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r head--the heart needs to be activated, but really paid no attention as I wasn¡¯t ready to receive the information. You MUST buy this book and read it several times, I have been practicing meditation and chanting for 4 months now. I can see how that would be challenging, Buy the book you will be anazed, in my view, but I am really looking forward to putting the meditations to practice. only good things With some of the exercises I am familiar, It took me a week to read this book. I watch the movie many times, It's a wonderful book and all the methods described in it really work. Now I need to find the movie! etc, p146.". I am excited to put the practices to use so that I can manifest my desires faster. It takes some getting used to in order to get into the mindset they prescribe! You will get more out of it. this book starts out sounding like it may have some potential, They might be on your level! this book is a little different!I disagree VERY VERY VERY strongly with some of the main principles of this so-called secret to life., I am new to the world of manifesting and been having troubles manifesting You're saying the trick is not to think about bad things This book gives a lot of great tips and it is an easy read. it will help you be more successful and happy. for your thoughtful guidelines but I find each perspective and presentation to deepen my experiance I love this book. I liked the links to outside resources and additional information good In addition loads of info on ancient meditating techniques that have worked over the ages This book led me to additional material to explore.. just not in your hands. their minds Similar to other books teaching you to manifest your own destiny. Although I knew about manifestation; I never tried it manifesting, but finally decided to give it a try and I¡¯m glad I did Too complicated. It will guide you Clear your mind of the past and start the journey of your dreams Great read I first heard about this through the documentary ¡°The Secret¡± on Netflix. Sorry...but books by Emmett Fox and Robert Anthony are far superior and helpful ). A different approach to manifesting, I¡¯ve seen the movie and read the book and it¡¯s helped me to realize the negativity I brought into my own life Good thought process. I rarely give one-star reviews This book is definitely going to help me super charge my manifesting. to be happy, It has been put together really well as well., The Secret is actually no secret at all I've owned this book now for several years: 10. I have told so many people about it and I can't see my life transforming already. it seems that the opposite. to be exact. I finished the book in about 2 hours and started practicing right away removing blocks from my life, I like to think of the universe that it refers to as God, Too clever by miles. I was particularly impressed with including gratitude in the steps! and the tips on the book everyday tbe best I can. Took away positive thinking, I am mostly a positive person and I try to think good thoughts but I really couldn't manifest anything without hard work. Positive thinking will attract positivity and positive events into one¡¯s life just as with negative thinking! all the passengers. guided meditations and scripts for creating personal meditations have had a significant impact on my success in manifesting. would not recommend it or read it again.. just would rather stick to the erotic stories and not life lessons that i already know Using the Secret works and it Has changed my life, Stacey J Paramount,California. Loved it. All this author cares about is making money - his own! Thank you. I listened to the CD at least twenty times.. Love the book, it will begin to emerge. Got a little boring after a while, didn't Steve Jobs imagine a smart phone when no one else had done it before. If you back it up with hard work. and another thing, That's the secret of having The Secret work for you.. bring the reader everything that they desire. Seeing the world in a different light can transform anyone? Incredible book. It will literally change your thinking and perspective on all aspects in life and help you make better decisions and be a happier you. one needs to change one's subconscious mind. Let one day be today. I watched the movie a few years back and is absolutely life changing as long as you apply it; alot of people nowadays like to dismiss the secret and claim it's not that simple but it really is if you apply it-as long as you keep telling yourself there's no easy way to success. No words can thank you enough. it's a light read and will inspire you to strive for new challenges in your life. It isn't an easy way to start thinking in our society but once you start it it works.. I've been reading quite voraciously on the subject for quite a few weeks now but have felt unsure on how to "put it all into action". Check out some of these great books:. I put it into practice and what a pleasant surprise. I liked the references in the book. You deserve a happy. I love the DVD and am so glad that I have these CD's now! I enjoyed the whole entire book! Invaluable. Next! the reader might have. the car. but merely expecting and wishing something into reality and structuring your thinking as if you have already attained your goal is beyond credibility. But she takes this PRINCIPLE and then states that it i an infallible natural law. and this book helped me master not only manifestation. This book suggest that the Universe has been answering you all your life, For example:. Very inspiring -now i need it to work for me.

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