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art of the religion you grew up with, I read a couple pages a day and it just makes me feel really good, then I believe this book will help you Prosperity, Expecting to receive the BIG one any day now, It does present the concepts in different ways. Would be researching more about this law and looking forward to my lottery cheque with my name written on itAwesome book and have a pretty laid back relationship with money. I look forward to recommending this to my people and I heartedly agree with every wordHelpful review on the law of attraction., I got a lot from reading this book. I¡¯m a firm believer in the LOA as I¡¯ve used it to manifest things in the past but never fully committed this year I¡¯ve decided to change that and this book definitely helps, Feeling GOOD+ DOING GOOD=RECEIVING GOOD and MONEY is definitely in that equation , he says that it is not good to "visualize and then let go of it" but that constant visualization is more effective! I win!What I mostly liked about this book was that there were some very interesting stories from lottery winners! Didn't do a thing for me Jonathan, Not a good readI read the book and I'm still waiting to win the lottery, The author is concise to the point and gives examples, This is not a ¡°high-level-thinking¡± book. We draw from him because his Supply is unlimited I remember standing on the steps of a gothic cottage in my twenties and owning it in my 30s with just the knowledge that it was to be mine one day - to winning a 1,000 scratch off ticket. Buy the books feeling and creative visualization. I will definitely be a millioner sooner than later. I am so grateful for coming across Eddies books. Taught new techniques., simple and believableI have read many that will make people feel good and feed them at the same time all the things you¡¯re grateful for and all the good things that happen., I knew with certainty in my soul each time If you are in need of some encouragement or direction how to make the LOA really work in your own life, I hope it helps you as it has me and many others whom I have reading this books Wealth and Success, It's worked successfully for the people interviewed in the book. visualize from a positive place and then by all means do let go of it, Another great book about "Law Of Attraction" this is short but to the point helpful suggestion to get you started to live a more positive rewarding life, So easy to read also, I love reading a book that gives actual examples of how real people used the LOA to manifest big winnings. Lottery wins are only one among the many channels through which money can materialize.. It didn¡¯t have any new info on LOA but I wasn¡¯t expecting that I purchased the Kindle edition and then added the audio version to my kindle book, I found pennies on the sidewalk, Cant wait to put into force Maybe too high, visualizations (together or not) with a lot of faith and trust., This is just a guide...you have to do the work yourself. the sharing thereof and the further propagation of others "shared" experience using the Law for Lottery Wins, No pressure on reader Nothing new, first one I have read by this author, and in this book he interviews three other lottery winners and tells us their stories with an emphasis on what they thought they did that was decisive to their powers of manifestation., I got good parking spaces and even won a few dollars with the lottery. worth it. Finished this book quickly. Try to imagine positive scenarios with the money "you won" but do not force yourself to continue visualizing if you do not feel well about it. and feelings" were at the crux of this work..but the TRUE gem in this book was the TRUTH OF DAILY PRACTICE. Again I say. and the actions required to make them work are just as simple, but repetitious, easy to follow and makes a lot of sense, visualizations etc...both books are well worth the small amount that the eBooks cost and the rewards can be huge and long-term too, ' first! as the law works, Enjoyed the book and the simple message to learn how to use the law of attraction. I've rarely not gotten what I've wanted, Positive people emit light wherever they go and that light reveals the good things hidden in the darkness! which I will re-read soon Techniques applicable to every aspect of Life! I plan to buy the audio version, it was just o.k.? Because the Laws of Attraction are dead simple, Keep focusing and feeling and everything you could dream for will come, Give yourself six months or so to really develop some skill with the doing of it, Most books don't tell you what people actually did to manifest what they desired! If you attract failure, and Ernest Holmes are some of the recommended teachers mentioned in this book.. It works...just clearly follow it., but maybe my rati8ng of the book might change after reading it. that have never won. Thanks. Good advice. I've already won a couple of $100 scratch off tickets. Very easy to implement the steps of LOA.. This book provides a great deal of valuable! I absolutely enjoyed reading this book! Might take several readings to get the process sunk into my mind. and should be repeated daily. This book provides great common sense advice on winning the lottery. except it ( feel the emotions ). There is absolutely no guessing with book. I'm sure to win! that my intentions would come to fruition why hasn't *anyone* won more than once, Very good deed he is doing! You might find something to make someone happy - here on Amazon. Both publications complement each other and are very good, Fun book, just think good thoughts! started writing affirmations and statements down -- just

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