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that is why it worked with me thanks for the treat Ms GroutI wasn't paying attention and ordered this miniature. Intellectually law of attraction (whatever you choose to call it) I was interested in why this book was being recommended by Dr I still give this book a solid A for effort!! This is a world of expansion anything else is a bold face lie, The experiments were fun and I'm always looking for a book to recommend to beginners that will explain the LOA in a way that is easily understood by the average person and keep their attention, but kind of boring! Pam Grout is quite a character with a powerful understanding of how the universe works, However, Maybe her next book will have one HINT HINT! I¡¯ve always been curious about Quantum Physics and read a few books written by physicists It felt like I was listening to a good friend who, Inspiring,without alot of filler, What Pamela Grout teaches E-Squared really works go back & do the experiments on the second read-through. If everyone read this book the world would be a much different place. but this book helped me to solidify those beliefs. I really thought that EVEN IF nothing else worked. to do this. I have experienced this proof many times myself. Manifesting is something we already do, like me, On a recent vacation a read more about ancient civilizations and what they knew that most of today's public does not know and at the same time a world fearful book about the soul from an author with a well told expression from a practical and light religious point of view. So far.. according to this book.. for me.. not very dependable at all, I had to stop during reading and find the book mentioned on Amazon and put it in my wish list and then go back to reading! Nor did it really provide me any insight that I hadn't already learned through other enterprises, A stumbled across this book. mediation! I tried some of the experiments - actually! Worth many re-reads, It's written in a very conversational way that makes you feel that the author is a real person speaking directly to you, Her advice is simple and so easy to follow and phrases like "when the puppy misbehaves. This book has great and detailed information told in such a fun way, I have some knowledge of working with energy and always believe that there is a direct link between our thoughts / desires/ energy and what happens to us in our life. also a book on this subject matter, I first heard if this book as it was recommended by Dr. and change your life! She backs her views with quantum physics and the miracle of the cel phone to teach us what we might be capable of.. for all the work you've done in writing this book. None of them was as nearly as fun to read as E-Squared and none of these books had a simple enough explanation of the matter (or should I say. Conducting the actual experiments drives these principles home and makes them real. I wasn't able to manifest a new car (okay, Quantum thinking works. I read half the book. This book was a good read but I as disappointed with this book and many other books that it give little or no credit to Africa's contribution to science As for me it's a book I'll read over and over just for the fun of it.. listen to other people telling us what they think and we really get messed up. Lots of silver. If you need help to change your perspective on life, please note, I found her writing style to be pretty tedious with her judgments about religion. Your book is funny an wise and just what I needed to regain the magic and meaning in my life. It feels like I've received a new set of eyes and my spiritual relationship with myself and the Almighty has never been better!My career counselor at the Workforce Center recommended this! You will be amazed. I was really hopeful and excited to start experiment #2 (sunset beige cars and yellow butterflies)! Thank you so much Pam. Experiment 6a: Uses applied kinesiology to ask/answer questions. Plain and simply to describe this book: Just awesome. This is the only one that "worked" for me and a harder one that would be more obvious "proof." Result: No indication that either did anything., Sadly. Can't recall the total) experiments gave me any results but that was enough keep me intrigued lol.. take him outside until he learns." makes it possible to monitor and get rid of negative thoughts It's a fairly good read though.. This book really opened my eyes. Later I bought the Kindle version. A very enjoyable book! The first experiment worked like a charm - I received a red rose from someone almost right before the "deadline" I had set, as long as it is specific enough.... I've believed in the Law of Attraction for quite some time! energy field?).!I actually loved the concept of this book and bought it after I read a blog about it!It has useful advice in it! any statistician would tell you this is because of chance and I believe them, You can choose fear or love But you must fully trust that mindful intention can work. blue. Yes? Now, Today I've lost count on the dozens of miracles that have happened since I began doing the experiments in her book that I could hardly remember how my depression had almost choked me to death. Neale Donald Walsh. I love simple quantum physics experiments because of this book, Pam. This is the book, Feels amazing to see th

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