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Great. Loved it. Everything is available once you put yourself in the right direction. Great book. because I read most of his work Who does he think he is! Blending (and always crediting) the many sources he himself has read and learned from. I am healed. Make you think about how to live your life differentlyI've read this book twice now. But after considering the contents of the supportive literature that backs up his claim that we are indeed the I Am The gifts of tried and true methods to practice keeps me ever locked into my Divinity! Love Wayne Dyer and this is one of his best. adjust your thought cycles and improve your outlook, Dyer has covered this topic in some of his other works. So much wisdom intertwined with stories that make his points clear, It was a very good book I was truly enlightened on how to make a shift from the innate negative thinking to positive thoughts in the present. This book is fabulous for those open to different ideas and perspectives, A great tool to help you find your maximum potential. he quotes and cites Goddard as one who taught him the very valuable information in this book.. He is helping me to understand just how we maninfest with our every word and thought. This book really opened my eyes. A great gift to yourself or loved ones , in part because of reading and practicing what is written about in this book.. Wayne Dyer has once again taken on the effort of reminding us that we don't have to be or think as we always have but can change our life and world by changing our thoughts and the way we approach it. Great books. Dr Wayne Dyer is an amazing author and has left a wonderful gift through his teachings to the world. He has mastered the art of meditation and spreading a positive light in the world rather than dwelling on negativity!! Dyer writes clearly and gently instructs one on the ways one can choose to live their life in peace and love If he would have made the whole book/CD SET on that subject it would have added something truly new to what Napoleon and A.R. He refers to the teachings of the late. the master will appear" is the best definition of this masterwork. Knowledge is Power! I have read a variety of books on the subject, I would not let any of buddies see me with it I Love Wayne Dyer. This book is for "forward" thinkers and only those who truly wish to improve upon their life. Dyer goes into great detail on how the fulfill your wishes in life in an easy to understand manner! Great AdviceThere is an old saying that "When the student is ready. live it and your dreams will come true. Not only does Dr Dyer while walking on the beach in Maui'Love the book The I AM's really work and it is a good positive was to start the day. a wounded warrior or just want to learn and see things from a new perspective. Life changing book. and I recommend reading Wishes Fulfilled for everyone especially for a deeper understanding of one's self!Are capable of. but for me it was a bit elementary. your wishes are fulfilled :) highly recommended! Never bad experiences or mean people...ever. Dyer will help you on your journey It brings life and the universe into focus for me and lets me count on God even more, not religious based - although he speaks of many different religions. Dyer provide wisdom but on a long drive his cd's shorten the trip considerably because of your interest in his thoughts and revelations. Because he quotes from Books that have had a profound affect on him you get the best parts without having to read the whole thing. young and old, it makes sense that we are a piece of God and we can manifest anything we want if we just connect with our inner self where God resides. was the way he delineated the importance of really focusing in on what you want on the last 5 minutes before you go to sleep. It can and will change your life forever., Written well, Thank you Dr. Be careful what you wish for Awesome read highly recommend it! I read this book and then I signed up for an I CAN seminar in DC, Wayne Dyer reveals and reflects in this books several truths that I have heard about, Thank you Wayne Dyer for Wishes Fulfilled. This is my favorite Wayne Dyer book, Wayne Dyer in his new book provides such a new way of thinking that is profound. then put it down and wait a few months and come back and try again. This wasn't the case for every chapter though. This book let me finally understand my ability to bend traditional ideas about a higher power without feeling guilty. This book takes all of his other books to the next level. I understand orbs to be an optical illusion caused by light light bouncing back into a camera lens off of dust particles or droplets. You don't know what you don't know. When the student is ready the teacher will appear . Great read on how important the imagination is in our journey through life. Everything Wayne Dyer has ever written can calm your soul. an thought provoking,it seems to really be workingThis is the first full book that I have read of Dr

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