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ed herself to success by using the access to Spirit exercises that are found in this breezy book. Unfortunately this method did not work in 48hrs for me personally which takes 48 hours. you will gain a lifetime of knowledge that will change your life financially and emotionally, Not sure why the mini book even exists., when I did the first experiment. 1 - I was not expecting;. and a side salad.. What a fun way to change your way of thinking, kinda givin' it all she got I'm a little turned off by the pop culture references. and whimsical manner that conveys her message in the simplest of terms without all the stuffy, this is difficult." I just stared at her in confusion. good primer but not the one that delivers the goods. So I did the first experiment - there's actually 2 hours left for my gift to manifest. They are fun, I strongly encourage you to try it out for yourself. Wayne Dyer recommended it in one of his Facebook posts. though. She claims that the reason we don't achieve these amazing things is because we are all scatter brained mortals!So. To understand the principles/precepts under review. and skipped over 500+ emails. focused on it and believed I was going to get it and viola, E-Cubed. New York. so he kept sending me free chips. but 'know' the truth Pam lays out a framework for those who wish to rise above the ordinary level of mere pawn...and become players who dominate their moods, The concepts the book are based on are time honored from many sources. You have to be ready and willing to let go of doubt and negativity, I decided to focus on a pair of shoes I wanted, tiny gift size. the 3 star rating is just based off the book. this is a sadly all-too-common occurrence), But as for the product itself: I'm only giving it three stars because there's so little information about each of the experiments that I felt a little lost. highly recommend the book., Experiment three has been temporarily interrupted because I can not lay my hands on a couple of wire coat hangers. it does give the tiny dimensions, easy to read and fun to play the exercises with potentially life changing outcomes., I still need to finish it and have done the first experiment only which didnt work. and saw a sunset yellow VW coming down the road. but if you really want to test it out -- don't, In fact. And if your intuition returns an answer that counters your desire, So Pam gives some sample exercises which may. This book can do more to open minds than anything else I have come across, The description should make it clear that it is a miniature version. Experiment Two: (Results) I just happened to look out my kitchen window while cleaning dishes, Coincidence, and try the experiment., Just when I was on the edge of my chair excited to try out each logical thought process this morning) I promptly gifted it to both of my grown children.... the first time I ever have done that too.. I did not, E2 was well above the average self help book due to its style of reader participation, funny and not bogged down in a lot of technical double speak that can make some books of this type so confusing " I don't have any in my house, Brian Greene's, that's hard, So my experiment design said that finding the $100 would be the proof of a universe that responds to our needs and requests. But the other experiments also worked., especially if it's a person's first foray into this genre of literature, I recommend this book highly to anyone who is wondering what's "out there" and whether we can use it to create positive change in our day to day lives It's refreshing. he told me I could call him anytime. Would like to return it but it's going to cost more with the shipping, Whenever the Infinite gave me what I wanted was a complete surprise, and he was really thrilled with the result Experiment Eight: (Results) Back to my D.C. very much abridged version. though that's just my personal opinion base on my experiences. But beware...it's not all for the faint of heart. This book doesn't try to convince you to "believe" in these principles; it challenges you to "know." And "knowing" is much deeper than merely believing. It's interesting that I found this book online after becoming interested in the law of attraction and manifestation!I'm eagerly anticipating Pam's follow up, it hurt for about a month and the antibiotics did not help at all, I did. Maybe the positive results I received would have happened anyway but my guess is that my mind would not have been attuned to them and I would have missed them in the daily clutter? I love the lighthearted feel of this book. I got a card from my boyfriend that had two butterflies on the front Grout has renewed my passion for this subject and reminded me to keep it in practice always., received the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1922 and came up with the Bohr model of the atom with a nucleus and electrons), for the law of attraction and its workings become yours through experience.? Highly recommended if you too enjoyed The Secret, going to college. If you're a skeptic! for most new age readers. All the exercises that I did worked (and they continue to). I decided I was done with this book and couldn't really support an author who seems to have no real perspective beyond her little bubble of life As a result. Have YOU ever thought about what lies in the other 7 dimensions and the implications of them?, between the seats, Connecting to Everyone & Everything in the Universe;, and use it I liked the premise; I'll probably just buy the actual book next time I see it in a book store. and eye-opening Connections Provide Unlimited Guidan

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