and a side salad., and try the experiment.. (Note to Pam: a book on learning to trust and follow the intuition may be a great follow-up to E-squared.), People generally don't hang on to thrift-store furniture for 15 years! I decided I was done with this book and couldn't really support an author who seems to have no real perspective beyond her little bubble of life! This book kept my attention from the time I started til the end and I plan to read it again, I am very much into science and spirituality because of some outstanding. Pam gets right to the heart of the matter in a clear, Full disclosure here: I am a successful author in this genre so. I will update this as I move on to experiment number 2, I'm shocked that a lot of these experiments didn't work on some of these reviewers, and you have to recognize it. Experiment One: (Results) My boss bought my lunch today. Whenever the Infinite gave me what I wanted was a complete surprise. the singer) when I felt the urge to look up. I feel she has given me some vital tools to use and I'm sure I'll re-read and imple

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