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all of Wayne's books over the years, What a wonderful way to keep his words in our hearts.. Wayne finds it easy now but he needs to remember when he was overwhelmed with problems. Inspiring and uplifting. It makes one realize the power that we all have within us if we just believe that we are all instilled with godliness and by changing from our ego driven self to a positive I am driven life we can change the energy field that exists around us. is perfect for me, Wayne. I am about to start my third read through the book while exercising on my Airdyne. This book gives amazing insights and new understandings of religions.. Great response, and not surprisingly, Great read to help you put a positive perspective on your thinking. would recommend this to all it is a wonderful book that I enjoyed a great deal. but coming back to it always inspires me to appreciate my life and focus on the I Am version of me!!!! Over all a very good book. Being a big fan of Napoleon Hill and Anthony Robbins I bought this expecting to hear similar stuff but this time by listening to it. A truly informative book, I wish everyone reads this.. Very good. It has opened my eyes to a new way of thinking and I'm very excited to see how the world changes now that I've changed hoe I view the world. I have read just about all of Dr. very enlightening, Eternally grateful. Wayne Dyer is insightful and inspiring! If you're looking for book that is a quick and easy read that will magically change your life! yet at the same time reveals truth to others who are living in the light of God! This book helped me in so many ways loved everything about this book simply amazing thank you. Review written by Eddie Coronado. Very inspiring and I have found that many psychics and clergy are believers in Dr. The words flow into my soul and fulfilled my needs I'm about to read it a third time because it's that good - the messages are powerful and resonate as truth within me.. kinda got out there a little to much! Very useful ideas and concepts for today's consciousness. I have read quite a few books by Dyer but enjoyed this book even more.. Simply refreshing and rejuvinating to say the least! I always like what he has had to say. then Dr. It's a great book. since I purchased the CD set. Sometimes I felt as if he carried on too long trying to make a point Dr. If you are going to read a single book on the topic this is the book to read. I love how Dr, My book came completely new and in sealed paper. I am always inspired by the writing of Wayne Dyer, This book is amazingly insightful and helped to be at peace with what I already felt or know about my divine life.. he discusses the power of using creative visualization to manifest our heart's desires. This came at a perfect time in my life. how the ego get's in the way. It is a wonderful and uplifting read! Excellent. Great book and i believe but i can not do all the affirmations every day. Highly recommended.! how to move forward to a much richer and fulfilled life. In WISHES FULFILLED Wayne Dyer presents very clear & precise practices that anyone can follow to acquire all of their wishes & desires, It is easy to read and helped me to create my own "Wishes Fulfilled"life., of how to live a truly magical life! I consider myself a spiritual person and now with the tools suggested in the book I can have more faith in the unseen! Wishes Fulfilled: Mastering the Art of Manifesting is a succinct and book that is alive., Maybe I'll go back to it sometime!Awesome concepts as old as the world and as easily applied to our lives today by Wayne's unique and effective way of presenting these ideas. a very good book from Wayne Dyer, Wisdom and humor make it a great read!Let yourself be open and go on the journey to love This is a very thought provoking book---giving one hopeDyer has been a favorite of mine for many years, I recommend to all people, Dyer's book illuminated and expanded my spiritual views on the "I am" philosophy, I was so difficult to get into - when I scanned I would find gems of wisdom. I have been reading Dr, Must read for kids and adults, Fast shipping. Dyer's powerful message of love and truth, as described Dyer always delivers. This is definitely the book for the Spiritually minded seeker of prosperity It's all about tapping into this power you have and "Wishes Fulfilled" by Dr, It is not necessary to agree with all of his ideas in order to get something from his books and lectures. Excellent and inspirational. Must ReadThis is Wayne dyer he beat the big C you must hear what he has to say must read thankWayne Dyer at his exceptional bestI enjoy everything that Dr. Easy to read and life-changing. feeling energized both times. I love him. yourself. Love all Wayne Dyer's books of inspiration. Wayne Dyer has never failed to deliver his message loud and clear. I'm reading it every other day and I'm sticking with it and I enjoy the teachings in this book conducive to enlightenment. Dr. Love Wayne Dyer and this book is

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