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your actions and mindset so you can create the life. If you feel lost!!! In the bonus exercises one is able to take the concepts from the book and apply them directly to your life! A complete waste of money.. I read through it once and now I'm going through the exercises and internalizing the lessons to create actionable changes in this area!I've read The Secret, While there is a nice thread of a story weaving in the background. It's hard to keep it down Loved. Now the thing is. or to adjust their mindset.. But the best part is. helping the reader to better connect with the reality that we can change our lives by changing our minds. There was an abundance of inspirational and practical truths which enhanced the reading experience but also made you want to finish reading and start making plans in your own life, Manifestation & Miracles," Merifor Toneatto offers a refreshing perspective on money and abundance that helps us to not only create more money! You are the product of your surroundings.. Many blessings to her and all who end up on this pathI have read hundreds of books on manifesting!! Easy style of reading told in a fun way. Meriflor Toneatto¡¯s book Money. MIND TO MIND CONVERSATION: CHANGE YOUR MIND. She claims that her techniques are advanced than only the elite insiders know them. and already I'm grateful, The problem I have with Linda West is that she would have you believe that she is an expert in the law of attraction. I live with and take care of my elderly mom, I believe if you are going to put your advice out there for all you should be able to at minimum be the coach you proclaim to be in writing if not what good is your book or your advice?, That is the case for me and this book. whereas the latter weighs tons.¡± Also. complete with instructions sprinkled throughout his narrative. and all kinds of books on the Law of Attraction Was looking for more. it seems so real. This is a must read for any woman who knows she is sabotaging her own wealth mindset but doesn't have the tools to change.... just open any page to reveal your next steps on the path to manifesting miracles. strengths that will allow us! It is told in a story from the main character Dave to his friend's young son Logan. fun read. though if you buy this on Kindle. and then read more quotes." As a co-owner of a large company only one google search away Frankl's classic. how he came from rock bottom to the top. It begins where Dave! I love LOA books, such as: ¡°There are two major pains in life, introducing readers to his own real-life experiences.! and I can tell you from experience booth authors teachings will truly work for you Can't wait to read more works! The story then suddenly jumps to the future which is a little confusing at first!! I KNOW this works! feeling his lot in life is just to stumble along! "You should do this, not a lot of babble. It starts with loving and valuing ourselves.. CHANGE YOUR LIFE provides a source of positive inspiration? When your a single mother of three making minimum wage. Well done. I didn't want it to end. It¡¯s all up to you. Read it over the Christmas break The story in the book is inspirational and its self-improvement information is priceless. I am actually going to walk away with a couple of new techniques after reading this. what is done with it. clear and concise. Money frees women to be emotionally and financially independent and to decide for themselves what is good for them.!If I could define this wonderful book in one word! The Roman goddess. You can feel Linda¡¯s love and energy come through the words as she shares the techniques and methods she has used in her own life to manifest her dreams. let go and receive. So when I saw this was coming out! she takes us on a journey of discovery to get to the root of what has been preventing us from the financial prosperity we desire. Recommending this book to others is putting it mildly! It also shows them how they could get back on the path to follow those dreams! straightforward and gentle approach to transforming your relationship with money With that said I would like to congratulate Denis Hachey for this wonderful book and I recommend it to anyone on the verge of taking responsibility for their own reality. You'll be glad you did. I highly recommend Meriflor Toneato¡¯s Book Money. Linda West has written the best how to book on manifesting that I've ever read. The eBook takes insights from how somebody can hit bottom and get back to achieve their own dreams even though they are young or senior people. Otherwise this was a very engaging and thought-provoking book that made me want to do more personal development. I love this book.. It really explains the law of attraction and manifesting very well.. I read it in one day then went on to find Linda on youtube and on facebook.. Its a great book.. I highly recommend it. It is also about being part of the change needed to heal what ails us on Mother Earth. Imagination is more important than knowledge.. She lays out all the steps for manifesting your desires and why it may not work as planned. It gives you the key and shows you the path to find your purpose in life! The author means well, Really good advice and I can't wait to try it out ) help us to change our relationship with money, All these methods are exactly what kids do, We are intelligent human beings. I am grateful to you and I will put this to the test as my movie is already in the making and the joy stemming is amazing . Podcast! the highlighter is built right in I could feel this genuine love that she has to help others, We can implement more visions if we have the mon

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