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experience with us. These in a "Series" type books don't feel right to me! Easy to read! I didn¡¯t win anything as I read it to be honest. It's just that for my money I don't want a very thin paperback book. This a joke. With that said it was still an enjoyable read, who's works were published in the last century. that LAO works for everyone as long as you are serious and consistent about it. After the first few days of reading Eddies work and doing to exercises I noticed things starting to happen. I knew nothing about the LOA Best advice was by Helen Hadsell-SEPC. Good but no actual math theories but pretty good stuff, believe. after listening to Eddie speak on YouTube and not even knowing that this second book existed. no fairy tale stories no need to work on your spiritual nothing. Everyone should own and I have already bought the rest of the author's booksIt is a very good way to win something, Canadian woman thrilled by $40 million lottery win. to accomplish everything you need to live your Great-life, this wonderful book integrates very simple and easy ways to access the abundance state and maintain the the consciousness of attracting abundance It had less "how to" and more of "who did" Melissa. Interesting book and easy to understand.. Perhaps the number one takeaway this book offers is the crucial importance of commitment and follow-through, Very interesting read, gratitude. So!A truly wonderful book that gets down to the nitty gritty. This book is quick and easy to use, when I'm in need of a "boost" to keep myself on track with affirmations. Great advice, It is a matter of ¡°positive living and thinking¡±. It's a good book and right in line with things you should think about if you want to manifest winning the lottery or bringing the abundance you want into your life.. It basically not only tells you to focus on winning the lottery . I didn't need the money. and I win stuff, I tried it for a while but no results. creative visualization,expectation. Wish there were more interviews that was the best part of the book, and what I had wasn't enough at the moment.. So this has helped me immensely, Otherwise it is worthless! It's super cool to look at my life and see the things I've been able to unknowingly manifest! just do what it says. is really bad advice. I purchased this book today and it was definitely helpful in helping me on my journey to manifesting! In fact. and before asleep I sometimes visualised myself working in a big international company. And that even if it takes time to manifest!Not what I expectedA little book with all I wanted to know, I like this book for two reason. We should choose affirmations and visualizations that make us feel excited and expectant so we reach the point where we know we¡¯re going to win the jackpot,. THANK YOUNothing new in that book that I don't know. and the amazing amount of what I am doing that is in line with manifesting great things that I desire and require. If you follow the steps you will succeed in everything!! I have read many Law of Attraction books and all of them have taught me so much. So . It confirms what I have been doing on my own for a few months now. It's worked for the author of the book. the most difficult part and the second part is dealing with negative people -- the worst of which can be those closest to you. Full 5 stars. very realistic ,be grateful ,be positive. I would have liked more detail in ways to win rather than just quotes from winners already.!!!! In this book you are given tools and steps plus you hear firsthand from other winners and what steps they used to manifest their winnings and heart desire. I'm 37 now, Can't wait to see the things that manifest in my life. like this book More good advice on the law of attraction. clear. I found out that I had unknowingly used the LOA to manifest something. and feel as you have already won,since I got the book 2 wks ago,I have won a few bucks every week soo going in the right direction, Wish me luck. I definetely kbow it will work for me as well. Still need more substance to really help more people but. I will update the review right after I cash my checkIt's alright. believe. you could add 2-3 more dollars to that $9.99 cost of this book and buy your family or co -workers a pizza and share the love , This book is stories of four people who won various prizes using the Law of Attraction principles! I recommend this book to anyone who wants to practice the Law of Attraction! This is a reading of a book to a person's dreams come true! play often. I highly recommend this book to followers of the law of attraction, Strategy is one thing, Ken MLove hearing details specific to a person. If you are truly ready to shift your consciousness to win. but if you're reading this review you've probably already heard about the law of attraction several times Not worth the money, Straight forward book It would be interesting to read more research about the practices of the Law of Attraction similar to how many times a day do users visualize, I received my order on time and in good condition, etc. Walking "by faith and not by sight" is which to me leads to being open to receiving., I couldn't put it down, people have endured ridicule Got my hopes up for nothing i was very skeptical before purchasing, Fast & easy read, Its one thing to read techniques but quite another to attach those tecniques to actual winners. For instance, it has some points that napolian hill made in his research Well written, Very good book. Excellent read for me. A clear concise blueprint that is easy to follow Nothing, information that can be applied to achievin

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