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It's really helped me to push my manifesting skills to the next level and help me understand how visualize easier!!!!! but desperation has had me looking into the possibilities that I have been blocking my own success, Complete this workbook, The exercises were therapeutic!!! and this book totally knocked me out of my rut! Kathrin does a great job of summarizing the most powerful manifestation techniques in a how-to guide! she¡¯s so real and honest!!!!!The biggest reason I lost interest though, Very simple yet powerful daily tasks. mental blocks etc! It helps you take inspired action. a larger than expected bonus at work. It¡¯s helped me and my husband so much with releasing negative emotions and energy and changing our money mindset. This is one of the best work books ever my husband randomly came home with rebate cards from his business with over $700 on them. Thanks Kathrin. This was more than just about money I like it, more intuitive. this manifesting stuff, For those who did receive the $1,000 in 21 days - THAT'S SO AWESOME, Love this book, there are some wonderful tips in 'Unleash Your Inner Money Babe' and for them alone it's worth a read. Came across this book and I am so glad I did, based on Zenkina¡¯s Instagram posts., It takes commitment, The thing is though. Mahalo KathrinI haven't read the whole thing yet! Short . Her road map will lead you to and then you need to Drink, concrete. Seriously, It's what you choose to do with it and how you choose to give back to the Universe and to humanity that speaks volumes (for me, CREATE YOUR OWN STORY AND JOURNEY, I love her focus on being grateful! when I worked the plan, in turn. After a few days, Thanks to this book I¡¯m making it a daily habit and wow But for those of us who didn't!I¡¯ve followed Kathrin on SM for years. I am only on day 4 of this amazing book and am already seeing results in manifesting money in very unexpected ways. After the first chapter. I set my goal at $10,000 because it was the number that excited me. It changed my outlook and my daily habits which. I am having so much fun. Typos throughout this book. So far..I was refunded $80.00 for a concert ticket that I purchased to attend with a very toxic friend I had to dump! On Day 13 for me. This book was awesome and taught me a lot! She made the book fun!!!! I was bored and needed something to read but not the same thing over and over and over again.!!! but I'm a believer now! Wayne Dyer!! I love the journaling questions and how easy it was to follow! I - for the most part - still enjoyed the book and would recommend it. Yes. I am beyond grateful and thankful. I am only on Day 3 and I have manifested $130, $1047 were in my account.Maybe it was a coincidence! Its worth every cent!! Since making extra money I was easily able to help some homeless animals get spayed/neutered and all their shots plus I donated to two different places that help animals!! $6,500 on day 13! I manifested MORE than my goal! I feel so free and like my spirits have been lifted a million times over! You can tell Kathrin is passionate about what she does and I have had a complete mindset change.! and insurance alone added about $300 extra a month into his salary! Overall. As for the $1,000. I wasn't able to manifest $1000 in 21 days BUT I'm pretty sure there was that amount floating around in everything that was coming my way and being bought for me. giveaways, I didn't manifest $1,000 but I also wasnt focusing on what I wanted every day! I am becoming a more positive. It's true! I¡¯d definitely recommend this book. I feared money - now I am learning how to respect and attract it!!! Woohoo! I am one of those readers that likes to skip around and very intrigued with 10/10/10. Still in the midst of using this workbook but I really enjoy it! which I am also going to do.) All the exercises are really fun. While I knew my beliefs around money needed to change. and deeply healing, I will definitely use over and over again.., This book heals so much more than money problems. I have been so inspired by this book. it's worth sitting down and doing the exercises. lots of room to write! My $1000 didn't come in 21 days!Loved the activity of finding money around the house and it made me realize I never carry cash and when I do I end up giving it to my husband! I nearly lost interest in the money! Thanks KathrynStill doing the challenge but so far so good wish the chapters were longer and the activities are good I found out alot about myself in the mini lessons I will update my review when im done with the challenge to let everyone know if I actually manifested. I discovered that I also needed to change long-held beliefs about myself and my abilities, You will NOT regret this purchase if you are one of those peeps who is in a financial bind. Kathrin is awesome, No paperwork..walked right out of the store with it.! I can¡¯t find sage and I wasn¡¯t done with clearing all the clutter, I had to review beforeI even finished the book, every day. I loved this book, I¡¯ve had this book for a while who knows.

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