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p I¡¯ve been saving for. but which I had stopped believing in the second time $2k. The daily actions Kathrin has you do are POWERFUL and FUN. I have also printed off a blank cheque and am doing the meditation every day All because I dared to believe that I would be successful no matter what! I am so skeptical of this stuff but I gotta say that it really does work! I am only on Day 3 and I have manifested $130! but this is only the start of the 21st day. I couldn't see the company had major problems and just held on to so much shame and guilt that I failed my family. Been doing the 21 day challenge and listening to the podcasts Thank you so much for this wonderful inspiring book! She honestly wants the best for you and wants to teach everyone what she knows, Absolutely loved the book. and opens you up to receive. as well! I almost never write reviews but I have to say this worked! you need this book! Not enough details so this is good along with other books, This book is truly amazing , and so so grateful you exist., so generous. So I set my goal for 15k in passive income! So much growth has happened since using itA great book & journal to change your mindset around money, Well. I have no question that after reading this book my life will be richer in so many ways. I felt soo many shifts in my mind, and now I am, During this process my husband and I discovered that through our renter¡¯s insurance - we were entitled to about $4,000 due to some items damaged in the garage, The hard part is doing to mental block work especially if you have to change some core values that don't serve you anymore. I just want to say that this book has literally changed my life., Definitely get this book, and not only did I find out the bill fallen through the cracks somewhere and was never in danger of being sent to collections (yay, I just adore Kathrin she has taught me so much her book is amazing I follow her on FB and such and her podcasts are life changingThank you so very much, ) then you'd love this book, I set my goal at $10,000 because it was the number that excited me, And it works. I have completely changed mentally, Just like that I would get $100 off for my yearly subscription.I felt inspired to create and sell and the results came quickly.Day 20. I think about those on this planet who need clean water, Easy to read and understand. I am soo grateful for you and Im so grateful for being led to your book :) I know that this book has been the stepping stone and foundation that has started my new amazing journey.! free things given to us. Hello friends,So I started my first day on December 11. I manifested $17k. I had a final bill hanging in the air from my old apartment building that I was worried would turn into a collections issue, Seriously a game changer, It helped me to improve my mindset around money and I have been making more ever since! I've grown! that was my sign to stop putting it off Highly recommend. Loved the activity of finding money around the house and it made me realize I never carry cash and when I do I end up giving it to my husband. $20 WELL spent on thisJust want to tell you a year ago I stumbled upon your book. It is amazing and has completely changed my outlook on money. Love this book! I picked this up with the intention of reminding myself that I am much more powerful than I give myself credit for, Shocked and Shook.! Really to the point and effective. Definitely check out her fb group and podcast, I'm in the middle of the book unleash your inner money babe. This worked for me but there was a little too much "woo-woo" for my liking, Thank you Kathrin for making this knowledge so available and understandable. I was new to manifestation and was not in 100% belief, I am obsessed. and $700 to fix my car!! this manifesting stuff, and it keeps me in a high vibe place. Its a game changer. Thank you for writing this book and making it a fun process! Oh well. IT HAS BEEN 14 DAYS AND I HAVE MANIFESTED APPROXIMATELY $ 17,750. Seriously. and your reality changes accordingly. So. Helped me become more aware and thankful for all the money flows! So glad I got this, this is actually my first one. I never write reviews, It wasn't because of her book, I¡¯m only on day 11 and couldn¡¯t speak more highly of this book, Expect some turbulence in your energy field! I took my time with the activities. Get this book and do the freaking work. So I was a little miffed about that but the concept is cool and I am sure that LOA that they both toot are valid, This book is amazing.. and the activities work I like her writing style and the daily action steps, SHE IS SOOO VERY KNOWLEDGEABLE AND PERSONABLE, 4 days and I was overwhelmed with abundance, I hit my goal easily. We still made it work for us. do, It changed my outlook and my daily habits which, I was able to manifest over $1000 in outstanding client payments. it works and God is definitely good, This was an easy read with great action steps at the end of every chapter, working on your money mindset is an ongoing event.. It is so easy to get

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