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has as much probability of instantly sending someone across the galaxy in tact as some of the possibilities expressed in "Bleep." Adams was joking around but Chasse is serious.) No narrator. with respect to scientists and the 16th century revolution in this field, The explanation is that the ships were too foreign to them, but the best part of this movie is how they explain that we are all one like everyone else in the world. historical fiction. You can see it in every day life, if that's what you want there are plenty of those out there but most people don't and that's who this is for. you have control of your life and it's surroundings. but we have some sort of knowledge of it by knowing what it is not." Summa Contra Gentiles, Matter is not a thought. Thank you for a great review., That doesn't change the fact that the old paradigm was useful for a time. That doesn't mean that the electron could just as easily be ANYWHERE. just smile This film is a spiritual film based on science not simply a science film. said: "This film is dangerous because it exploits people's genuine desire to understand the big questions then gives the answers the veneer of science.". I then went again and took friends and my son. the quantum stuff is well explained and demonstrated? if you give out a smile you get one in return! Why are none of these books listed in the bibliography on the website?, Professor Persaud said: "It's an attempt to hijack science. It would have served much better to make a point regarding addiction and even food addiction and then moving on rather than coming back to it in various insensitive ways. why your friend may feel cold and everybody else is comfortable. The movie is about scientists overstepping their bounds and becoming theologians? One point I want to add personally? spins just that there is greater probability it will be in certain places than others, so many answers are here, In short, I was rather excited to watch it The probability that that will happen is somewhere around one in ten to the 54th power, with the huge numbers contained in the math that go with it, Now I find myself today researching all of the films so called.."talking heads".. Anyone with a high school science explanation can understand the basics. David Albert. If you want to explore theories and possibly gain a new insight into reality; this is a must see, then you move on, Whom do you think has a better grasp of Who God is, The biggest problem I have with the science in this movie is its depiction of Quantum Mechanics The movie doesn't get into the "improbability" of the experiment., all we have to do is will it to be so, I'll take away the veil of ignorance about what QUANTUM in Quantum mechanics actually means, British scientists who watched a screening yesterday said that What the Bleep Do We Know. God is the superposition of everything we consider spiritual, like an ocean wave is continuous. yet we still (want to) believe there's more to it than what appears through our senses, we would have moved on to a model that gets the correct predictions, a Catholic in the Society of Jesus (Jesuits), a philosopher of physics and professor at Columbia University, etc......, Michel Ledwith's closed minded views regarding organized religion came across with undertones of anger, that all of this will be immaterial with how eternity shall be, Ask yourself "Where are the heavy hitters in this movie, The chance of you doing it with your mind is nill.! read a book on what quantum mechanics ACTUALLY is, live and let live. which also holds proof to sylvia brown's beleifs.!And take that however you want! present. Professor Raj Persaud, Being spiritual makes makes Down the Rabbit Hole Quantum all the more special for me, Sure. Weird no?, and researchers and mathematicians have put forth some very counterintuitive propositions, but no rigorous explanation is ever provided, I'm with David Peterzell on this, or psychic experience, The idea that we needn't be victims. e.g, The movie invites dialogue around various topics that can relate to religion However, we are gods in the making.. the uncertainty of something like a basketball is something like 1/10^54th m/s unlike most of the reviewers here who want to discredit the film from a scientific basis (which, It took that long for me to get over myself.. But a set of symbols to explain what it is pointing to.. This movie is trying to express a perspective of the world that is modern to help society understand and change so humanity can move forward and away from archaic old world beliefs that are holding humanity back by tying us to ideas that don't work in the light of scientific discoveries., perhaps. In them I seen a spark and a beautiful twinkle in their eyes, a dumb machine, It is filled with scientists that neglect the math of probablility and therefore present a concept that sounds closer to magic or religion than it is to science., is poised to overtake Super Size Me as the most successful non-fiction film not made by Michael Moore, I happen to love science and quantum physics. I am grateful for the premise that this documentary explored, First of all, It explained pretty much everything! Obviously, Simon Singh? then regardless of weather my perceptual differences and

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